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Artificial Indoor PlantsA majority of the people think that safety is for the industries only. But, this is not correct. Workplace safety is applicable for industries and offices as well. Companies are employing facility managers to look after the safety provisions. Read on to know the safety responsibilities and practices for the facility managers.

Responsibilities of the facility managers

The changing business environment has made the facility manager’s jobs challenging. While they are responsible for maintaining health and safety in the office, expectations are growing every day. They have to tackle the potential risks and ensure compliance with the global requirements.

Due to this, they focus on many disciplines for the smooth running of the organization. They have to ensure that people are safe and secure while working. They have to plan and implement safety procedures and comply with the local legislation. Other than this, they also respond to the emergencies.

Fatal work injuries are unfortunately much more than what people think it to be. This is why the facility managers should know the followings.

1. Knowledge of local safety regulations

The safety compliance requirements are getting increasingly critical and comprehensive. Being a one-person solution for all safety issues, the facility manager should know the current requirements. This enables to chalk out plans for making the workplace safe and ensure compliance.

2. Fire safety procedures

Fire safety is an extremely serious concern in the offices. You cannot avoid all fires. But you can avoid being unprepared to tackle the fire. The facility manager must be aware of the firefighting protocols. He has to display all the information about this in an easy-to-understand language throughout the office.

It should be so easy that the visitors can understand what to do when there is a fire. The facility manager should also know to check electrical lines, smoke detectors, sprinklers, and fire extinguishers. In case there is a deviation, he should take immediate action.

3. Reducing slips and falls

Slips and falls are also a significant safety issue in the offices. Nothing is more dangerous than a wet floor. Spills and splashes are responsible for this. As a facility manager, you should know the probable places where this can happen without any notice. Arrangements should be made for mopping up such places regularly.

Display warning signs at such vulnerable spots. This will remind people to be cautious while passing through such areas. Also, remove all clutter from the pathways. This will reduce the chances of tripping over. Arrange regular inspection for eliminating these potential hazards. If required, skid-resistant floors should be suggested.

4. Ensuring electrical safety

Every year electrical injuries contribute to the workplace injuries. Among this; the shocks, burns, and falls are the most common. Unfortunately, these could be prevented with proper safety practices.

As a facility manager, you should see that there is proper insulating equipment. They should also be in good working condition. Also, arrange to check the circuit and chords for overloading. Any shortcoming has to be removed immediately.

Such moves are sure to reduce the electrical hazards and deliver a safe workplace.

5. Train on safe lifting technique

Back and shoulder injuries are also very common. The major cause of these is bad lifting habits of the people. As a facility manager, you should train people on ideal lifting practices for preventing such injuries.

6. Know the whereabouts of the employees

Not knowing the whereabouts of the employees can be disastrous. So, the facility manager should be able to track employees through cloud-based software. These brilliant offer solutions to disaster recovery.

7. Create an emergency action plan

Emergencies may crop up at any moment in the office due to circumstances beyond control. Natural calamities like earthquake, flood, etc can also be seriously threatening to everyone. The facility managers should chalk out action plans for such emergencies. Emergency exits are also to be marked with flow signs for guiding people. This will help fast evacuation make everyone in the office safe.

8. Asbestos management

Asbestos can lead to fatal diseases. So, the facility managers should be well conversant with asbestos management. They must be able to do the asbestos audit and ensure proper safety precautions against potential asbestos contamination.

9. Stay updated

Safety is an ongoing process. As accidents never happen with notices, situations may differ every day. This is why the facility manager must be aware of all innovations in this field. This will make him stay up-to-date on the current safety practices.

This can involve anything from process, technology and working habits. The facility manager must involve the entire office for a successful safety drive.

10. Role of the faux plants to keep the office safe

Decorating the office with silk trees and plants is better than using the live ones. They are practical and easy to care. You can get them as flowers, plants, trees, topiaries, and palms. Each of these is available in a plethora of varieties with facility for almost limitless customization.

Present day artificial plants and trees have perfectly textured trunks, branches, leaves, etc. Even the most experienced eyes have to struggle to tell if they are real or fake. Coming in fully grown sizes, they start adorning the place from day one.

These are clean product free form soil and water. They do not shed leaves and hence create no mess. These do not cause any allergy. People suffering from pollen allergy remain safe near the silk flower arrangements. This makes them a preferred choice for office décor.

Fire- retardant varieties of the artificial bonsai tree are safe for decoration. Impregnated with special fire retardant chemicals, they acquire self-extinguishing properties. Thus, they never help the fire spread. As these pseudo-natural greens do not grow mold or attract insects, they deliver a safe environment.


The facility manager must ensure that the office has a suitable work environment. This includes everything including safety. To be a successful office facility manager, you should be familiar with these practices. Knowledge of these will also help you to pass the interview.

Artificial Indoor PlantsHaving a perfectly trimmed hedge and well-maintained flower pots can be the best ornament for your house and can never fail to impress the guests. This trend is catching up with the urban population with much gusto. Where there are people who are already taking much effort in rearing and maintaining their in-house greenery, but the effort to keep up the good work is ever increasing. Due to which, the faux plants or artificial plants are taking center stage in many houses. As opposed to their artificial ancestors, fake plants today have taken a complete aesthetic overhaul and can even be confused for the real ones. They are coming in handy for so many reasons that they are replacing the entire row of natural ones or are also going in patches between the natural ones. The best of the reasons are listed down here.

Evergreen and Durable

Artificial plants and trees are never affected by seasonal changes. Unlike natural plants and trees, artificial ones do not shed flowers or leaves neither do they change in color or appearance. Hence, the artificial plants retain the look in all seasons. Whatever look you give to your house, artificial plants help you retain the same for over multiple decades. Only little dusting and light washing is required to maintain the appearance. Besides, these are made of high quality and long lasting materials which make them water as well as pest resistant. This makes sure that you enjoy your plants all year long without any worry.

Best Aesthetics

Artificial plants and trees look so natural that they can easily be confused with the real ones. The effort to make them look realistic is made to such an extent that caterpillar holes and old and brown leaves are added to the plants and trees.

Low Maintenance

Since artificial plants and trees do not need water, manure, soil or trimming, they are great for saving water and other maintenance cost and time associated with the natural ones. This makes them the best option in water scarcity areas without compromising on the look you want to achieve with the real ones. Thus, artificial plants maintain their best looks with little effort. Natural exotic plants are expensive to buy and even more expensive to replace once they whither when not taken good care of. Plus they need tending every month. Being cost effective, artificial plants are also the most economical option in tight budget situations as they are a long-term one-time investment.

Wide Variety

With artificial plants and trees, you are not just restricted to the seasonal ones and can also play around with the high maintenance plants and trees too. Since the artificial plants and trees do not need any specific climatic conditions, you can choose from all exotic variety of plants and trees without having to worry about their maintenance. Artificial jungle vines, artificial cherry blossom tree, fake bonsai tree, artificial aspen tree and the vast variety of artificial flower plants can be placed anywhere at any time of the year.


Although indoor natural plants are well known for improving the air quality around them, there can be some side-effects too like allergic reactions, pests, and dirt near the pots. Artificial plants are high in such situations as they are made of good quality non-allergic materials and, thus, do not attract pests. They do not even require regular potting and maintain a hygienic environment. They are also non-toxic for children and pets. There are a large variety of plants which are toxic when eaten or swallowed like lilies, aloe-vera, cactus especially for pets who tend to nibble at curious new things. This also means that they are safe from the toxins of pesticides. If you do not want to go through the hassle of the side-effects, then artificial plants are the best bet.

Great Fit for Indoors

Ever wondered how much of sunlight, moisture, manure, and air exposure is right for your indoor plant. Well, worry no more with the artificial ones. You can place them in any corner of the house, at any height or even the darkest area for a rustic look and they will retain the look forever for you. You need not necessarily put the plants near a window or a door for sunlight and air.


The best part about opting for faux plants and trees is their ability to fit perfectly in your imagination. You can have your design of foliage with all kinds of plants and trees, even the exotic ones. And, the arrangements are also numerous. All-time fresh vertical gardens, hanging exotic plants and flowers, indoor hedges, decorative tree branches, and even large exotic trees can be placed within the premises of your house without much fuss.

Artificial Indoor TreesWorking from home is fantastic. You can have more family time and no commute. But the right elements are necessary to make the home office successful. Maybe you are looking to set up your home office. Do not worry! Here is a list of 8 things that can make your home office pleasant and functional.

1. A good computer

People work on electronic devices from home offices. This creates a computer the first and foremost thing that every home office should have. In case you work from a single desk this is ok. If you have an additional mobile office, then a laptop would be a better choice. So, choose one that meets your needs and style of working.

The monitor should be large enough for easy viewing. It should also have excellent resolution and display. Better get a computer with multiple monitors if you need to work on two projects side by side. Also, make sure that the model, hardware, and software are the most appropriate for your nature of jobs.

2. High-speed internet connection

More and more people are working from homes. These constitute employees, professionals, and businessmen. They need to communicate frequently. This made high-speed internet connection the most essential and practical as well.

When you have a high-speed internet connection, you are just a mouse click away from the world. Within a wink, you can connect with the team members. This also lets you access many tools for the job instantly. Groupware, video conferencing and Voice over IP (VoIP) are good options.

It does not matter if you are using a desktop or laptop. Be sure that your internet connection is fast and reliable. This will save you a substantial amount of travel time and cost.

3. Layered lighting

The home office is more than a place to work. This can also be your reading nook and area to relax watching TV. So, it must have the right light to do all these functions. Moreover, it has to be harmonized with the rest of the home.

Working from home offices involves late nights and early mornings. This makes smart and layered lighting a serious requirement for home offices. Other than seeing, this can improve the mood and environment.

To do this, harvest natural light to the maximum. This should be combined with artificial ambient light and an architectural style desk lamp. Better use LED lamps for this purpose. This will, no doubt, improve your home office.

4. Comfortable furniture

People had to stay glued to the monitor while working from home. This forces them to sit down in the chairs for a long time. So, comfort becomes the essential requirement for designing home offices. Investing in the ergonomic furniture can make a home office look great. Although these cost more than the usual furniture, they are cheaper than meeting medical bills.

Adjust the height and the backrest of the ergonomic chairs for a perfect sitting position. It allows you to place the feet firmly on the ground. You can adjust the height so that the screen is at your eye level or slightly below. This reduces fatigue.

Procuring an adjustable desk is also great for the home offices. This will let you do the jobs in the standing position. As you can switch over from sitting to standing position, this will reduce stress substantially.

5. Area rug

You spend a lot of time in the home office every day. It is natural that you would like it to be inspiring and functional. Adding a colorful carpet is a great way to make the home office warm. The size of the rug will depend on how you want to use it.

You may want this to define the home office area. In that case, it has to cover the floor entirely. If you want it to be a decorative splash, you can have a small one.

6. Creative storage space

Scattered papers are the biggest issue in home offices. Although the filing cabinets are not attractive, they are necessary no doubt. Think vertically and have those made on the walls.

You may also add floating shelves to the home office. Displaying collectibles and family photos on the shelves will personalize the office. This will also look like a beautiful gallery.

7. Artificial greenery

The silk plants and trees have come a long way from their shabby look. Now they look like mirror images of their live versions. These inexpensive, no-maintenance elements can make your home office delightful and impressive.

You can get them in many varieties like flowers, plants, trees, topiaries, and palms. Including the artificial plants and trees in your home office can make it wow. They also do not have any sunlight requirement. This makes them suitable to use even in the darkest home office.

Putting fake flower arrangements in the home office desk make the ambiance sparking and creative. These are so lifelike that they look like fresh picks form the garden. Moreover, these are not affected by seasonal variations. So, you can have the same bloom throughout the year.

If you like to have a tropical vibe, the artificial orchids are the best. They make the home office exclusive with their magical presence. These are infused with fire retardant chemicals and, therefore, bring warmth to the home office without compromising safety.

8. Large digital clock

People are likely to forget about the time when working from home. As you should balance life and work, there should be a set office hours. Maybe you need to work more on some days, but that cannot be the routine.

You should therefore keep time, and the digital clocks are high for this. Hang a clock, and it will improve your office.


People either fail to identify the right elements or underestimate their importance while setting a home office. In both cases, they have to struggle hard. Try these tips for your home office. They will let you balance comfort, aesthetics, and function for a happy and fantastic home office.

Artificial PlantsThe present-day employees spend more time in the office than their homes. This makes convenience and comforts a prime requisite for office design. Maybe you are curious to know the office décor trends. Here are 8 popular interior décor trends that you can implement in your office.

1. Flexible & fluid workspaces

Mobility has increased with the advancement of technology. The employees now work with mobiles, laptops, and tablets. This eliminated the need for face-to-face interactions. It made fixed sitting quite irrelevant and opened up the opportunity for flexible workspace.

Flexible workspace lets you go beyond the rigid cubicles. This offers enough fluidity in the design and encourages mobility for various workflows. You can alter the sitting arrangement based on the group size.

Modular furniture is great to achieve this. Being light in weight, they can be quickly moved and re-arranged. As the employees are not stuck in one place, this becomes very appealing to them. You can also use ergonomic furniture. They allow you to adjust chairs and desks. What this allows working is sitting in own comfort level for more productivity.

2. Innovative work zones

Home-inspired work areas are the current office décor trend. The millennial employees stay long in the office and prefer a home like feeling. Introducing residential elements is a great way to do this. For this most of the offices are now having innovative sitting arrangements in the office.

There are more armchairs and sofas than desks in the modern offices. Some also include bean bags and bucket chairs to make it look like a living room.

3. Break rooms

All work and no relaxation make people unhappy. You have to strike a balance between work and leisure for making people efficient. This is why the break rooms have entered the office décor arena with a bang. Companies are now creating designated break rooms for the employees to unwind.

This place generally has a TV, and soft music is also played there. People can relax here with a cup of coffee and share their problems with the peers. Thus, they engage in informal brainstorming that goes a long way to increase productivity.

Many companies are now making it an adult playroom with indoor gaming facilities. The employees can take a break and play games to relax. This makes them recharged for the next job.

4. Fitness center

Most of the office jobs are sedentary type now. The employees are stuck to the desks or wherever they sit for long hours. Such sedentary behavior has an adverse effect on health and is likely to cause illness. Every organization has to promote a healthy workforce since they can only be productive.

This made investing in fitness center the current and most popular office décor trend. The employees can go there to keep them fit and trim. Including machines for workouts is a great idea. Alternatively, you can also have a yoga mat. The employees will be more physically fit, and it will improve the bottom line.

5. Quiet workstations

Flexible plans are the current office décor trend. This makes the employees more collaborative, and they perform better. But there are some types of jobs that need one to be more focused. Privacy-friendly workplaces cannot be ruled out entirely for this.

There should preferably be a separate floor for such working caves. Or, you can use high-back privacy armchairs for creating these. These should also be loaded with a writing surface and power. The extended back and the arms help to reduce the noise level. Thus, the employees will be able to work with little distractions.

6. Lounge areas

The millennial do prefer the traditional meeting rooms. They hate to assemble around a table and sit with a straight back. This made the lounge areas a key office decor trend. Invent of wireless technology has shattered the concept of a fixed workspace. Many organizations are using these lounge areas as their meeting place.

Present day office meetings are more collaborative and democratic. People can hold impromptu meetings in the lounges. This lets them have a relaxed environment and prompts a fruitful exchange of ideas. It also makes working enjoyable.

7. Add color

Popping up an office with color is one of the worthiest décor trends. Colors have the power to keep the employees engaged in the workplace. Strategic use of colors can be an excellent stimulus to perform better.

When you want your employees to be dynamic, then use bright colors in the office. Use soothing colors to make the office less stressful. It is not only the walls; you can also add color to the environment with the furniture.

8. Adorn with greeneries

People feel healthy and happy when natural elements surround them. This is why adorning the office space with greeneries are so popular. Trees and plants are now included in the office space to make it calm and soothing.

But the live plants are hard to maintain because of caring demands. These are not possible to meet if you are not a green thumb. This makes the silk trees and plants ideal alternative for office decoration.

These are available in varieties including plants, trees, topiaries, palms, etc. Since these artificial plants and trees are meticulously manufactured from high-quality materials, they look like real plants.

Including them, you can create an invigorating ambiance in the workspace. Available in different shapes and foliage the artificial boxwood topiary can lift the office. These need no trimming. Once installed in the indoor, they grace the space with their lush green appearance for years to come.

Coming in fade resistance and fire retardant varieties the artificial plants are the best for interior décor. These do not grow mold and do not attract insects. This keeps your customers, clients and the employees safe.


Millennial workers are demanding both functional and inviting office spaces. Besides the pay packet, they prefer flexible workplaces that support community building. These game-changing décor tips are sure to make the employees happy. Embrace those to make your office aesthetically pleasant and productive.

Artificial Landscape TreesOffice reception is the place where your clients first see once they enter your office. It forms the first impression of your company. So, the look and appeal of the office reception matters in your business. You need always upgrade the appearance of the reception area of your office. It displays your office culture.

So, here are top 10 tips to upgrade the look and appeal of the office reception:

Quality wall paints

The quality of the place matters in deciding if the place is updated or not. Even if the quality is not very high, let them be acceptable. The wall paints are critical in making your office reception upgraded. The quality of the wall painting has to be chosen carefully.

If possible add some textures to the walls. The textured walls are still trending. Even random patterns could be created while adding textures. When small LED lights are placed at appropriate places at patterns, they help at evenings. When lights are switched on, they look beautiful.

Silk flower centerpieces

The silk flowers are great decors to upgrade the outlook of your office reception. They make your reception area look brighter and updated. As the silk flower centerpieces are the new trendy decors, they make your area unique. Your clients and visitors will love it.

The natural looking silk flower centerpieces are versatile. They suit any place in your reception area. Place them in the center of your seating center or beside the help desk. The silk flower centerpieces are surely going to make your office reception look welcoming.

Metal finish

Metal has the shiny property that attracts everybody. Metals never go unnoticed wherever they are placed. So, to make your office reception upgrade with look and appeal use metal finishing. Add metal finishing to help desk ends or corners. Let the doors and window frames be made of metals.

Gold and silver are high in price comparatively. There are bronze, zinc alloy or copper which are affordable and easily available. Add them wherever possible to make your office reception look and appeal upgraded and attractive.

Silk flower arrangements

Silk flowers have the advantages of cost-effectiveness and time-efficiency in maintenance. The arrangement of the silk flowers happens only once. Though you have the option of changing or altering the arrangement, it is just an option. They are installed easily, and you need not have to worry about it later.

The silk flower arrangement could be made by yourself, or you can take the help of experts. Many professionals know the silk flower arrangement very well. They will arrange them according to your office reception theme and company culture.

Comfortable seating arrangement

The seating arrangement is a critical part of making your office reception look upgraded. Surely, you are going to get some visitors who will wait at reception. So, the furniture you add to your reception has to be upgraded.

Along with them being upgraded, they have to be comfortable for the visitors. The furniture has to be of appropriate size to fit enough visitors. Note down or call and show your reception to an interior designer. They will suggest the efficient furniture design to your reception area.

Silk plants and trees

The silk plants and trees are amazing decors to upgrade the look and appeal of your office reception. They are made of different types of silk materials. It makes them special and creates demand in the market. The decors which are in demand are usually the trending decors.

The silk plants and trees are synthetic but real in appeal. When they are placed in-between or beside the actual plants or trees, they can’t be differentiated. They look so much real. They also make your office reception atmosphere relaxing and pleasant.


The reception area is the representation of the company culture and style. It is always safe to create a contemporary look. It can never go outdated and will never disappoint the visitors. So, add some artworks to your reception space.
Artworks need not be costly ones. They can be bought in small pieces and arranged in a geometric wall. This is the easiest and safest way to update your office reception contemporarily.

Natural light

The lighting at the reception is something you must keep a watch. The up-gradation of the lightings is essential. The mood and the atmosphere at the reception are created by lightings. Having natural lightings in the mornings is good.

The more natural it is, more relaxing and warm the environment will be. The visitors and clients will experience an inviting atmosphere at your office reception. It is important to make your clients and visitors feel comfortable in the office.

Highlight your office logo

The company logo is the one who stays in clients mind easily. So, it is important to make the logo attractive. It helps clients, especially, when it is their first visit to your company. Add some lightings or embed them brilliantly on the wall in large size.

This will help your clients to remember your company logo. The logo is also essential for making your company popular in the market.

Provide technology effectively

You have to make sure the visitors or clients waiting at reception are not bored. Provide the free Wi-Fi or install a television. Always have the right news channels running on television. This keeps them engaged and makes them comfortable.

Make the Wi-Fi password visible to the visitors or clients. Hang a board or create some space on announce board or Wi-Fi details. This will also reduce the work of the receptionist of telling details every time to every new visitor.


Above are the top 10 tips to upgrade the look and appeal of office reception. There are many things to update and add to an office reception. Among those, these ideas are like a must. They are simple and affordable to execute. So, try to implement them as much as possible.

Artificial PlantsMany of us lead frenzied lives which involve a lot of work and less play. Getting away from all of it for a quick vacation is difficult and not always worth the hassle. In such situations home is the one place where one expects to get some respite, relax and then slow down. But a house which is disorganized and chaotic gives off vibes of discord and tension. There are ways to make your home more organized so that it becomes a harmonious place which is peaceful to return to. A calm home can also help in improving work productivity too. Converting the whole house may take some time, so it is much more manageable to start with the living room first.

Candles in the room

Candles of various colors give off specific vibes in the room. Using candles which are white or light green gives off a relaxing and calm aura in the living room. Additionally, using scented candles can be soothing if the fragrance doesn’t overwhelm or give headaches. But the combination of a dark room only lighted up by some soothing candles is a beautiful aesthetic to enjoy.

Natural lighting in the room

There are hardly any better or more refreshing methods than enjoying natural light in one’s living rooms. So having plenty of open windows to let in the air and light is necessary to make the room feel fresh and breezy. Allowing sunlight in also kills lots of microbes present in the room and also helps get rid of the musty smell which permeates rooms when it has been closed for some time. To spruce up the place, use light colored draperies and curtains on the windows which match the aesthetic of the rest of the room. Make sure not to use heavy curtains as it may block out the air and light streaming in.

Paint the walls

One of the cheapest ways to give the living room a relaxing makeover is through a bucket of paint. It will make the room look fresh and new to live in. To create a relaxing and calm vibe around the room, the lighter shades of green and blue are recommended. Colors like beige, white and grays also work in keeping the tone light and natural. Bright colors are used to give a popping and energetic vibe to the room, so they work contrary to our goal and should be avoided.

Artificial landscaping

Adding some flora into the room can help in lifting its whole mood. Flowers are aromatically and visually soothing but getting and maintaining real flowers can turn out to be a difficult task. But there are ways to bring in the same visual calmness into the room- by using silk floral arrangements like silk tulips, silk orchids, fake ivy plants and such. Apart from using flowers, artificial ferns, phoenix palm or palm fronds can also be used to infuse a more intense natural look.

Removing clutter from the room

A room that is clutter free looks more inviting and visually appealing than one who is messy and chaotic. Items which don’t have a place in the living room and look out of place should be either done away with or should be shifted to another room or space. It will free up space and make the room look bigger instead of claustrophobic.

Re-doing the décor

Opting for a minimalistic décor instead of something too heavy and congested can free up a lot of space which will give a light and airy feel to the room. Having a light sofa along with some throw pillows and blankets can work to make the room cozier. Also, opt for a relaxing focal point regarding the furniture and keep it grouped to make it more intimate and relaxing.

Spreading rugs

Having rugs spread over hardwood floors can help in giving the room some texture along with a unified look. Using soft rugs which are lighter in color can help perpetuate the relaxing and cozy feeling. If one big rug feels too much for the room then opting for multiple rugs with soft textures can help solve that.

Having a fireplace

If the house is situated in a cool location or region then having a fireplace will improve the aura of the whole room by leaps and bounds. It will give off warmth which will make the room feel more intimate and comfortable. The mental picture of reading a book sitting beside a fireplace as a snowstorm rages outside is one of the life goals of many people.

Lighting of the room

Bright lights give a headache to many people when they return tired after work. Most want something soothing and which will help them relax. So opting for soft yellow low lighting can make the living room feel more sophisticated as well as relaxing. Alternatively, instead of overhauling the whole light of the room, placing a lamp beside a sofa can also give off a similar relaxed feeling when the room is darkened, and only the lamp is on.

Bookcases around the room

If the living room is comparatively larger than such average rooms, then adding some books will be advisable. This doesn’t mean filling up the room with library-like large bookcases all around the room, just that having some books in a stylish cabinet can also add to the sophistication to the room. Don’t harbor any work-related books in a room where you aim to relax, instead keep books which motivate you or which calm you down. Having some light read magazines lying around is also a good idea.

Positive things hung around the room

The aim is to infuse the room with a relaxing and positive feeling, so putting antiques or family heirlooms around can give it an old world charm. Apart from this, hanging photographs which excite and motivates one to perform better; or little souvenirs bought from fun excursions can also work in creating a room full of just positive memories.

The living room is one where guests are entertained and the room most people encounter first after entering the house. So steps should be taken to make it more inviting and soothing instead of keeping it chaotic, disagreeable and repulsive.

Top Low Budget Living Room Decor Upgrades

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Artificial Indoor TreesThe living room is an essential part of the home as this is the place where the entire family gathers. For some, the living room is a more formal space meant primarily for entertaining guests; for others, it is a very casual space. Whatever may be the purpose of the living room, it becomes crucial to decorate the area in the right manner so that it can enhance the décor of the entire room. Mentioned below are some of the low budget living room décor tips that you can follow.

Play with colors

The colors that you select for your living room will have an effect on how guests sense in the space. Shades can strengthen or calm down area, depending on how strong they are and how cold or warm they are. For instance, you can choose soft blue and white color which makes the spacious living room feel fresh and serene. A light colored carpet on the floor can warm up space and keep the cool colors in balance.

Choose the right kind of furniture

When it comes to decorating the living room, it becomes important to choose the right type of furniture. Some of the most common types of furniture pieces that you place in the living room include sofas and couches, bean bags, bookshelves, coffee table, etc. However, when choosing furniture, it is essential to consider the size of the living room. For instance, if the living room has limited space, then it is better to choose furniture that will take up less amount of space. Remember that the right kind of furniture both in style and size can make or break a living room.

Include plants and trees into the living room

To give a stunning look to the living room and make it look aesthetically appealing, you can add plants and trees. The plants can provide a natural yet a very cozy look to the home. In case you do not have time to take care of the plants or water them, then you can think of adding artificial plants and trees into space. For instance, fake palm trees, silk tulips, artificial floral arrangements, and silk orchids when placed within the home can impart a stunning look to space.

Designate a Focal Point

It is important for a living room to have a focal point which will draw the attention of the customers as they enter into the room. For instance, you can place a large fireplace or put a huge artificial tree at the corner of the room. Also, you can place an oversized mirror, extra large artwork or a piano as the center of attraction in the living room.

Know how to balance aesthetic appeal and function

When decorating the living room, it is very much important to understand how to adjust the beauty and the usefulness at the same time. It is quite okay that you want a stunning space, but you also have to live in it, and it is thus important to make sure that your room works not only for your taste but also for your lifestyle. For instance, in case you need additional storage, you should look for nice-looking pieces that hide the junks while blending well with your other decor.

Upgrade the lighting of the living room

Proper lighting can certainly help in making the living room space look more attractive and interesting. However, getting the living room lighting just right can be a challenge. You can choose a combination of various sorts of lighting such as task and accent lighting to decorate the space. Plan for layers of light, and position light sources, so they form a triangle approximately to ensure proper distribution of illumination.

Choose stylish, comfortable flooring

Select a floor covering that offers comfort underfoot and makes a design statement too. In case you like the less bold floor, select solid neutral flooring that allows attention to focus on art or furniture. Hardwood floors with rugs are one of the trendiest choices for living room floors.

Arrange furniture for conversation

Living rooms are primarily used as a place to get together, so make furniture arrangement to endorse interaction and communication. You can place furniture away from the walls and keep them in such a way that they face each other. In case of a large living room, you can segregate it into two conversational groups for a more relaxed, warm feeling. You can also add many pillows on sofas and ottomans as this gives an attractive look to space but at a cost-effective price.

Draw the attention of the customers upward

A room has a vertical as well as a horizontal dimension. In case the living room has an elevated ceiling, take advantage of the additional space by adorning it in a way that draws the eye up. Ceiling to floor drapes is a fashionable way to achieve this objective. One more way to fill the vertical space is to add artwork. This method will make the room look spacious than it is, as it attracts the eye to roam further than the horizontal area that may feel cramped.

Keep the living room clutter free

Get rid of the things that you no more need and do not make impulsive shopping as this increases the things within the living room unnecessarily. Keep all the items in the right place as this helps in giving a tidy and neat look to the site.


By following these above mentioned simple tips, you can very well give a complete makeover to the living room within your budget. As the living room is the place where guests are welcomed; therefore, it is important to decorate in such a way that it forms an impression into the mind of the guests. You can even hire interior decorator as they can give you the guidance on how to make the living room look appealing at a tight budget.

Top Low Budget Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Blog Friday, 02 November 2018 05:21

Artificial PlantsThe kitchen is an essential part of the home as it is the center of the family’s day to day living. Several hours are spent in the kitchen rushing around in the mornings getting prepared for work or school, making lunches to pack for a busy day or dinners to share with the family or entertain a group of friends. This is why the kitchen is often referred to as the bonding area that not only ties the home together but also the loved ones together. Thus, it becomes essential to give the kitchen an attractive look. As per a recent survey, it has been found that homeowners spend more money on kitchen makeover than on any other home improvement project. But there are simple tips available by following which one can give a complete makeover to the kitchen but at a reasonable price.

Make a proper plan

Planning the kitchen makeover should take more time than the actual construction. In case the planning is done correctly then the amount of the time you are troubled by construction havoc will be reduced. Also, you are more likely to stay on budget. To make a proper plan, it becomes very much important to study your present kitchen thoroughly. For instance, you should focus on how wide is the doorway of the kitchen. In addition, you can also create a sketch of your kitchen with measurements for walkways, doors, counters, etc.

Don’t try to save money by not hiring a professional

There is a common misconception among people that hiring a professional for kitchen remodeling will cost more money. However, this is not right as hiring a designer can save you time and money in the long run.

Design wide walkways

Paths all through the kitchen should be no less than 36 inches wide. Paths in the cooking zone should be 48 inches wide for a two-cook configuration and 42 inches wide for a one-cook kitchen. When planning, adjust peninsulas and kitchen islands accordingly. Keep in mind that people enjoy working in kitchen areas that do not look cramped or uninteresting. Thus, make sure that the kitchen has enough space to move around freely.

Add some greenery into the kitchen space

You can place fake palm trees, silk flowers, artificial ivy plant, and artificial outdoor plants into the kitchen space. You can put the potted artificial plants in the corner of the kitchen, or you can hang the pots as well to impart an aesthetically appealing look to space. These fake plants can also be placed near the window or can be used as the centerpiece of the kitchen. The best thing about these artificial plants is that they need zero maintenance. These fake plants give the same look like that of the genuine plants, but they do not need to be trimmed, watering, etc. You can even curve them bend them to give a real look.

Keep the cooktop out of traffic areas

In order to get child-friendly kitchen designs, it is better to keep the cooktop out of passage areas, so kids do not grasp knobs and cause spills when running through. Also, make the refrigerator accessible to both people working in cooking and cleanup areas and passersby.

Focus on the lighting of the kitchen

Correctly chosen lighting can make a world of difference in a kitchen. It can make the room look brighter and larger, and it will help people in the kitchen to work safely and efficiently. A kitchen should have task lighting and ambient lighting. Make sure that there are no shadows in the task area. You can hand pendant lights, mount ceiling lights and even install lights within the cabinets.

Do not add space but storage

Look for cabinets that are so tall that they can reach the ceiling. These types of cabinets may cost more, but these are valuable additions as you can store items here that you hardly use once in a year. The best thing about these cabinets is that you do not need to dust the cabinet tops. You can even mount small units on vacant wall areas; hang large skillets and stock pots on a ceiling rack; and affix hooks to the backside of closet doors for brooms, mops, and aprons.

Stay clear of corners

To make appliance and cabinet doors entirely purposeful, design space for the door's swing direction and clearance in the kitchen design. Keep kitchen appliances away from corners, and ensure doors won't knock into each other if open at the same time.

Spruce up the cabinet door

If the cabinets are too old-fashioned, think of adding an elegant touch to it by adding new doors. If the structure is in good shape, you do not have to replace the whole cabinet: get proper measurements and find a style of door you prefer. It will give an entirely new look to the cabinet for a fraction of the price.

Consider the countertops

Those who cook often require more counter space especially between the sink and range than those who cook rarely or who make simple meals. Installing two countertop heights makes baking simple and assists children who are involved in meal preparation. Choose countertops that look enticing and that complement the color of the wall, ceiling, and floor.

Be more focused on quality

During kitchen remodeling, durability and functionality should be top priorities. One should oppose low-quality deals and select products that mingle low maintenance with extended guarantee periods. Solid surface countertops, for example, may cost a little more, but with the proper care, they will look great for a long time and can even last for several years.


These are some of the simple tips which if followed can help to give your kitchen an entirely new look. You can even seek the assistance of professionals as they can guide you in the best way possible to provide a complete makeover to the kitchen space.

How to Decorate with Artificial Plants?

Blog Wednesday, 31 October 2018 05:53

Artificial PlantsPlants, herbs, trees, and flowers are the most preferred options available when it comes to decorating the home or office space. The green color tends to instill a soothing look and feel and create a cozy ambiance. However, owing to a busy schedule, it has become quite difficult for people to take care of the plants and trees on a regular basis. To solve this common problem, the artificial plants have come to the market which looks the same as that of the genuine plants. The fake plants look so real that it indeed becomes quite challenging to differentiate between the genuine plant and the faux one. The artificial plants can be used in many ways to get a stunning result. Mentioned below are some ideas for using fake plants in home décor:

Place the artificial plants near the window of the drawing room

Faux plants such as artificial palm leaves can be placed in the drawing room to make the area look much more fascinating. The best thing about these fake plants is that they are easy to shape. You can bend stems, branches, and petals to give them a natural look. However, you should not arrange them too correctly especially if you want the plants to have an organic feel. You can even change the position of the plants at times to freshen the look.

Fill the corners of the dining room with potted plants

Potted silk trees and plants are great options for filling up empty corners. By placing the artificial trees in the corner of the dining room, you can add some color and texture. Trees not only look good when they are placed against the window as they also look beautiful when placed in dark areas such as the laundry room.

Artificial plants can act as a centerpiece

Are you looking for an object with a small height for the coffee table? Or are you looking for a stunning centerpiece for your dining room table? Artificial plants like silk flower centerpieces and a fake ivy plant are the best solution. You can place the artificial trees in varying heights down a table for a fast and simple centerpiece. Also, you can also place a single potted plant or flower on a coffee table to complete the look.

Dress up your lobby area by hanging plants

Beautifying the space using hanging plants is certainly an excellent option. Hanging plants are very difficult to maintain because watering them is challenging. Thus, artificial plants make a perfect choice for hanging plants. These hanging plants can be placed in indoors as well as outdoors as they add a bright splash of color and freshness to areas of your home that may or else be hard to decorate. For instance, the narrow space between the bedroom and the drawing room may look dull and uninteresting, but a hanging plant can be used to add appeal and color to this area.

Hang faux plants in areas where actual plants will not thrive

Many apartments lack the amount of light essential to keep the real plants healthy. But the position does not matter if you choose to adorn with their artificial counterparts. Place pots filled with fake plants in bathrooms, in bare corners and on bookcases. These are some of the places where the natural light does not come in so keeping the artificial plants in these areas is big plus point. You can even place some faux potted plants in the basement area as well.

Beautify the entrance of the home with faux plants

The entrance to the house is considered to be the most important part of the building. This is the space that gives an impression to the visitors as to how the entire building looks. Thus placing some artificial plants and flowering trees is a great option. Moreover, by putting the artificial trees, you can rest assured that the roots would not interfere with the building foundation, electrical system or plumbing. Thus, it is a great option to beautify the entrance of the home.

Dress up and entire wall with a plant wall

In case you are looking for a stunning way to dress up a whole wall, then a plants wall is an outstanding idea. Instead of painting an accent wall, the entire wall can be covered with wall mounted plants. The green color can impart a sense and feel of richness and closeness to nature. The combination of the color and the texture of the plants may easily make this one of the most aesthetically appealing walls in the home. To give the wall a dramatic touch, some colored lights can be included.

Add silk flowers into the living space

To make the home décor look luxurious and extravagant, silk flower are the best options available. These silk flowers can give a polished look to space, and they also require little or no maintenance. Adding these colorful silk flowers can transform any dull looking space into an attractive one. These flowers can be placed in the living space as a centerpiece or can be kept on the coffee table or at the corners.


These are some of the common ways by which you can use artificial plants and flowers to decorate the home. However, there is no such hard and fast rule that you will have to follow these ways to decorate home. You can very well use your creativity and imagination to decorate your entire home using these stunning artificial plants and flowers. With a large number of companies out there offering these stunning faux plants, it indeed becomes a challenging task for the ordinary people to choose the one that offers high-quality faux plants. You can seek references of friends and relatives to get an idea about the companies that offer best faux plants or else you can also go through the reviews posted online to choose an artificial plant selling company.

Artificial Indoor TreesHome is where we live and thrive. It’s where we relax after coming back from a busy day. So it should be comforting, inviting and relaxing to stay in it. But as time passes, the same walls which were once attractive and colorful lose their glamour; space seems to feel constricting and the ceiling feels too low. At times like this one starts wondering on how to return their interiors to that old splendor instead of the dull dump it has become. Of course, even if one wants to spruce things up a bit, there is always the issue of budgets since renovations of any sort do require some injections of cash. But, while there are expensive ways to get your home a large-scale makeover; there are also a lot of ways to transform your home but within an affordable budget.

Painting the Walls

One of the most visible and inexpensive ways to get a new look is to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Going for what the heart wants at the moment- like going for the quirky look or opting for some intense colors may satisfy the momentary streak of creative passion, but as time will go on it can look gaudy and gradually it might become a project of regret. So, if you are choosing a super trendy color then, be prepared to redo it when the trend fades away. But using a neutral backdrop will make the room look stylish and presentable for much longer. Before settling on a color, it is advisable to bring home large swatches or color samples to decide how it looks in the light and surroundings.

Reassess the Surroundings

Before going into further renovations, it is important to assess what the living areas already look like and what should be changed about it. One of the ways to get a rejuvenated feel is by moving a few furniture pieces around to change the order of things and also free up the pieces which clutter up the room. It’s important to ask if there is a need for something to stay. If not then it needs to be discarded. Less is sometimes more in some cases. In cases of furniture, if the old furniture doesn’t fit in with the new style, then instead of overspending, opting to give the existing piece a new makeover will be beneficial.

Opting for the right lighting

Half of the game is always the lighting-natural or otherwise. Moreover, it is not necessary to bring in the same light patterns throughout the whole house. For living rooms, it is beneficial to have an open and inviting space with lots of natural light and windows. Adding some stylish lamps beside the sofas will also make the room inviting during evenings. For study rooms or libraries, it is advisable to have lighting which aids in proper reading and table lamps usually do the deed. For bedrooms, going for low and soft lights will be recommended. This can be easily achieved by investing in some lamp shades.

Opting for artificial landscaping

There needs to be a bit of green in the rooms to make things look soothing and beautiful. Choosing to buy a bunch of real flowers will make the interiors look that much alluring and much more refreshing for any audience being received in the room. Contrary to the opinion that they are harder to care for and will drop in just a day, flowers can stay fresh for days if they are put in sugar water. But that does involve a bit of work every day, not to mention that fresh flowers will have to be bought quite frequently. The solution for this is opting for faux trees and faux floral arrangements. Going for some purple silk tulips or pink silk tulips will make the room more vibrant. Also choosing for some artificial tree branches with leaves or perhaps fake palm branches will do wonders for the place.

Hanging Curtains

Curtains are standard necessities everywhere, be it for privacy or blocking of light. Curtains as such can add a lot of charm to the decor, even the cheap ones if they are hung the right way. One way to make the room seem airy and inviting is by attaching the curtains wide and high just so that the length just gently kisses the floor. Of course, if you want the effect to be better then opting for light colored curtains is the way to go and if you want more shade then going for heavy curtains with darker colors is the way to go.

Rugs for the floors

Rugs can add to the air of sophistication in any room. It is important that the rugs match with the overall style of the room or else it will feel misplaced. But it is also true that they are costly. To avoid this, it is advisable to keep searching for the kind of rugs that will suit the space but will also fit into the budget.

Hardware replacement

Little things can bring joy when it comes to a house- like replacing the creaking hinges and floorboards, the leaking roof tiles or the old worn and faded door knobs. It makes the house feel updated and new. Getting matches shouldn’t be an issue because hinges and knobs are generally carried in the same boxes.

Matching Containers for open storage

Going with an overall theme will make the whole space seem coherent instead of mismatched. For this, the place to start with is in the details- the containers. If the built-ins aren’t affordable just yet, then the things to opt for are matching containers. Bonus if they match with the decor or style of the room. Go a step further and get matching boxes, baskets and crates as well.

Overall, home is where we head over to relax and rest, so it should be made and remade according to the lifestyle needs and not according to some interior decoration catalog.