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Fake GreenExperiencing a slow day in your café? It can be difficult to run a coffee shop. You need the right appliances, choose the best coffee beans, making great latte art. And all these won't be worth it if you do not have enough customers.

Foot traffic is very important for a physical store. More traffic means more potential customers and in turn, more sales. Attracting customers and leading them through the door is very difficult for any business but with these 8 tips, you can increase your café footfall.

Storefront design

Good storefront design is very crucial. It is the hook that attracts your prospective customers. Nobody wants to walk into a café whose store windows are dirty or not maintained well. Also, the storefront design speaks about your style and your shop's theme. Make sure that the storefront design justifies it.

Few works like sweeping your storefront and cleaning your windows should be done every day. Hire a worker to do that. Go outside and look at it and evaluate what extra can be done to uplift the image of your café.

Go beyond the ordinary

You have set up a spending storefront design and a marvelous outdoor look for your café. Do not end there. Add funky and quirky elements outside your café, like signage. Funny quotes apart from your daily specials and a splendid drawing (no you do not have to be Picasso, just a joke drawing of a frog drinking coffee will do) will serve as another hook for your potential customers.

These signs will also be an addition to your social media content and, in turn, can be used for your café's promotion. Moreover, people always remember quirky signage and funny quotes. Apart from footfall, your customers would spread the word about your café and thus result in more customers in the future.

A drop of nature

Nature always appeals to any person. The ethereal beauty of nature will always serve as a means to attract people which will ultimately result in more traffic and sales. Add a touch of artificial plants like outdoor topiary in an urn and nearly natural outdoor plants. Also, you can pot faux fiddle leaf fig tree and artificial boxwood hedge to provide a statement to your café.

Advertise your café

How will people know about the new café you opened until and unless you tell them about it? A major chunk of your customers would come from the neighborhood or people who reside just a few kilometers from your café. Make sure to get your name out there.

Try handing out leaflets or paying someone to get your business name on the hoarding. You do not even need to pay designers to make leaflets and flyers for you. Nowadays, loads of free websites and apps have cropped up that will make your work easier. Take your time to really make them stand out to convert the passerby to customers.

Get on social media

Social media is an amazing tool. Every person out there has an account on one or the other social media sites. Along with direct marketing, a social media presence is a great way to increase traffic in your café.

Chalk out a solid social media plan and what platform you shall be using. Facebook has always been the favorite for business owners. With a little bit of effort, a Facebook page for your café along with an Instagram business profile can work wonders. Take time out from your everyday schedule to post ongoing in your coffee shop. Click pictures of your customers (with consent, of course) and your new employees and post them. You can announce discounts or everyday specials on your page as well.

Ensure repeat customers

New customers are a great addition to your business but the old ones; especially who are repeat customers will always be an asset. Ensuring that your customers come repeatedly to your café is not that difficult. All you need is a little plan and a will to set into action.

Everybody wants something for nothing. Ensure that your customers get them too. Giving out freebies can be an excellent step. A consistent giveaway is a great way to ensure constant footfall. On the other hand, you can hand out free samples of your newly added menu item. This can be done in return for something like an email address or phone number.

The announcement of a free sample giveaway should be done outside the café door. This ensures that your customers buy other items and increase your sales. Also, their email addresses will be an addition to your mailing list for sending out advertisement emails. Repeat customers can also help with passive marketing. They spread the name of your café through the word of mouth and nothing is more reliable than word of mouth for your future customers.

Reward your customer's loyalty

A step to ensure repeat customers is to reward their loyalty. Track your customers' data on what and when they are buying. This can help you tailor how much your loyalty plans are working. Offer discounts and incentives on points. And when the points add up to a certain value, offer them a gift or a free coffee or special of the day.

Alternatively, you can use traditional means to reward your customer's loyalty. Offering them little postcards is a traditional and effective way.

Analyze your customers' habits

Every customer is different. Some will like something while others will like something else. But every customer falls under one or the other group. Analyze which group your customers fall into and cater to their needs accordingly.

Your analysis will also show you your peak sale timings and your off-peak ones. Use your customer analysis again to see what items they are most interested in and which sells the best. Offer a discount on those items on your off-peak timing.

BoxwoodIf you thought offices are meant to be serious and somber, then think again. Due to space constraints and other issues, planting real trees in offices is a challenge, so think out of the box. Revamp your office faux landscape style.

Decorative artificial indoor plants and trees stimulate your employees' sense in an office space and help grow productivity. Natural plants work same as well too but have high maintenance while the artificial plants do not have any vanity issues. Now, that we have your attention, let's tell you more about faux landscaping, and give you 8 reasons to bring them to your office

8. They're Easy To Move Around

Nothing is permanent in an office space. Sometimes the entire office needs to be redone and sometimes, it's only a cabinet that needs restructuring. Talking about redoing the entire office, that can be a nightmare. Real plants and trees pose backbreaking challenges in such situations. However, decorative faux indoor plants can be moved any hassles. You do not need to uproot or dig them and can move them around as frequently as you want.

7. They Look Fresh, Always, Minus The Hard Work

Indoor artificial trees and plants have a stunning glossy green on them which makes them look nearly real. You can choose from a variety of artificial fruit trees to faux bonsais, and bring in the much-needed calm and style to your commercial landscapes.

6. Design your landscape

Commercial spaces do not have vast open spaces but yet always have a spot that when worked on turns into an attractive feature of the space. The most important feature of faux landscaping your office means you get to customize and choose artificial plants and trees you prefer. Freedom in customization means you are not limited to working with one only variety but have many options to choose from. 6. Go the tropical way

Tropical plants and trees make a place look bigger and better. Artificial tropical trees bring in an exotic vibe to office spaces that need a vibrant atmosphere. With a fake tropical tree, you will not worry about watering, cleaning up foliage, soiling, and others pests. A lustrous green vibe in your office space with little-to-no-cost is a win-win situation. Palm trees add a dimension to space they are placed and will not intimidate.

5. Shape up your space

You can add an edgy look to your office spaces by using decorative artificial plants of stunning shapes like a conical, ball or pyramid-shaped topiaries. You get to achieve the classy look for your office plus something out of the ordinary defines the space with charm and beauty. Be it the reception, café area or a conference room, add a twist to the surrounding and relax the minds plus get a sophisticated look. A box-shaped hedge or a colorful looking cactus can really bring a perspective to space.

4. Define your office

You have the logo and your letterheads that speak volumes about who you are and what you do, but how much of it does define you or your business? Artificial green spreads can be used to create the effort your company strives for. Use visually attractive faux trees and plants to create focal points like a green designer wall assembled using greens of various colors, sizes, and shapes. A green wall partition in your reception used instead of a slide it will show the creative side of your business. Applying out of box ideas in the workspaces not only increases productivity but also instills enthusiasm.

3. Holiday decorations

Who says you need shiny things for decorating? Offices have a budget set for holiday decorations and it is difficult to not go overboard. Use faux nature this time as it is durable, easily storable and reusable. Decorate hedges, topiaries and other flowering plants with a string of shimmery lights of various colors and see the aura change in front of your eyes. Waves of splendid happiness will spread each time a light bulb glows up the green. The great thing about faux decorations is that light will not damage or change their texture.

2. Reflect your creativity

If you say you are in a creative business but use the oh-so-common decorative pieces then your customers are going to look puzzled. Let your office space speak for you. Use silk plants and trees to light up the dull office corners and get creative by using small hanging pots in your reception area. Place a bunch of artificial flowering plants of various shapes and sizes together in the center of your lounge to exuberate vibrancy. Customize artificial greens as per your liking into any molds and get them ported whenever they need to be without damaging the landscape.

1. Environment-friendly

You want to have plants but do not want to deal with the other natural friends they have like insects and pests so, what do you do? Simple, you go buy unique artificial flowers and plants in wholesale and use them to bring spring in your office. These plants are fire resistant and UV does not disturb any green in them.


In a nutshell, natural plants and trees look really nice and welcoming but the manpower and time behind achieving a classic look every day is huge. Artificial plant decorative pieces will save you the cost and labor. You do not have to worry about watering them during the holidays to coming to the office early just to give your trees a trim. Faux trees and plants are easy to take care of, last longer than a natural tree and can be shifted where ever without and digging or soiling hassles.

Faux landscaping products not only provide great insight to your office but when used in out of the box and edgy ways can help creative juices flowing. Invest in a look for your office if you want long term fruitful reaps.

How To Increase Footfall In Your Mall?

Blog Wednesday, 08 May 2019 13:10

Mall DecorThe one thing that today's customers have in abundance is choice. Every road they walk down and every neighborhood they enter is filled with shops and stalls of all kinds, selling everything from bassinets to baguettes.

Moreover, with the universality and convenience of online shopping, customers don't even need to visit shops to get what they want. So how do you as a store owner increase footfall to your shop – especially when you're located in a mall where you are literally sandwiched by competition?

While factors like customer loyalty count for a lot, there are several things you can do to attract the mall-going population into your store. Read on to know about some actionable tips for increasing footfall today.

Create an attractive storefront

You might have the finest selection of goods in the entire district, but it won't count for anything unless customers actually enter your store to look at them. Entice them in with an appealing storefront that stands out from all the other shops on your floor. Arrange your most popular products in the shop window, add some artificial outdoor tropical plants for that extra touch of class and make sure your store sign is prominently visible. If your storefront is the one thing that strikes the eye as a customer goes up the escalator, she's bound to step in for a closer look.

Design an overall experience

So your customer has noticed your attractive shop front and decided to walk in. The first thing that hits her eyes is rows and rows of dull shelves with your products stacked anyhow. Not particularly appealing, is it? Your shop interiors should be an experience of their own, one that invites the customer to browse as long as they like. Try using décor that fits a color theme reflective of what you sell. A floral theme, for instance, would go great with bath and body products – use colors like pink and peach and add some artificial indoor plants and trees to create that garden-like feel. Your customer will automatically be disposed to linger – and will likely walk away with a purchase.

Ensure your staff members are engaged

Whether you have one salesperson or ten, it's crucial that each of them is enthusiastic about what they are doing. Give them adequate training in sales practices and make them part of the overall experience you offer. For instance, why not make all your sales staff wear matching high-quality silk flowers as brooches? You can design attractive incentive systems too, with rewards for pleasant behavior and persuasive conversation in addition to sales conversions. If your employees feel like they belong, they'll be keen to share your store's narrative with whoever walks in. And that interaction could be what impels your walk-in customer to put down their money for you.

Design seasonal promotions

Has summer arrived? Is Christmas around the corner? Add celebratory touches to your store décor that bring customers in for a closer look. During Christmas, for instance, you can add a festive touch by putting up a large artificial tree indoors with bells, baubles and all the rest. You can also offer special Christmas discounts and free gifts with every purchase. For celebrating the summer holidays, there's nothing like a beach theme with bright colors, beach balls and promotional discounts on holiday items like sunglasses, suitcases or bathing suits. Get as creative as you can – your customers will appreciate it!

Make use of local marketing

The people in your immediate vicinity can be your biggest asset. Create special promotional materials just for them and give them good reasons to trust and like your business. For instance, you can buy silk rosebuds or other artificial flowers wholesale from a local supplier and use them as the brooches for your salespeople. Or you can add a table where your local roastery can display their coffee blends. You'll be supporting a local business and gaining the loyalty and goodwill of your fellow shop owners – and customers who buy from those stores or are looking for a new type of coffee will now have a reason to come and look at your store too.

Treat your existing customers with special care

In the process of designing sales tactics for getting new buyers, don't forget about those who are already buying from you. Give them reasons to keep coming back to you – follow up with them regularly on text or email, offer them loyalty discounts and share free samples of new products with them. Remember that word-of-mouth counts for a lot – and the customers you treat well today could bring their friends to your store tomorrow!

Integrate AI

In a digital world, artificial intelligence is your best friend when it comes to getting real-time insights on what your customers want. Use an AI-powered chatbot to talk to your buyers – not only can it quickly resolve common queries and complaints, but it can also learn customer behaviors and make tailored recommendations based on their past purchases or queries. At the same time, the customer data you gather can help you plan long-term strategies for your business and also make relevant changes to your product line and store layout as needed.

Use attractive packaging

With plastic bags getting phased out, there's even more scope for shop owners to get creative with their packaging. Use recycled paper for an interesting touch – it comes in many colors and is environment-friendly too. Add extra decorations, such as ribbons or silk flowers, and use colorful tulle instead of newspaper for wrapping and stuffing. Your buyer will enjoy undoing the package when she gets home, and may even save the wrapping materials for her own use. And she will certainly remember the store that took so much care to make her shopping experience special.

Building footfall is undoubtedly a challenge, and not something that will happen overnight. In a world where everyone is bombarded with choices, any individual store will have a tough time getting more than cursory attention. Great customer experience, however, has no substitute. And by following the tips outlined above and creating a unique store experience that your customers can't help but love, you will definitely get more people to come in every time they visit the mall.

CubicleHow do you maximize space in a small office is a question that bothers many today. With a huge number of small and big scale businesses and startups springing up, it is very difficult to find a large or spacious office today. You have to compromise on the space and make the best of it.

Read on for some smart design ideas to set up offices in small or restricted spaces. They are simple, yet very effective. Try them out!

Organize and Label

Since you will spend a lot of productive time at the office, you need to keep it efficient and organized. Working in chaos will not help. So, organize the space well. Keep things in the right places. Label the drawers and shelves so that it's easy to put back things you have used. It also makes it very simple and quick to find anything that you may need.

Clear the Clutter

In the throes of work, it is impossible not to collect things over time. There will be papers, files, books, stationery items, envelopes, pamphlets, etc. that keep eating up space inside cabinets and shelves. Clear the clutter once a month or once in two months. Keep only items of use in your tiny cubicles or work stations. Avoid too much of personal memorabilia and curios to decorate them.

This will help to retrieve lost space in a small office. Removing the clutter will also bring in lots of positive energies into the office and make it a better place to sit in and work. Instead, place a couple of planters with artificial plants and trees. Scout around for silk flowers wholesale to get a good bargain.

These plants pep up the place and bring in a lot of positive energy into the room. The sight of these green plants and colorful flowers is a treat for the sore eyes as well. Apart from this, these artificial plants are durable and long lasting. Choose the color, variety, and size you like and simply place them on a work desk, a cabinet top, or in planters at corners.

Clean the room regularly. Keep it dust free, whether it is pieces of furniture, tables, shelves, cabinets, or other seating arrangements. A dusty and dirty room appears small and congested.

Use the apt Colour Scheme

The colors that you use in the room on the walls and in the furnishings can actually eat up or create a feeling of spaciousness. Go in for light pastels, creams, off whites on the walls instead of dark shades. Choose lighter colors for the furnishings like drapes and seat coverings. Buy these materials with smaller and finer prints rather than bold and large geometrical patterns on them.

Complement your color scheme with beautiful artificial topiary trees for decoration. Place them against a cream wall to bring in color and life to the wall. Can you use plantscape to decorate an office? Yes, you can. It's a brilliant idea to beautify the room and energize it too.

Use Multipurpose furniture

Pieces of furniture take up the maximum space in any office. Buy items that can be of multipurpose uses. Go in for folding desks which can be opened up only when needed. Buy stools or side tables table that goes in one below the other. Avoid large working desks, you don't actually need them. Instead, place a cabinet which will store a lot of your office material.

Go in for floor to ceiling storage cabinets or shelves. This way you can maximize the space available.

Use the concept of symmetry while buying office furniture for a small space. It helps the eyes to see the room in a smooth flow rather than in a disjointed or mismatched manner. It makes the room look bigger if there are a pattern and symmetry in the room.

Go Digital

In this age and world, rely more on digital storage rather than paper records. Digitalize your work, files, information, data, documents, and other records. This, in turn, will reduce the amount of paper that you will use to record everything. This is an excellent way of creating more space inside cabinets, in drawers, on shelves as well as on work tables. Digitalization will also enable you to find data much faster and in an organized way.

Light up the Room

Dark and dingy rooms look much smaller than what they are. In any case, you need bright lights for people to work in the office on machines and other media. Light up the room well with adequate lighting. Keep lamps on the work desk and highlight the work you are doing. Avoid very large bulbs, holders, or chandeliers. Led light is great for the ceiling. They give lots of illumination and look pretty too.

Place sleek Accessories

Your office will need many machines, gadgets, and other accessories to work efficiently. Buy sleek ones and preferably with light colored finishes. Dark laminates and surfaces make the room appear smaller. Light colors reflect and shine and give an illusion of spaciousness. If possible, place all machines inside cabinets when not in use. A room with fewer items on display will always look bigger.

Do up the Floor and Use the Walls Smartly

Always go in for a single covering for the floors. Go in for the wall to wall carpets or mats instead of placing small rugs and carpets. A single look helps to make the office look larger. Use the walls to store as much as possible. Fix smart hooks and hang items like a coat etc. Fix shelves and cabinets accordingly. Create a plant wall if you have floor space restraints for placing planters. Plant walls with artificial indoor trees look beautiful and add richness to the room.

Make full use of innovative and creative ideas to decorate your small office space. Make it comfortable, efficient and a smart office. You will love working on it!