Benefits of Green Plants


Live interior plants are now absolute necessities?in today's energy-efficient buildings.?According to recent findings from internationally renowned scientists out of Australian, the UnitedLive Interior Plants States and Europe, an adequate installation of interior plants can deliver significant bottom-line benefits while bringing many green qualities to the workplace. In their efforts to maximize sustainability and improve indoor environmental quality, building and facility management professionals can no longer afford to ignore the physical and psychological benefits of interior plants.

Research verifies that interior plants are proven to inspire worker productivity and increase workplace satisfaction. Additionally, the green attributes of interior plants include a positive impact on indoor air quality, thus vastly improving health and attendance in the workplace. Interior plants have even been shown to increase occupancy and retention. The following articles detail the benefits of live plants in businesses.


In a study conducted by Dr. Virginia Lahr of Washington State University, Pullman, Wash., subject reaction times to a computer program were 12 percent faster when plants were present. Blood pressure readings taken during the same study showed that visual exposure to plant settings could produce significant recovery from stress within five minutes.

Depending on the size of a company's labor force, an increase in productivity of this measure could translate into millions in final revenue earnings.

Indoor Plants: Winning the Battle for Clean Air

The indoor plant does its bit for cleaner air.?Those plants in your office or home are not only decorative but scientists are finding them to be surprisingly useful in absorbing potentially harmful gases and cleaning the air inside modern buildings.

Tightly sealed offices with their beautiful furnishings are proving to be hostile environments. All sorts of dangers lurk inside ­- formaldehyde and benzene fumes released from building materials, furniture and carpeting; ozone from copying machines; fumes from cleaning solvents; radon and secondhand smoke.

NASA research focuses on living plants.?We all may be breathing a lot easier thanks to promising National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) research on a most sophisticated pollution-absorbing device: the common indoor office plant.

The Interior Plantscape Division of the Associated Landscape Contractors of America has joined with NASA in a two-year program to study the effectiveness of popular office plants in cleaning indoor air. NASA's research on indoor plants has found that living plants are so efficient at absorbing contaminants in the air that some will be launched into space as part of the biological life support system aboard future orbiting space stations.

Dr. Bill Wolverton, a NASA research scientist, believes that NASA's findings about indoor plants have some down-to-earth applications for cleaning dirty indoor air. He estimates that 15 to 20 Golden Pothos and Spider Plants can clean and refresh the air in the average 1,800 square foot area.?

Indoor plants help for better breathing.

?In the initial NASA studies over a dozen varieties of common interior plants were placed in sealed, plexiglas chambers. Formaldehyde, a toxic chemical with the greatest exposure on humans, was introduced. Within 24 hours, the plants - Philodendron, Spider Plant and Golden Pothos - removed 80% of the formaldehyde molecules from the chamber.

NASA research identifies the most effective pollution fighters.

Recent findings reveal that flowering plants such as the Gerbera Daisy and Chrysanthemum are extremely potent in purifying interior air. Other good performers are DracaenaMassangeana (Corn Cane), Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily), and Golden Pothos.

Live Plants can clean the air in your environment.?

NASA research has consistently shown that living green and flowering plants can remove several toxic chemicals from the air in building interiors. You can use plants in your office to improve the quality of air to make it a more pleasant place to work - where people feel better, perform better.


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