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Redefine your office landscape with desktop office plants

There are a lot of people who are of the opinion that their office cubicles or the "cubicle farms" take the joy out of working. Of course, how are people supposed to enjoy their work in an environment that is too pristine, regulated and slightly intimidating? Well, you could always make the "cubicle farm" terminology true! It's already called a farm, why not include some plants in the mix as well?

 Most of the biggest offices in the country have a good amount of area assigned for greenery. If your office is big, or if it is located in an area with a backyard or a front yard, you will always be able to cultivate a small and snug garden. Have a sort of pathway where your staff can go for a walk or better yet, have benches where they can go sit during their breaks or even to have a conversation with a colleague. It will be an inspiring environment that will not just bring back some greenery into their lives, it might also motivate them to work better! Having such free areas in an office has proven benefits - most people are capable of coming up with better and different ideas when they are in a calm and serene environment that is not too regulated or too formal, after all.

Well of course, the garden is a wonderful idea for a big office, but there are chances you don't have a big office. You might think that office plants are not for you because of the fact that your office is too small or located on the 6th floor, but even then, it is not true. There are desktop office plants, decorative office plants and potted office plants as well! These are compact plants that do not grow too big, so you will be able to store them on your desk or on either side of the lift or even in between cubicles. You could always opt for some plants on the window sills as well!

Since the office environment is really different, you would have to choose the plants based on the amount of light they need. If you are keeping the plants near a window or a balcony or anywhere where they can get some sunlight and fresh air, you should opt for the high light office plants that would thrive in these areas. There are some medium light and low light office plants to keep in those areas where the office is illuminated very little by natural light.

Deforestation and other issues have become such big problems only because of the fact that there are way too little plants and that means that people are not getting enough oxygen for their needs. By opting for office plant rental, you are bringing back health into your staff's life and you are providing them with a whiff of fresh, unpolluted air (quite literally, too)! Oh, didn't we mention that before? Office plant rental is possible - you will be able to rent the plants that you want for a particular period of time and actually return it to the people you rented it from. The benefit of this arrangement, of course, is the fact that you will be able to redecorate your office more frequently! Join the green bandwagon- redefine your office with desktop office plants, right now!

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