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Artificial Indoor PlantsSetting up your bedrooms in college dorm styles would make you nostalgic. It is always very joyous to remember the good old days of college. So, setting up bedrooms like a college dorm for a while would be a great idea!

Here is how to set up your bedrooms in college dorm styles:

Topiary styles

The topiary style plants and trees have been part of everybody’s decoration for years. They are best in creating the college dorm style for your bedrooms. Topiary styles have many advantages when used for bedroom decoration.

Topiary styles are the geometrical type of designs as they are available in different shapes. They are very popular with the cone, cubical, spherical and spiral designs for decoration. They are made into those shapes to give a traditional look to the place they are installed.

Topiary styles are safe to be used for decoration as they never overdo the setting up. Topiary styles always bring a mixture of traditional and modern look to the place they are installed. They much preferred near corners or sides of the doors.

Artificial landscaping

Artificial landscaping is an artistic way of recreating the college dorm style. If you are trying out a college dorm style even then artificial landscaping is a good choice. They are the most trending interior and exterior designing type.

Landscape plays a vital role in building any style. Hence, it is very essential to make a beautiful yet reasonably affordable landscape. Artificial landscaping involves a lot of artificial trees and plants as decors. Use the ones which are suitable for your bedrooms and arrange them appropriately.

Artificial landscaping is very advantageous from the viewpoint of money, time and effort. They help you in attaining what you want without much effort. Thus, artificial landscaping is much preferred over everything else by most of the people.

Unique holiday decorations

Unique holiday decorations are the most common and easy way of creating a college dorm style. Your bedrooms would become the most attractive place at home. Unique holiday decorations are mainly made up of hand-made things which require little time.

It will be a pleasant break from the daily routine if you try to do a unique holiday decoration. Some people give more importance to occasions and decorate bedrooms accordingly. Keeping them in mind a lot of decors are created and released almost every day.

Choose a theme to do unique holiday decorations in your bedrooms. If the holiday decorations go themeless, there are chances that the decoration might go haphazardly. When it is done nothing successfully can replace the unique holiday decorations effect over your room.

Old friends’ photos

Old friends’ photos give a perfect college dorm style look to your bedrooms. Usually, in a college dorm, it is very common to have photos hanged or placed. They are the creative way of decorating the college dorm attractively.

Old friends’ photos hanging over a wall or keeping it in a frame is the important part of college dorm style. Sometimes, friends’ photos are arranged in a linear manner with the help of a rope like a décor. It is a very common and costless way of decorating.

Hence, old friends’ photos could be an easy and simple way of doing a replica of the college dorm styled bedrooms. This will also give you an opportunity to go through your old times, which is again enjoyable.

Rag curtains

Rag curtains the most memorable room decoration anybody would have made in a college dorm. So, it is essential to have a ragged curtain in your bedrooms for college dorm look. Rag curtains are the cheapest and the easily available room décor.

They are easy to make rag curtain all by yourself with few rag cloths. They hold the sunlight to some extent letting in the only necessary amount of the sun to penetrate through them. As the name suggests, they are made out of old rags. Thus, they are affordable, washable, available and reliable room décor.

DIY decors

DIY stands for Do-It-Yourself, which means doing the item all by yourself. DIY decorations are very commonly seen in college dorms. So, add more DIY decors to bring the college dorm style to your bedrooms. DIY decors are made by yourself so won’t cost you much.

DIY decors give the expected college dorm style look without much effort. DIY decorations are all about the creativity and interest. If you are interested in artistic work like this, you will enjoy doing it. End of the day, your room styling is done by your hand-made decors.

Bunk bed or double decker bed

College dorm is usually shared by two or more friends or roommates. Hence the bunk bed is an essential element in a college dorm. You place a bunk bed in your bedroom to attain a college dorm style. Bunk bed effortlessly gets you the dorm feel to the bedroom.

Bunk bed is available in various furniture materials like wood and plastic. The cost of double-decker bed varies from material to material and place to place. If you have two beds of the same material and measurements, then you could get it fixed.

Fairy lightings

Fairy lightings are very students’ favorite in the room decoration. At least a thin strand of fairy lightings would be found in a student’s room. The bright lightings of the fairy lightings would mesmerize anybody. They are set up to light in various designs.

Fairy lightings would create a festive mood in the place whence it is liked by most of the people. It brings a joyous mood to everybody without costing you much. They are available almost everywhere in the market. They could be arranged in various designs and style.


Above are the best ideas for setting up your bedrooms in college dorm styles. As they are the remake of the older room, it is less costly and more decorative. They bring the feel and joy of old days.

 Fake Tree PlantsFor making a difference in the appearance of your office here is the only décor guide. Are you interested in making your office look unique and attractive? Then, you are in the right place. Below is the best décor guide for you need to upgrade your office’s look.

Here we discuss simple ways that you need to upgrade your office’s appeal:

Interior landscaping

Interior landscaping is an art of decorating the internal area of a particular space. Some experts are extremely good at interior landscaping. Since years interior landscaping has emerged as a huge industry by itself. Of late, the lawn is given immense importance even by start-up companies.

There are numerous studies which have proven that the interior and exterior of the office matters in productivity and upgraded look of the office. Hence, the companies are concentrating and spending on the interiors and exteriors of the office. Anyway, the spent time and money would return as profit by employees’ productivity improvement and attract clients by their upgraded looks.

Holiday office decoration

Upgrading is a necessity for companies in this competitive world for survival. Always find a smart way to upgrade the office look internally and externally. The intelligent way could consist of employees’ activity to decorate an office or a competition on suggesting decoration ideas for your office.

Holiday office decorations are becoming more popular these days in the corporate world. Holiday office decoration brings in a right balance of fun and works together reducing the causes of work stress. The holiday office decoration brings in the festive feel to the office which makes the atmosphere positive and joyous.

The management could make holiday office decoration with the help of experts. If you are not okay with spending for these occasional decorations, conduct a decoration contest. Contests will save your money and make the employees feel involved. So, either way, your office looks upgraded on holidays too!

Waterpark designer

Having a water park at your office campus is a kind of blessing for employees. The sight of water and greenery is perfect for health. Greenery brings in pleasant and calmness, whereas, water cools the temperature and liveliness in the atmosphere. The employees, as well as clients, will enjoy the water park presence at the office campus.

Water Park is not easy to design and difficult to make by yourself. Hence, take the help of an expert water park designer. A water park designer will be trained in what kind of water parks are suitable for amusement and what are for corporate areas.

A waterfall, big or small, supported by garden stones and surrounded by a park look great. It is the new trend to have a fantastic looking office water park at the office. The view of it would relax the messed up mind of the clients or employees during busy working days.

Planters and Containers

Plants and containers are beautiful and simple options for upgrading the office look. Planters and containers have existed in the decoration industry for years now. They are most of the times used in the interior or exterior decorations.

Planters and containers are available in various types and colors. They are made of varieties of materials to suit your theme. They are attractive when there is a theme to follow for decoration. The best part about planters and containers is that they are flexible decors suiting any office.

If you do not like to have plants and decors on the floor, you could use planters and containers to decorate. They would be used for installing plants, decorative items or simply be hung. Therefore, plants and containers are economical decors for upgrading office.


Stencils are the large sheets of thick materials made of plastic, wood or any other material having designs cut in them. They are not messy with designs and simple to go unnoticed. They make their mark in the decorations of the office.

They have been said as one of the trending decors in the designing industry due to its simple features. Hence, they are the best and must in the décors of the office upgrading elements. Even open office look highly upgraded when stencils are placed appropriately.

The main feature of the stencils is that they create separation in space. They could be used as walls in a room or a hall. They are very cost-effective when it comes to updating the office rooms.

LED lightings

LED lightings are the best way of improving the appeal of the room and the mood of the employees in an office. LED lightings give a brighter light to the place making the office rooms more colorful and lively. LED lights are much affordable and are available in various designs specially created for offices.

There are LED lightings those which could be hung from the ceiling and some could be mad the inner layer of the transparent ceiling tiles. They give a unique look to the ceiling of the office, helping in creating an upgraded look.

An upgraded look requires a full usage of the office interior and exterior. LED lightings help in completing the updated appeal of the office interior. They also have added the advantage of light and brightening up of the rooms.

Fairy lightings

Fairy lightings are the traditional way of decorating the buildings to highlight it or to exhibit an occasion. They exist for a very long time in the industry. Any decors can not recreate the magic that fairy lightings do. They colorfully highlight the environment of the office without messing up the decoration.

Fairy lightings are available everywhere and are much affordable for anybody to include it in decors. They create an enchantingly upgraded look to the office when used.


Above are the easy and only décor guide you need to upgrade your office’s look. They are simple, understandable and economical for anybody to implement in corporate areas.

 Artificial Plant DecorImproving the appeal of your garden could be learned anywhere easily. However, it is necessary to learn how to enhance the appearance of your gardens without spending much time and money.

Here are few ideas on how to improve the appeal of your gardens without much effort:

Artificial topiary outdoor

Artificial outdoor topiary is one of the most available garden décors in the market. They are trendy in their way and are much affordable for everybody. Artificial outdoor topiary has the advantages of less maintenance. They do not need your attention for making your garden lush.

Artificial topiary outdoor decors are the types of plants those which are grown in different shapes. They are created of mostly plastic material hence it is artificial outdoor topiary. Thus they are made in various geometrical shapes like round, cube, cone, and spherical. Choose the shapes which suit your garden and install them for a unique garden.

There are some companies which provide customized topiary outdoor artificial decors. They make artificial topiary outdoor decors with shapes and sizes the customer requests for. Company logos and signs are possible to be made by artificial topiary outdoor decors. They are flexible to be created quickly and hence do not require much time for installation.

Tropical silk plants

Tropical silk plants are tall outdoor trees and plants which are artificially created with mostly silk material. Usually, they are created in an average plants size. They are not new in the indoor and outdoor landscaping decors as they exist for decades. They are also one among the luxurious indoor and outdoor landscaping decors.

Though the name, the tropical silk plants makes it sound like a costly décor, it is not. Tropical silk plants are very affordable and easily available due to their popularity. They make the garden look grand and beautiful as they are made of beautiful silk material.

Tropical silk plants are available in many colors and sizes according to the customers’ requirements. Various types of silk materials are used for creating the tropical silk plants. They are also available with artificial silk flowers to add beauty to your garden. To make your garden attractive and enchanting tropical silk plants are an excellent choice.

Faux plants and trees

Faux plants and trees are best and most trending decors for enhancing the garden appeal without much effort. They are created in a very short period and are made of artificial materials like silk or plastic. They are affordable and are very easy to install at any place you want to install. Hence it is suitable for any garden.

Faux plants and trees do not demand any amount of water and sunlight. They require the least maintenance or no maintenance as they do not need any watering, trimming and cutting. In this way, faux plants and trees save a lot of time for you and still make your garden a beautiful place.

Faux plants and trees are available in various types and designs. There are faux plants and trees those who are fire resistant and do not fade. So, for enhancing your garden without involving much of your effort faux plants and trees are a good idea.

Water space

Water space in your garden would change the entire look of the garden. When you compare a plain garden and a water body involved garden, definitely water space will make a difference. Try to install a pond or artificial waterfalls inside your garden. They make your garden much lively and build a happy atmosphere.

Water recycling patch, if built inside the garden, will save a lot of water used for landscape decoration. It would be much better if possible for you to opt for water recycling patch. Artificial waterbodies make your garden unique, and they do not require much maintenance.

Small ponds and artificial waterfalls inside the gardens are trending in the outdoor and indoor landscaping industry. It is not new, and it is an evergreen decoration for enhancing a garden. The combination of water and green is any day a pleasant combination.

Seating arrangements

Utilizing an amazing space like the garden is essential, especially if it is a commercial place like an office. Use your garden for meetings and discussions at the office and use the garden for relaxing or for family time at homes. Gardens are a much rejuvenating place which increases the energy and improves the mood of the member.

Hence, it is good to have a seating arrangement inside your garden. Seating arrangements are fixable too; thus they do not require a regular check. Seating arrangements at a garden could be done in various ways and numerous materials. Choose the materials according to your garden theme or season and create a seating set or consult an exterior designer for setting up a seating arrangement at your garden.

You can mount the seats to stands, attach them if there is a wall at the border of your garden is a new way. If, you do not have such facilities just a simple seating set would do the magic. It is all about your creativity during seating arrangement and their proper utilization.

Pots and containers

Pots and containers are the holders which hold plants and trees inside them. They are available in various materials, designs, and sizes as they are part of the décor system. Even pots and containers should be painted or coated according to their materials to make them attractive.

Create the garden boundary with pots and containers to give a unique look to the garden. They make the garden more attractive and noticeable without much energy. Pots and containers when appropriately decorated, they add value to the place they are kept in. Hence, they are beneficial in enhancing a garden appearance without much effort.


Above are the easy and simple ways on how to improve the appeal of your garden without much effort. They are affordable and easily adaptable. Therefore, make the best utilization of those ideas to enhance your garden look.

Artificial Flower PlantersBarbecue season is banged on. If you like the taste of barbecued food, you can try having such an arrangement at your home. You can also open a small barbecuing restaurant where you can serve tasty meals to guests. But before trying any of the above plans, let’s fully know what barbecuing is all about.

Barbecue refers to a very slowly circumvented amount of air. To achieve this avoid, the lid of the container has to be closed. Barbecue differs from grilling as the latter refers to cooking with direct heat from the bottom. Barbecues are available in simple styles. Some of them also use fan blowers.

Barbecuing refers to the technique of slow food cooking. In its original form, Barbecuing is done with the help of smoke at low temperature and extended cooking hours. Such a preparation technique gives a different taste to food. Barbecuing methods are a combination of roasting, smoking, baking, braising and grilling.

If the BBQ space is planned correctly, you will savor an area not only for cooking but also for keeping yourself entertained. For creating such a point, the designer or owner must focus on the landscaping décor. Make sure you have sufficient areas for the prep zone, cooking zone, cleaning zone and serving zone. You can try adding few creative landscaping features to your barbecuing space.

If you have a spacious garden, you can have your outdoor kitchen there. A barbecue in an open space provides specific benefits over indoor barbecued areas. You can spend more time in a natural green space and dine there with your loved ones. The smoke is easily vented off. There is plenty of natural light flow in the room during the daytime. You can discard vegetable wastes in the garden itself. Such biodegradable wastes will add enrich the soil, adding more nutrients to it.

If one wants to have a barbecuing space in the garden, he or she can follow these catchy design tips.

1. Stony BBQ: You can have a rustic style BBQ against the backdrop of stone like patio design. You can have dim colorful lights of reddish or greenish tinge in your BBQ. This will impart a Mediterranean feel to your garden. If you want to market your presence as a professional barbecue specialist, such a rustic idea can work wonders in an urban dwelling.

2. Concrete table: You can have a particular table in the garden for your barbecue. It can be of a square like design or any other design you like. It can be rendered a smooth finish with the help of cement and sand. Such a place can be made more functional as a BBQ area with hidden storage space and a sink area.

3. Roofed design: Create an outdoor barbecuing space having a roof cover. This will act as an extension to the home interior. You will love being here on humid or rainy days. Such a space will allow the benefit of shade on a summer day. You need to bring out your barbecuing stuff and prepare your meals in such a natural spot. You can articulate the area with a horticultural plant

4. Alfresco design: You can create a barbecuing station with an umbrella at the center. Such an arrangement provides relief from the heat during summers and raindrops in monsoons.

5. Barbecue station: Barbecue station refers to an isolated or private helping you to cook with concentration upon a table placed at a corner. This will enable all your family members to interact and spend some happy times together, while the food is being prepared for them.

6. Freestanding barbecue: A freestanding barbecue is portable and can easily be displaced if need be. Have some outdoor furniture with fresh designs to make the area more attractive.

One can have a barbecuing space in interior spaces too. But before planning such an area, one must check factors like smoke control provisions inside the cooking space. Amenities such as chimney or fans vent away from the exhaust gases, making the atmosphere clean and environment-friendly. The room must be airy with the provision of ample of natural light in the day. You need to design the interior landscape suitably.

Large kitchen with windows and dining space: Kitchens used indoors for barbecuing must have a large area for incorporating the various steps of barbecuing. The safety aspect is crucial for an indoor kitchen. Modern kitchens are of the modular type with inbuilt cabinets where barbecuing accessories can be neatly arranged. They are equipped with exhaust fans or kitchen chimneys so that the smoke is vented off easily.

There should be windows for letting in air and ventilators for cross ventilation. Hence the person feels relaxed and comfortable during the barbecuing process. The lighting fixtures must ensure smooth and glare-free vision while the food is getting cooked. The dining space must be spacious to accommodate people. If the area is large enough to create a restaurant space, that idea is worth a try as well. Having a restaurant needs the person to invest more in furniture and advertising. You can beautify the area with a plant. Or else, you can add artificial landscaping features to your kitchen space. Once, your clients happy with the food served and the decor, you know your barbecuing idea has worked.

Entertainment center: You can create an entertainment center in a TV room with space enough for arranging a barbecuing dinner. Apart from TV, you can have music systems and speakers to add glamour to the event. You can invite friends to a cool hangout party by barbecuing some delicious meals for them. But you must be careful with the space arrangement. On a safety note, you can create a partition to isolate the cooking area with barbecuing stuff from the remaining space where electronic items are kept. You can add some topiary décor to make the area look pretty.

If your entertainment area is large, you can commercialize your barbecuing skills. You can create a mini-restaurant where the public can chat, have fun, sing or dance as per the occasion. Since you have electronics infrastructures such as TV and speakers, it is possible that wealthy and affluent people will come to your entertainment center. You can hire the space for events while you take care of the catering sector.

Architectural Indoor PlantsAre you looking for innovative landscaping ideas for your office? Well, we have a myriad of creative, unique and fabulous ideas for you. Office landscaping can transform dull and bland office space into an inspiring and motivate one. Today, we have put together a list of interesting office landscaping ideas that you can use for the transformation of your commercial space. Here’s everything you need to know:

Transform Your Office Balcony Into A Balcony Garden

If you’re fortunate enough to have a large-sized outdoor balcony in your office, why not make complete use of that space? You can install a beautiful garden in your outdoor gallery. One of the balcony walls can be used for a vertical garden. You can add potted plants, pebbles and gravel, outdoor seating arrangements, terrariums and other such options to the balcony area too. Sitting outdoors amidst the green can prove to be very relaxing and calming for your employees. Their minds will get rejuvenated, and they will be able to perform their duties more effectively and productively.

Installing Waterbodies In Your Office Landscape

Another excellent and innovative office landscaping idea is to establish a waterbody. There are several different kinds of indoor and outdoor waterbodies that you can consider installing. Let’s discuss a few of these possibilities:

  • A beautiful and calming koi pond with captivating and vibrant koi fish is a suitable waterbody for both indoor and outdoor landscaping.

  • A glass waterfall can be installed in the reception area, common staff area, or in the conference room of your office.

  • An artificial waterfall or fountain can be installed in the building compound of your office building.

  • Miniature lily ponds in brass vessels or ceramic bowls will also add flavor to your office landscape.


Artificial Plants And Trees For Your Office

Artificial Plants And Trees For Your Office Fake plants and faux trees can add a mystical charm and burst of green to your office. Greek olive trees, pine trees, sugar maple trees, silk trees, fake bonsai trees and other such options are ideal for your office. The artificial bonsai tree options can be placed around your office’s meeting room, lobby, balcony and common areas. The Greek olive trees are ideal for the reception area and the outdoor landscape area of your office and so on. The faux plants and trees look very realistic and are convenient because they require zero maintenance and care. Unlike real plants you will never have to water them, trim and cut them or even fertilize them.

Water Plants And Water Bamboos For That Oriental Charm

The Chinese water bamboos and other varieties of water plants can be installed in glass containers around your office. These water bamboos are known to be lucky, and it is also believed that they can bring in prosperity at your workplace. Their lush green leaves and oriental charm can transform your dull and boring office into a show-stopping and gorgeous place. However, do keep in mind that the water in the glass container must be changed on a weekly basis so that your water bamboos and plants remain fresh and healthy.

Gravel Paths And Pebbles For Your Office

Having gravel walkways or paths installed in your office landscape can give the area a very natural charm. A lot of people install pavers on top of the gravel pathways to make it easier for people to walk around. You can also use pebbles to decorate certain parts of your office. Rocks can be used in the water bamboo plant containers, inside the pots of plants and several other places in and around your office.

Carved Driftwood Can Be Used As Showpieces

If you’re looking to install showpieces and sculptures in and around your office, you should consider purchasing carved driftwood statues. The driftwood statues will look natural, rugged, rustic and outdoorsy and will add that extra oomph to your office landscape. Carved driftwood showpieces and sculptures can be purchased on several online shopping portals or even in your local décor store. Hand carved driftwood fish, driftwood wizard faces, driftwood candle holders and other such pieces are ideal for your office décor. The driftwood showpieces and sculptures are easy to maintain too.

Succulent Trays For Every Table In Your Office Delicious trays are another ideal for your office landscape. Succulent plants come in several different shapes, colors, and sizes. When different varieties of them are put together in a single tray and placed on a work table, they will give the space a burst of color and life. You can have a succulent tray for every table in your office. You can also install life-size terrariums with several different varieties of succulents in your office lobby or reception area. You can buy succulent trays online or at your local nursery shop.

A Fish Tank For Your Office Reception

A fish tank filled with exotic and vibrant varieties of fish can be installed in your office reception. Choose fish varieties that are colorful and captivating. However, make sure that the fish varieties that you choose are suitable for your tank size. Besides different varieties of fish, you can also add starfish, seahorses, and corals in your fish tank. Further, if you want to add a few decorative pieces to the fish tank, you can opt for lovely driftwoods, crystals, fish tank props and other such items. Keep in mind that having a fish tank is a responsibility and you will have to ensure that you get the water in the fish tank changed on a timely basis.

These innovative office landscaping ideas are just what you need to transform your lifeless office into a blooming and lively one. These tried and tested tips have been a great hit amongst many corporate organizations. Your employees and clients will love the transformation in your office space too. So, get right to it and start incorporating these creative and fun ideas in your office décor! You will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Fake Office PlantsRetaining the best performers is the first and foremost concern of the today’s employers. There is no denying that most of the business owners spend their night thinking

Are the employees happy?

Will the best performers stay?

What should be done to make them stay?

All successful businesses have a team of hard-working employees, and the business leaders would agree that the star performers are the most precious corporate asset, and retaining them ultimately matters. While finding talented employees is a time-consuming and costly process, replacing them is much more difficult than what one generally thinks it to be.

Although appreciation for good work, scopes for development, and challenging assignments are the few positive things for employees retention, as a business manager, you should know about the non-monetary perks like flexibility, work-life balance, etc. that induce the employees to stay.

Other than these, as an employer, you must also ensure that your office space has an inspiring environment and reflect the values so that the employees stick to the business. This can be easily done through creative office designs and here are some tips on how you can organize the office design for retaining the star performers.

Opt for open design sitting

While the earlier office concept was to have enclosed office spaces for reducing distractions, this was found to have adverse effects on the employee morale as they feel being confined to one place throughout the office hours. Demolish the cubicles and have collaborative office spaces so that the employees can work together. This makes them happy.

Let them sit comfortably

Gone are those days when offices meant straight-backed chairs with desks. Since most of the office jobs are now done on laptops, including lounge chairs and comfortable sofas is the present theme for making offices warm and welcoming. Since the modern employees have to work for long hours, allowing them to sit comfortably makes them happy and loyal.

Casual collaboration is the key

While formal meetings are an integral part of office culture, socialization also plays a significant role in making employees happy. Every office must have a social space where the employees can share their problems. This will create a feeling of togetherness among the employees. Other than relaxation, this also helps to have informal brain-storming sessions and goes a long way to find solutions for many problems.

A crèche in the office balances work and life

There is no denying that the star performers care more for good working ambiance than the pay packet alone. The US workforce is now facing problems in balancing work and life. The most burning issue is the care of the babies. In fact, a large number of working moms often have to leave the job for the sake of the care of their babies. Creating any onsite crèche for the babies makes the working parents happy and relaxed. Moreover, when they see that their babies are well cared for, they automatically stick to the office. If it is not possible to have a crèche at the office, arrangements should be made with the daycare organizations to boost up employee morale and loyalty.

Expose them to nature

Creating a healthy workspace is a prime requirement for employee retention. No one likes to be glued to the chair throughout the day. Several studies conducted also reveal that when people are close to natural element, their stresses are eased, and they feel more relaxed. Making outside sitting arrangement for lunch is an excellent step for employee satisfaction. You can engage landscaping companies in building a beautiful lawn and pave it with landscaping stones for a fantastic look.

Add faux greens

It is better to use artificial trees and plants for implementing the garden ideas. These are available in plenty of varieties like faux trees, plants, flowers, topiaries, etc. Since these are now made botanically correct from high-quality silk foliage and strong, colorfast pigments, they deliver same aesthetic beauty like their live cousins. Using faux landscaping elements, you are free from maintenance hassles, weed control and removal of shed leaves. Being UV resistant and fire-retardant, faux greens are safe to use and bless the office with their glowing beauty from day one.

Creating a quiet corner helps

Men are not robots, and that is why everyone is likely to have bad days sometimes. Your office must have a quiet corner, where an employee can break away from work and can relax and ease their stress. Such room or place should not have anything that may have even a remote connection with office works and be provided with light reading materials. Such places should not be mistaken for the breakout areas or socialization corners, where employees chat loud. Soft music should be played here for creating a calming ambiance.

Pop up with color

As a business owner, designing your office to make the employees happy is a top priority. For this, you must take advantage of the color psychology. To make the best use of colors, you may add green for relieving stress. It is not that you have to pick up one color and paint the entire office with that only. To create an efficient office with happy employees, you may integrate different colors in different working zones.

Bring natural lights in

Bright and well-illuminated office space is more appealing than the poorly lit ones. To make your office warm and welcoming you must let as much as possible natural light in. Studies conducted reveal that people who work in offices maximized with natural light become more efficient as they have more sleep in the night. To do this, you may consider having an open space layout for infusing maximum daylight in the office space.


Other than offering a box load of perks and facilities, sprucing up the office design drastically improves the employee morale. When the office is decorated with artificial garden plants, it creates a warm and inspiring ambiance that influences the employees to stick to the organization and improves employee retention.

Artificial PlantsNobody enjoys working in an office that has a dull and drab décor. If your current office has a dull décor, it’s time you started making some changes in it. We have compiled a list of ideas and suggestions that will help you transform your boring office into a memorably beautiful one. These suggestions are tried and tested and have even proven to improve the productivity and efficiency of employees. Here’s everything that you need to know and do:

De-Clutter The Office Completely

Clutter in any office space is not only an eyesore, but it also can reduce efficiency, productivity and reduce prosperity. If you want your office to look gorgeous and vibrant, you need to completely de-clutter the area. Get rid of all those files, old magazines, newspapers and other products that are just lying around creating a mess. Install storage cabins that can be used to store products that are not used on a daily basis. If you have a magazine shelf or rack at the reception of your office, make sure that old magazines are tossed out and replaced with current magazines. Also nearly arranging files and papers in one corner of the office can help in reducing clutter.

Install Artificial Plants In The Office

Another great way to enhance the character of your office is by installing artificial landscaping products in the area. Faux garden plants, artificial bamboos, fake flower arrangements and other such items can add color and vibrancy to the surroundings. You can place smaller sized plants on the conference room table and larger sized plants in the corners of the office and so on. The lush green leaves of the plants can have a very relaxing and calming effect on employees. Employees who feel relaxed can end up working in a far more productive and efficient way in comparison to employees who are consistently stressed.

Get Some Art For The Office Walls

Art can also perform a major role in giving the office a memorably beautiful look. You can install beautiful canvases and paintings on the walls of the office. Opt for vibrant and colorful abstract paintings, painting with sceneries of nature and so on. If you have a limited budget for your office makeover, you can opt for paintings that have been made by low-key and upcoming artists. You don’t need to get paintings by senior artists that will cost you an arm and a leg for your office walls.

Install Notice Boards / Bulletin Boards In Every Cabin

Another great way to enhance the vibe of the office is by installing bulletin boards in every cabin. You can allow your employees to put up pictures of their loved ones, interesting and inspiring articles, photos from office parties and other such documents on these bulletin boards. Employees can even put up drawings that have been made by their little ones on these boards. Installing these bulletin boards and decorating them with these meaningful and lovely items can help add some life to the office cabins.

Paint The Walls With Vibrant Colours

Bland white walls are so yesterday. If you want your office space to look more cheerful and fun, then you need to opt for more colorful and vibrant wall paints. You can paint the walls in olive green, cerulean blue, summery yellow and other such gorgeous colors. Adding color to the office walls can motivate the employees to work better and keep them in a more cheerful mood too. Don’t keep your walls bland and boring if you want the office to look fabulous and show-stopping.

Change The Office Lighting If Required

Do employees often complain that the office lights are too bright or too dim? Then it’s time for you to change your office lights and light structures. Go in for light structures that are more modern and contemporary. Opt for rope lights, wall lamps, desk lamps, hanging lights and more. Even the bulbs you choose for the lights must be perfectly bright. Excessively bright bulbs can hurt the eyes of employees and make them extremely irritable. On the other hand, dim bulbs can make the employees sleepy. Hence, make sure that the lights in your office are perfect.

Get Cable Clips For All The Desks

We live in a world where each person has a minimum of three gadgets. From mobile phones to laptops, tablets and other electronic devices, each gadget has its charging cables and wires. Entangled wires on any desk space can make the office, and the desk looks messy and unappealing. If you’re looking to make your office look beautiful, you need to make sure that the counters look neat and tidy. Get cable clips for all the office desks. These cable clips will keep the wires and chargers neat. Nowadays, you get a lot of cable clips that are adorable and have some fun cartoon characters on them.

Get Pen Holders For The Desk

Pen holders and other stationery storage devices are essential for any office to look good and neat. Get fun and colorful pen holders and other stationery storage devices for your office. You can even store your scissors, stapler, pencils, clips and other stationery items in these storage boxes. You can buy affordable stationery holders online or at your local stationery shop.

Redecorating your office in a budget-friendly and affordable way is simple. You need to find the right products and follow our iOS and suggestions. Revamping a dull and boring office is essential if you want to increase the productivity of employees and the prosperity of the organization as the whole. Use these tips and ideas to convert your office into one that’s memorably beautiful.

Looking to revamp your office into something that’s gorgeous and beautiful? We have the perfect tips, suggestions, and ideas for you. These excellent ideas are tired and tested and will give you the results you have much desired. Start working on your office interiors and remodeling today!

Artificial TreesDo you remember a time when offices were just plain annoying and dull? Back then, the décor of corporate offices had no life to it, the employees looked half interested and mostly unenthusiastic, and people just dreaded a long work day. Well, those days are gone. The workplace design is undergoing massive and crucial changes that are changing the face of the corporate world. If you’re looking to upgrade your full and dull office, we have some ideas for you! Here’s everything you can change in your office setting to keep up with changing times:

Hide Those Awful And Bulging Wires

The number of gadgets and devices that we have today are just twice as many! The more the gadgets and devices, the more the wires, chargers, and cables. However, having wires entangled in one another and all over the office space is just unappealing and seems to create clutter. Most people hate looking at bulging and entangled cables in and around the office. To avoid this messy and cluttered situation, most office owners are creating tables and desks that allow the employees to hide their wires and cables within the counter and not on top of the table where they are visible to all.

Letting Nature Into The Office Premises

Most corporate organizations understand the power that nature can have in increasing the productivity and the efficiency of employees and staff members in the office. If you’re looking to do the same, you need to consider letting nature into your office premises. If you don’t want to opt for real garden plants, you can go in for artificial landscaping products. Tons of faux plants and trees can be installed in an around your office space to enhance the character of the surroundings and motivate and inspire people to work better and more productively. A lot of people opt for these faux plants. You can place them in the corners of the office, in the reception area, in the conference room and so on.

Opting For More Comfortable And New Age Furniture

While old offices were all about desk jobs and uncomfortably stiff seating arrangements, the new age office furniture is chosen differently. Nobody likes to sit at the desk for hours on end. A large number of corporate organizations are offering unique and new age seating arrangements and options for their employees. From adjustable tables that can be used while both sitting and standing, to beanbags that are spread across the office floor so that people can work on their laptops comfortably while sitting on them, there is something available for every preference.

Offices That Are More Colourful, Vibrant And Lively

Another major change in the workplace is more colorful and lively office spaces. Earlier offices were dull and boring. They had no color, no vibrancy and they had a bland and tasteless off-white or white walls. If you’re looking to revamp your office, you need to consider painting the walls with more vibrant and cheerful colors. A lot of people are opting for pastel wall colors, bright reds, captivating yellows and other such paints for their office walls. Not only do these bright paints uplift the spirits of the employees but they also add life and vibrancy to the office space.

No More Fixed Seating Arrangements

Consistently sitting in one place for 8 hours daily while you work can prove to be extremely dull an demotivating. You will probably not even be capable of achieving your maximum efficiency and productivity. A large number of corporate offices are breaking that old school pattern of fixed seating arrangements and allowing employees to sit anywhere they like. Some offices are even offering special lounge areas where employees can sit together and have a chat, work on their laptops, exchange ideas and so on. The best part about modern times is that everything is connected via Wi-Fi. You don’t need to be tethered to your desk to get anything done.

Game Rooms, Gyms And Other Amenities Within The Office

Corporate organizations are offering gyms, game rooms and other amenities within the office premises. These amenities can play an essential role in de-stressing employees and giving them some time to relax after a long and hard work day. People who spend most of the day in the office and don’t have the time to go to the gym can finish their workout in the office gym itself and then head home for a shower. Companies are keeping table tennis tables, air hockey tables, pool tables, video games and other such options in the game rooms.

Flexibility In Work Hours

A lot of offices are even giving their employees flexibility in their work hours. Employees in many organizations are no longer expected to be in the organization for 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week. Bosses are allowing employees the freedom to complete their work from home, or report for a few hours a day to work and then finish the rest of their work in their homes or a coffee shop or even in a place that inspires them. This flexibility allows people to get a lot more job done as they are not consistently under pressure and have the convenience of working at a place that they are most comfortable in.

A large number of corporate organizations are opting for these new workplace designs. Employees want to work in offices that are more liberal, fun and stress-free. If you’re looking to revamp your office, you should consider implementing some of the ideas as mentioned above.

Looking to give your office an upgrade and revamp the interiors and work hour policies? We have the perfect tips and suggestions that will help you get all these things done and change the vibe of your office space. Your employees and staff members will be utterly satisfied and will end up being far more productive and effective at work after these changes are implemented.

Custom LandscapingGreen Roof is a roof that is covered by one or more layers of soil and plants. Green roofs and green walls are new. They have existed for years, but due to the increased air pollution, noise pollution, water scarcity, and many more problems have made green roofs and walls more popular.

A restaurant is a hogging place, but for this reason, restaurants cannot remain plain and dull. Restaurants and hotels are well- established industry by themselves. They are huge in the business industry. The magic of the hotel or restaurant management being successful is just that they are creating varieties of food and making their place more attractive and relaxing. This makes customers happy and invokes them to visit restaurants more often.

To make restaurants attractive and relaxing the exterior and the interior of the restaurants play a significant role, especially if roofs are utilized for customers seating. The artificial décor items and lightings can get boring after a certain period. For changing trend, changing the outlook becomes essential. Hence causing you to invest in the interiors and exterior landscaping products.

What if you had a solution to this problem? What if it is possible to create an excellent open seating place for customers and still have minimal maintenance cost? Yes! It is possible if you go green.

Creating a green roof can be a good solution because it creates a green roof and attracts people due to its freshness but installing real plants becomes more time consuming and requires maintenance. Artificial exterior landscaping products are a good alternative.

So, here are few steps discussed for the installation of a green roof over a restaurant.

Planning and hiring

Installing a green roof is not a simple task. It is like solving a complicated problem, so it is not suggestible to follow any DIYs for installation of green roofs. First, it is essential to understand how much weight can a roof handle? Whether it is huge or small.

To find out the roof capacity it is better to consult a structural engineer and an architect. They help in identifying the requirements and the ability of the roof. Then they help you in designing the roof accordingly. Creating a waterproof membrane is essential for the walls of the tent. Also, check with the municipality if there any other installations permissions required or if you are making any changes in the existing structure.

However, if you are interested in artificial plants and trees, installation is easy. You need not go through this complicated process of creating membranes and municipality permissions. They are customized products and can be fit on any size or kind of roof.

Planting and layering

For real plants, once the contractor has installed and tested the membrane then the roof is ready for installing plants. The average green roof requires a minimum of 2.5 to 3 inches of growing media. If you have any idea of growing vegetables for business purposes then you might need approximately 7 inches deep but don’t forget, more media means more weight.

Check the structural factors like enough sunlight for growing low-maintenance plants. Sedum is a standard and common plant for the green roof because it is drought tolerant, never needs watering or reseeding. It is supposed to be a plant that is adapted to the low-nutrient soil.

Green roofs are made of different layers. They protect the structure of the building from water during holding and sustaining the plants. The bottom tier holds the root. It is made up of thick plastic sheet preventing any strong from the source from affecting the building.

Stones and gravel are used to form a root-free border separating the growing area from some vertical elements like walls or skylights. While retaining drainage, place metal slats between the rocks and the growth media.

Next comes the moisture-retention layer, it collects enough water to sustain the plants. If there is any excess water, it will be drained out through the holes atop the raised bump. The green roofs are designed in such a way that the excess water goes to the same place where they used to go when green roof did not exist. The water is made to percolate through the green and flows to the gutters and downspouts just like a regular roof.

Above the moisture layer, there exists an engineered filter fabric to hold in the dirt while water drains out. There is a wide range of filter fabric and growing media types because it is essential for them to be compatible. Their mismatch causes clog fabric and media that can wash away.

At last, the growing media, putting in the plants. Here, use pre-grown sedum. This method is known as soil and planting approach.

There is another approach called modular system. Similar to the soil and planting approach, use pre-grown plants. They access to the below waterproofing easily but can’t be developed creatively.

Project timeline

Typically, few days up to a week, depending on the size of the roof and planting work. After the planning of the roof, it is always better to take required permissions from the municipality. Usually, it might take a month.

The best alternative

As it is discussed above, to create the green roof there is a lengthy procedure of planning, hiring, layering and planting but this procedure is reduced to few steps by using synthetic landscaping products. They are as useful as real plants and are easy to install.

The roof walls need not be modified much. There is no need to add any waterproof membrane and layers as they are synthetic. There is no real root to damage the roof. It also saves a lot of time as there is the requirement of municipality permissions which sometimes takes a month.

There are commercial exterior and interior experts who help with the installation of artificial landscaping products. They are installed in less time, and they are cost-effective. There is no mess of watering or trimming. They are custom made so they are fade resistant and some are fire retardant also.


Green roofs are going to make your restaurant look beautiful and bring relaxing atmosphere for customers. Both the ways of creating a green roof, one by using real plants and another, by using faux plants are genuinely discussed.

Real plants and trees help you with the noise pollution and air pollution, but they are complicated to install and maintain. They require the involvement of municipality and hiring of engineers. Even after proper installation, wrong maintenance will cause a disaster on your restaurant roof.

Artificial landscaping products do not reduce air pollution or cool your roof, but they are equivalent to real plants in creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Products like planters, containers, topiaries, tropical trees and outdoor plants help in rejuvenating the environment. They are easily installable and requires less or no maintenance.

For a commercial place like a restaurant, where investment and time are crucial, artificial landscaping products are highly recommendable. As faux exterior and interior décors like faux plants and trees are attractive and affordable, they are best for commercial places.

Interior And Exterior LandscapingAn office is a room, set of rooms, or building used as a place of business for work. The workplaces are changing their appeal day by day for good. The employers are focusing more and more on the psychology of the employees. It has been well understood that employees mood and health directly affect the productivity of the company.

Now, the companies are trying their best to create a suitable and comfortable atmosphere in the workplace for employees to focus and enjoy their work. This benefits employees as well as the company. Hence, Zen zones have become more popular in making offices a comfortable place to work for long hours.

Zen is a Buddhist philosophy that focuses on meditation, intuition, and tranquility. It is a productive practice that helps you to live a peaceful life. It helps you from recovering from the stress, strain, and pressure. So, set up a Zen zone in your office to improve the productivity of your company and the quality of the employees work.

Here are few ideas on the art of setting up Zen zones in your office:

Right place

Finding the right place for the Zen space is very important. Choose an area which is spacious and quite. It helps in creating a beautiful Zen zone. This space is meant for darning stress, strain and fidgety brain from the employees. Therefore, it is vital for the area to be peaceful and quiet. Quite regarding free from disturbances caused by any external forces.

Meditation space

Zen practice also includes mediation which is an essential part. It helps in relaxing and rejuvenating mind and body. It is necessary for setting some area of the Zen zone to be meditation space. Meditation helps the employees to be healthy and active. This increases the productivity of the company. Many companies are implementing this idea of having a mediation hour for employees because it is proved in researches that meditation has improved employees’ health, mentally and physically.

Landscaping design

There is a need for new and unique landscape design for the Zen zone. Many experts help with the landscaping ideas. The implementation of any landscaping idea of the Zen zone is not very easy as each décor and equipment used for it have to be chosen with much care. Decors have to be suitable for the workplace as well as calming for employees. Use landscaping decors like artificial plants, synthetic trees, bonsai trees, topiaries and landscaping rocks. Artificial plants and trees bring greenery, and landscaping rocks will not let the Zone become boring with the green color of the landscape.

Artificial Lawn

Artificial lawns are very popular in the interior and exterior decors. They are used to create a nature like appeal to the interior and exterior. Synthetic lawn saves a lot of money and time. There is no much need for lawn care, and you don’t have to invest in planter or tools like lawnmowers, trimmer or cutters. Lawn care takes a lot of time and requires a planter. Lawn tools like lawnmowers, grass cutters trimmers also need maintenance and repairs. Thus, artificial lawns suit better for commercial places. Synthetic turf is available in various materials and sizes. Artificial green rolls and screens help in creating beautiful parks.


Planters and containers build a welcoming atmosphere in the Zen zone. For a commercial place like the office or even headquarters artificial plants and trees are suitable for creating relaxing space. They are more time and money saving. They increase the pleasantness and calmness of the Zen zone. Planters are like potted plants. They are placed or installed in containers. This set up attracts the employees.

Faux plants and trees

Fake plants and trees are easily customizable. They are made as per the requirements of the company and are blended well with the interior. They help in building a special and unique Zen zone for the office. Faux plants are trees are very durable. They make the region look lush. They create interest in employees and attracts them to use the area. Synthetic plants and trees blend well with the interiors of the commercial places making their existing look natural. Use desktop plants, topiaries, hanging plants and artificial flowers to create a beautiful Zen zone for employees.

Green walls

The environment of the Zen is the centrifugal point of the Zen practice. Everything in Zen zone matters, floor, landscape, ceiling, and walls. The walls of the Zen zone need not be dull. Use those walls also for creating a lush look. Green walls or living walls are a great way to bring the nature indoors. Use different artificial plants, indoor vertical trees, and artificial flowers to make them interesting and attractive.

Fade resistant and fire retardant plants and trees

Use fade resistant and fire retardant artificial plants and trees. They cost some amount in the initial stages of the installation and requires the least maintenance, almost zero maintenance. The primary purpose of the installation of artificial trees and plants to save money and time, hence if they are not safe or fade their color using them for the interior is of no use. Therefore, use safe artificial plants and trees.

Motivating wall posters

Suppose the Zen zone is created in a room and if you feel having living walls for all the walls is a boring idea then create patches of green or living walls for one or two walls of the space and stick motivating wall posters to the walls. They help in positive thinking of the employees. They motive them to work better and add value to their lives.


Setting up a Zen zone is a beautiful art. Above are the few simple ideas for helping you to master the art of setting up a Zen zone in your office. These ideas are easy to implement, and their implementation makes employees feel cared, and the company is profited too.