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Interior decoration is one of the key facets of building a new home or office and each person has his or her own taste and suggestion as far as such decoration is concerned. However, the designs that are applicable for homes do not go well in office premises as they require a décor that helps attracting clients and also helps to create a great environment for the employees. Interior designing over the years has changed a great deal and has moved on from being solely focused on color and style of the interior to several other essential aspects.

In a world today where greenery is slowly losing its presence, it is the responsibility of humans to ensure that greenery manages to exist someway or the other. Even the smallest plants and grass covers planted can make a difference and hence it is time that people worked towards it. For long, nature lovers have pleaded to help recreate the greenery that humans sadly pushed towards depletion and these people have come up with some excellent ways to help create a green surrounding within one's office space. Artificial plants are an excellent way for the common man to help create a cleaner and fresher environment and most nature lovers are keen on using more and more of these that help them associate with the beauty of nature better, with minimal investments and even less maintenance costs.

Corporate identity is established when your guests first walk through the door. Why not welcome them with lush and tropical landscapes filled with either live or artificial plants? Our photo collection displays business atriums, office lobbies, and custom planters in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area as well as international landscape project that we've designed and installed.

Landscaping with live tropical plants and artificial plants in retail and hospitality environments such as shopping malls, casinos, restaurants, senior centers, hotels, exhibits and water parks can transform any average interior space into a welcoming and fun atmosphere. Our gallery of photos includes interior theme landscapes as well as traditional landscaping plants in decorative planters.

Corporate Offices, Office Buildings, and Businesses with interior landscapes are distinguishable from other buildings because of their inviting interior. Live tropical plants, artificial plants and preserved plants set into decorative containers create and define interior styles, and can theme landscapes as well. See our landscape portfolio of accomplished interior offices and government buildings below.