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What To Do When You Re Decorating A Party Hall Within A BudgetWho does not like to attend a party? Well everyone does. But the time of thinking comes when you have to plan for one. That is where you are the one trying to satisfy everyone who comes in with a bunch of expectation of having a good time.

Depending on the venue and your budget there will be some restrictions on the décor of a party. But you can swoop in the new style of minimalism, save your money and yet be the best host ever. It is all about creativity.

Here are the tips you can use to decorate a party hall under your budget.

Drape it up

Fabrics can do wonders. You can keep a formal theme or even a fancy one. Just by changing your drape style you will have the power to change the mood. A same decked-up look on the décor with just some fabric purchased in bulk.

White fabric is for elegance, while red is for love, yellow can be a total springtime celebration. There are so many options in fabric that you can never run out of.

Even printed fabrics look amazing if you can match it up with the wall panel.

Where to sit?

It’s a party, and you will have people coming for a long time which means there have to be proper seating arrangements. This does not mean you have to buy even to rent those costly furniture.

Simple plastic chairs can be given a fantastic look by twining them with jute ropes and adding some color. Ever thought of having fun bean bags in a party hall? The whole bunch of youngsters is going to fall in love with the idea.

If you are the more formal type, then add wooden benches and paint them black. Black blends in with all occasions.

Pillows for pleasure

Now that you have your seating arrangements done to give that extra sense of comfort bring in some fantastic pillows. You can actually make them using old tattered clothes or even stuffing beans inside. Or else they are easily available at any bedding store.

Patterned fabric covers for pillows will make even a boring bench look totally approachable. Add the color of festivity if you are someone who loves single-color decors.

A smart escort board display

In the party you want people to blend in and have a good time with each other. Avoid the whole confusion of “ Who goes where.” Organize it smartly.

Escort tables can cause guests squinting looking for their tables. Why not have an escort board that gives the seating arrangements and displays it right at the entrance of your party hall.

Let there be nature

A party is meant to be chaotic no matter how formal it is. Amidst this, the only way you add a slight touch of calmness is by embracing natural elements. Also, it is an excellent addition to the thematic party décor.

Suspending pieces of bamboo palm a few feet above the dinner plates is a fun way to have some green around. The benefits of bamboo palm are that it is although it is not real bamboo, it just gives a near perfect effect.

Let us go to the old school

Gone are the days of having names and theme of a party decorated with flowers and glitters. There are so many different ways of having the theme displayed cost-effectively.

Chalkboards are a nifty style to decorate the entrance of a party. Customize it by taking some unutilized plank frame and put some paint on it to suit the total decor. Adorn it with a bamboo palm garland and chalk your way through.

Even cutting from various newspapers and magazines can give you all the letters you need to play with.

Time for some light

The easiest way to heighten up your party is by having perfect lighting. Do not overboard with having too much light. It will just take away all the other efforts you will be putting in the décor.

Minimalistic light can be achieved by having lamps around. Paper lamps can be easily made using handmade papers. Glass bottles also work as beautiful lamps.

You can even hide the chords by wrapping them around with some residues from the bamboo palm leaves.

Colorful glassware for tables

Instead of exhausting your entire party hall décor budget on buying expensive centerpieces, you can rent some multi-colored glassware and pop up the tables quickly.

To further cut it down, Glasswares can be made pretty effortlessly. Wineglasses can be painted with some graphics and glitters. Put in beautiful pebbles and stones inside and tadaah! You have your own DIY glassware.

Place a patterned table runner underneath the glassware and spacing them out.

Pictures for reference

Every party has a celebration motive behind it. For an easy conversation starter create a wall of the picture for the host family or a bunch of close friends and foes. Anything that is closest to the party cause can go up on the wall.

A simple mount board decorated with flowers will be an excellent base for the pictures. Big stones can be the perfect stand for the royal wall.

Click Click!

Everyone is dressed up for your party. They have taken out time from their busy lives to look amazing. They deserve a backdrop for all those poses and selfies.

Think about materials that are easily customizable, options such as tassels, balloons, paper flowers and stick them on a large pegboard. Let your studio be the focal point of the party.

Now there should be no confusion on how can you have a party décor that is not just fun but also accurate. It cannot get any simpler. Do not hesitate to use your imagination. It is a party, the best place where every oddity will be appreciated if painted in a smart way.

8 Questions To Ask An Interior Designer For Office MakeoversIn this tech-freak era, don’t let the tedious and uneventful workplace affect your productivity. Contemplating the amount of time the employees spend in the office, it is only fair that the workplace is congenial and quintessential. Now would be an opportune moment to refurbish your office space and make the ambiance work-friendly. Apart from the expertise and mastery in his field, the interior designer you hire is also expected to take into account your office culture and requirements before making the prerequisite changes. Not only will you two have to share a good rapport, but also ensure you have parallel ideas.

Here are the 8 questions you should ask your Interior designer for your office makeovers.

How can you make this project economical?

Accept it! Office makeovers won’t come cheap, but there is always a scope for a good bargain. The most significant and conspicuous element of any project is obviously the ‘budget.’ Reaching on an agreement with the budget is an indispensable part of the outset of your project. A set budget gives the green light to the designers to decide whether to revamp the place from scratch or alter some elements of the space like the colors, layout or the wallpapers. A little color, here and there, go a long way in bringing novelty to your place.

What would be the estimated time needed to complete the project?

Well, as the saying goes, time indeed is money, thus, setting a target date for the cessation of the office makeover is obligatory. Ensure you are in a transparent relationship with your designer. Savvy the fact that office makeovers are going to be a noisy business, making relocation of the office an inevitable and also a pricey occurrence. Also, having a deadline will act as a spur for the clients and the interior designers to make the project smoother, disciplined and well-timed.

What is your procedure of communication?

Do not underrate the possibilities of confusion! Talking about your preferences ahead of time than in the midway of the project makes a sea of difference and will save you the disputes. Keep the process of communication crystal clear before you launch the project. A direct correspondence between your decorator and you avoids any possible miscommunication. Considering the fact that there will be a lot of aspects to discuss like the fabrics, color schemes, floor plans, etc. it would be ingenious to have decided a conventional form of communication.

What theme would you like to incorporate in the office?

Get over the clichéd interior patterns with the mundane chairs and glassy decors. Believe it or not, your office decors have to do a lot with employee productivity and positivity. Every office has its own culture and essence which should get reflected in its interiors. Make sure you and your designer are on the same page when it comes to deciding on a theme. Your interior designer should have a fair idea of which theme is to be incorporated in the office. Assimilating fragments of nature in your office will help keep the atmosphere crisp and fresh.

You can propose unique office décor accessories to your designer to make your office plush and dynamic.

How can you make the place more conducive to work for the employees?

Don’t forget, the ambition of the re-designing is not just making the office plush and sophisticated, but also making it employee-friendly. The environment of your office is an instrumental factor that helps boost productivity. Let the redecoration be such that it offers privacy to the employees while working. Along with making it re-equipped, allow your interior designers to make your space comfy and chilled.

The age-old belief of embracing green is sure to improve positivity at your workplace. Pitch in the idea of artificial topiary balls to your designer to add just the right tinge of green to your place.

How much of the existing interiors can be retained to build the new one?

This, dear client, better be communicated with your designer! Of course, a lot of factors regarding the old décor should be considered, but you always ask your designer to assess the existing furniture. Having used the existing office décor for an extended period of time, you too have a fair idea of which items are sturdy and feasible to reuse, so, don’t be shy to chip in the idea of using the three R’s, that is; reduce, reuse and recycle. This would be a brilliant idea to save money and time.

What will make the place more storage efficient after remodeling?

Let’s face it, and the struggle is real! Making your office classy, comfy yet storage efficient sounds like a real herculean task but it is not exactly impossible. An office space implies the undeniable fact of quantitative stock and accumulation of things. Thus, while focusing on making your space aesthetic, make sure your interior decorator doesn’t turn a blind eye to its storage efficiency. It is important that you communicate your storage needs with your decorator and if they appreciate a little of client involvement, you can always nudge your ideas to make your place innovative yet spacious.

What can additional amenities be added in the existing space?

Last but not least; ask your decorator what more facilities can they provide in the existing place. What’s the point of a redecoration if there are no new add- ons! Let your redecoration save some space for the employees to socialize and relax. Commercial plantscapes, fitness rooms or cafeterias are some of the elaborate amenities that can be provided which will maintain a work-life balance in your office.

Your office interiors are trusted to reflect your office culture and enhance productivity. Refurbish your office in accordance with the new demands of the new generation. Give an insight into your choices to your interior designer and trust them to make your place happy and healthy to work in.

12 Tips To Make Your Hotel Lobby Look FabulousThe first impression is the last impression. Like smile is the greeting for a person, the lobby is the welcoming sign for a hotel. A hotel lobby needs to embody personality. Hoteliers need to select a single lobby theme and design that is in line with the rest of the hotel.

The experience of a guest starts the very moment they walk in the door. You certainly want the right kind of vibe they get from your chosen design. There is a reason why hotel lobby has transformed into the centerpiece of a hotel. It speaks for itself.

There are so many considerations so ensuring a good design that fully functions should be prioritized. Here are our top tips for making your hotel lobby look fabulous:

An integrated layout

Have a lobby that welcomes your guests. It needs to encourage them to sit at ease and spend some leisure time. This will generate positive feedback.

Instead of having a traditional front desk, take advantage of footage or area the lobby has, providing a comfortable common space for all guests.

Do have plenty of electrical sockets and USBs, its an age of social communication through media.

A business section

A small business counter with a printer and WiFi can be included in the hotel lobby rather than in a separate business center. Let people make their deals in your lobby.

There needs to be tabloid around this section.

Make your wall a map

Information about all the interesting things to see around the area should be on clear display. A graphic design on the wall with the lesser-known local recommendations or even the best of the places to visit can be on the wall.

If you are transportation facilities for all the tours, there can be no better place than a lobby to display that feature too.

Complement the look with plants

The parlance of advantages that links up with indoor plants is huge. You may not always be able to catch hold of aesthetically charming plants, but you sure can get the feeling of lesser pollution and freshness.

Invite some big purple flowering trees, or even tiny flowering trees all around. In fact, even your staffs who actually work day in and day out to maintain the standard and integrity of your hotel deserve to have a good aura around.

White flowering trees have a great “beach-like” effect in mind. It is fantastic for the well-being of your guests too.

The utmost comfort

After a busy day, probably a rough flight, all the guests want is to come to the hotel and just relax. This starts with comfortable furniture. While you definitely want your furniture to be all filled with the cushion it needs to be attractive too.

Having separated seating sections is a good idea so that an individual traveler does not have to sit with a whole family and feel out of the box.

Wall panel

A very soothing wall panel will enhance the whole look of your lobby. Leather wall panels are in high demand. There is nothing that can surpass its classy looks.

You can also choose to have a complete wood wall panel to along with your furniture set to give it a home-like feeling.

Love is in the air

Your décor with the desired mood for your particular clientele. Create some romance with aromatic incense, roses and mood lightening. Let there is love flying in the air.

Time for a message

A spa zone would totally serve couples, families and stressed business people. After a fantastic outing or even a tough journey, nothing feels better than a good massage and some nice aroma.

Setting up a spa zone tucked away in a corner would be your best seller.

Let’s eat and drink

You want your visitors to sit and relax? Nothing encourages them more than food and beverages. So consider having things to munch on and gulp it in your lobby space.

Try and incorporate a touch of the homegrown culture- that’s why people travel after all. Also, do not place the bar totally isolated from the main center of the lobby. No good story starts with, “So, I had a glass of water in my hand.”

A mini mall

Tiny retail shops displaying everyday products like soaps, shampoos, lotions and so on will help your guests avoid the rush outside for little needs.

Handicrafts like handmade bags, clothing, hats, belts are perfect for a good sale and time pass for the guests. Even jewelry is a great idea to have all the feminine eyes meet the store.

Entertainment section for all

Music is something everyone enjoys. Cultural events in the lobby are a big hit. You can either choose to have live music in the evening or play some melody around. Traditional instrumental music shows your connection with the place.

Board games are perfect for keeping the children glued to one place. For the adults, you can always have a deck of cards.

To end it we need a big TV with a uniform channel for all age groups and sections.

For the book worms

For those who want some time off with their books and knowledge have a small reading section with a combination of a variety of books from all around the world.

This is also your best opportunity to bring in your own magazines and brochures. A kid’s section will make almost all parents happy.

So what’s next?

Lobby marks as an essential place. A lot of walks in and out happens in a single day. It signifies the tone of your entire hotel so setting things right in terms of décor should be your precedence while planning the setup.

There are many things that one single lobby incorporates. But keep in mind you do not want to be clustered and make anyone feel claustrophobic. You may have many ideas in the head, but not all will go along with the rest of the hotel. Choose wisely!

Your Choice Of Colours Impacts Worker Productivity Here S HowSeeing red with anger? Having Monday morning blues? Looking for a golden opportunity? Feeling blue? Are you green with envy? Yes, colors have a significant impact on our physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Ancient civilizations in China, India, and Egypt have been known to follow color therapy even before the birth of Christ! Colour therapy was a widely followed healing practice in these civilizations.

Today color therapy is also known as light therapy or chromotherapy. Chromotherapy is the science of using colors to improve our physical, emotional and mental health. It offers simple solutions to have lasting effects on not just being fit physically but also improving productivity, efficiency and happiness.

Over the years, researchers, psychologists, doctors, interior designers, architects, and employees have realized the physiological and psychological benefits of chromotherapy. Nowadays, color therapy is used not just in homes and mental clinics but is also used in schools, colleges, hospitals, and offices. Interior designers are now taking special care to incorporate color schemes in offices to enhance employee productivity, efficiency, and general health.

Let’s have a look at the colors that experts and color therapists recommend for offices and business spaces. And here’s an easy guide to implementing these recommendations.

The Red Family:

Brighter colors simply make our life more colorful! Brighter colors have a positive effect on health and mental wellbeing. Colors such as red, orange, yellow are widely used in places with grey and dreary weather to create a vibrant atmosphere. Companies have reported greater motivation and spontaneity in areas with bright colors. No wonder why the ubiquitous “post-it” notes are always in bright pink, orange, and yellow color!!

Simply changing the grey and dull walls of the conference room to a cherry red will transform the mood of the space. Interior designers also recommend using paintings, artifacts, and sculptures with bright tones in conference rooms, thinking zones and dull corners of the office.

Cheery yellow and orange are also widely recommended for the office kitchen and café. A lot of offices also use these peppy colors for crockery, cutlery and even for paper napkins. Indeed a very ingenious way to literally brighten up things!

Soothing Blues:

While brighter colors are preferred for day-time spaces, the color blue is recommended for night shifts. Saturated shades of blue have been known to develop alertness, especially for people working nocturnal hours.

Along with helping to improve focus, the color blue has always been associated with a sense of peace and tranquillity.

The blue space can be created in several easy to implement ways. Other than painting blue walls, offices use ‘blue’ lighting to help improve efficiency and alertness during night hours. The color blue is often known to be cold and depressing, so it should be used with caution.

Did you know that’s the origin of the phrase blue-collared job? Workers working in factories or industries which have repetitive task are assigned blue work clothes to help improve on their focus levels and efficiency.

Parking areas are also preferred to be painted in light blue shades. It helps to calm down the mind after a long day at work and reduce stress levels of tired workers.

The Green Zone:

The color green is a symbol of nature. The color green brings to our mind images of green English meadows, deep green of the Amazon forest, the dull green of Mediterranean olives, the cheerful lime green, bright parrot green, or fresh mint green. Greens are used to give indoor environs a feeling of outdoor and natural spaces.

Like nature, the color green is the color meant for relaxation. It’s widely used in common-areas of offices, educational institutions, and even hospitals.

The easiest way of creating a green landscape within commercial spaces is by installing green planters in the office space. Green plants will not only enhance the aesthetic value and mood of the office but also act as natural air purifiers.

Different plantscape products can also be used to create a natural environment. These artificial indoor trees are easy to set up and can be maintained without the need for active gardening. Fake plants and trees are suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. You may even consider installing fake flowering plants to enhance color requirements based on color therapy—red flowers for spontaneity, yellow flowers for happiness, white for peace, etc.

Royal Purples:

In the olden days, purple was one of the most difficult colors to produce. The dye for making the color could only be made from a sea-snail which was found in the waters near modern-day Lebanon! No wonder, it’s been always considered a color meant for royalty. It exudes wealth, elegance and luxury.

Purple is widely used in the fashion industry, lifestyle and luxury products business. However, care should be taken while using this color since it can also be dark and depressing if not used correctly. An art installation as a centerpiece in the office created in this royal shade is a unique office décor idea by which designers incorporate the purple color without over-doing it.

Shades of purple and lilac are also widely used for cubicle décor of women entrepreneurs or for offices whose employees are predominantly women.

Festive Colours:

A lot of offices, stores, and commercial spaces, opt for creating a temporary break to the monotonous office atmosphere, especially during festive seasons. Holiday decorations, Christmas decorations, Easter decorations, Hanukkah decorations, and Thanksgiving decorations are found in most offices today.

With festive decorations come the colors of festivity – the colors of joy, enthusiasm, and happiness!! Offices are decorated in color schemes to match with celebrations. With the advent of Christmas, offices are decorated with red-green combinations of Christmas trees, stockings, stars, wreath and lights for Christmas. Orange pumpkins and black witches are the leading themes during Halloween.

The renowned poet Oscar Wilde said, “Mere color can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways!” Truly color therapy helps in speaking the language of the soul. By making the right choice of different colors, you are sure to beat your Monday morning blues!!