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The best of Landscaping Brought to you - By Plantscape IncInterior landscaping at commercial spaces needs extra effort and expert care by professionals. It is mainly because of the high standards that need to be maintained at the corporate sector and government offices and the need for a classy landscape at other commercial buildings like restaurants, malls, etc. to greet the visitors. The most commonly used landscaping item by the professional landscapers consists of such items which are suitable for any landscape and also has immense beauty to convert any landscape into an excellent one. Artificial plants and trees are most commonly used in superb interior landscaping ideas at commercial places.

Artificial greenery- for magnificent interior landscaping ideas

Artificial greenery has been the trend in commercial interior landscaping ideas lately due to its amazing benefits. The main benefits are:

  • Unmatched elegance - by using faux greenery, you can have unmatched beauty at your landscape. They have an aesthetic beauty equal to the real one and plants are best for greeting any visitor at commercial locations as it’s classy and attractive.
  • Durable - unlike other delicate landscaping items that may get spoilt or unfit for use after a certain period, the artificial plants are durable and fit for use for longer periods of time without showing any signs. They will retain the freshness.
  • Zero maintenance - this feature makes them better than the real greenery where you need to take great care of keeping them fresh. The artificial plants will not ever need watering or pruning, sunlight or other favorable condition.
  • An innovative approach to landscaping - the interior landscaping ideas involving artificial greenery are always innovative and unique. Talk about using the boxwood hedges or transforming any dull wall into a vibrant green one using the artificial landscaping techniques; they are always out of the box.
  • Endless choices - with the faux greenery, you can always get the plant of your choice irrespective of whether it grows at your climatic conditions or not. That is a huge advantage plus you get many choices for any landscape like you will get loads of options if you want a tropical setting.

Plantscape Inc - for the best interior landscaping ideas

Plantscape Inc is one of the premier landscaping companies since 1974 and the award-winning team of experts can transform any dull commercial landscape into an elegant, eye-catching one to greet every visitor. They provide live as well as silk indoor plants service to the clients which are suitable for commercial buildings. The artificial plants are amazingly beautiful with wide range of applications which make them essential for any commercial landscape. Here are some of the quality indoor plant services provided by Plantscape Inc.

Manufacturing top quality items

Plantscape Inc is known to manufacture some of the top silk greenery for commercial landscapes. The award-winning team of experts at PlantscapeInc designs the silk pants exactly identical and resembling the original plant. It will make the visitors get a comfortable feeling of being in the natural territory while in your office or commercial building. It helps in creating adorable greenery in the concrete jungle of corporate sector. The items are suitable for long-term use as they retain their fresh and elegant texture for very long time and don’t look old or faded.

Providing best interior landscaping ideas

Every commercial area has its own story to tell, and every building is different from the others. So, the team of experts will give a visit to your area and decide the best interior landscaping ideas suitable for your place. The evaluation of any commercial area depends on various factors like amount of space, light, budget, purpose it serves, etc. which varies from place to place. This will help in bringing out the best of any landscape and making every office, government buildings, restaurants, hospitals, etc. and unique place which gives a unique experience for all visitors.

Installation and furnishing

Landscaping at commercial areas can be a bit tricky as they need to perfect. The team at Plantscape Inc will deliver the landscaping items at your place and install them as you can sit back and watch your old landscape transform into a dazzling beautiful one. The installation part is very important, and Plantscape Inc team is highly professional in doing it.

You can also relax and let them do the furnishing at your commercial space. Furnishing includes all the other items which are necessary to complete the process. It includes the minute details like the color of artificial flowers which should go with the landscape paint and various other things like the plant base which will be ideal and some exquisite items in the landscape like a small fountain, etc. The team is quite experienced and continuously evolving to handle the day to day changing trends in interior landscaping ideas.

Let us take an outlook at some Plantscape Inc faux landscaping products

  • Silk flowering plants - it consists of a wide range of colorful flowering plants. The visitors will be delighted to see the beautiful flowers. You can pick your favorite silk plant and enhance your landscape with its amazing beauty paired with the advantages of faux plants.
  • Faux trees - faux trees have a great impact on the interior landscape, and the moment any visitor spots a tree, he will be mesmerized by the amazing beauty.
  • Topiaries - these consist of wide range of beautiful, creative faux items which can give a pleasant atmosphere to your landscape. You can convert your dull wall to vivid green one with it.
  • Special plants - Plantscape Inc has special PermaLeaf plants which won’t lose color even after long use. The Thermaleaf plants are made with special chemicals which makes them fire retardants.
  • Artificial tropical plants - tropical plants add the glamour to any landscape. You can choose them to give tropical flavor or also create a complete tropical setup using them.

Artificial TreesThese days, landscaping market is being dominated by the artificial landscaping products. Due to the ease of their installation, lowers costs and almost no maintenance requirements, they are being adopted by various home owners as well as corporates for their indoor and outdoor requirements. With the rise in demand of faux indoor plant service and solutions, competition has also increased in this market. You can find numerous faux plant suppliers to indoor plant maintenance companies claiming to offer superior artificial plant solutions. Plantscape Inc is one of the leaders in artificial landscaping market offering superior products for years to residential as well as commercial clients. Let's explore what Plantscape Inc has to offer for your commercial indoor landscaping needs.

Indoor Artificial Plants for Graceful Interior

Little plants are the grace of any landscape, and therefore Plantscape Inc has a wide range of elegant plants for your space. These plants can add color, texture, fresh feel and look to your space. Especially the office entrance, reception area, indoor walkways, etc. can be given an interesting and inviting look quite effective. If you have a sitting area like a waiting room in your office, you can choose from a wide variety of faux plants and can place there to make the area fun filled and lively. The greener environment provided by these plants is highly crucial to keep the workplace fresh and ideal place to work at.

Faux Flowers - Giving A Blend of Color to Your Space

Want to add natural and lovely colorful appearance to your office? Add from Plantscape Inc's selection of lovely flowers and these will offer to perfect touch to your commercial indoor. All of their artificial flowers are known to give a lively appearance to the space adding a blend of colors. These are crafted so beautifully that these can make anyone feel cheerful and lively. Whether you are in the hospitality industry, retail, wholesale business or in the corporate world, the flowers are ideal for any of your business space. Even if you need decorations for a special occasion, these can dominate any of your other expensive decor items wonderfully.

Indoor Trees for Outstanding Interior Landscape

Trees contribute a lot in determining the look of your office space. One cannot imagine a landscape without the presence of artificial interior trees. With the evolution of artificial landscaping, trees are possible to be included in any indoor area. Faux trees have a great impact on making your commercial indoor look grateful to anyone walking through your interior. Plantscape Inc's range of artificial indoor trees includes ficus, palms, bonsais, indoor tropical trees and a lot more. All the artificial trees look realistic and just like their real counterparts. It is really difficult to figure out any difference between Plantscape Inc's faux indoor trees and living trees. Extra dimension added by these trees to your landscape will make it look natural and relaxed.

Artificial Topiaries for Heavenly Looks

Do you want to add something artful to your office indoor landscape? Topiaries are the right solution to show your creative side elegantly. Plantscape Inc has a large range of green faux topiaries to offer you and make it a wonderful space to work at. Ranging from spirals, balls, cones, squares and more, you can find any shapes and styles in topiaries and make everyone feel mesmerized with the elegance. These topiaries will be adding a defining aspect to your office settings wonderfully. You can pick from an extensive variety of forms, colors, and shapes to create a distinctive and appealing office space.

Custom Design Your Indoor Landscape with Plantscape Inc

Do you have special demands for designing your indoor office landscape? You need not choose standard options if you want something special for your space as with Plantscape Inc, you can share your interior landscaping ideas, and the experts will work on your ideas to transform your landscaping vision into reality. Ranging from custom designed topiaries, plants, flower arrangements, indoor partitions, indoor privacy screens and more, everything can be according to your architectural and personal requirements in the best manners. The custom designed elements can perfectly add privacy, warmth, and elegance to your space. It is quite easier to give customized look and shape as these are flexible and adaptable and can adopt any shape and size easily without any damage.

Why Plantscape Inc Artificial Indoor Solutions are Ideal

Whether you talk about indoor landscaping or outdoor landscaping, the artificial plants are always suitable than living plants. There are several benefits of faux plants over real plants. Here are a few of the facts that make Plantscape Inc artificial plants ideal for anyone.

  • One of the major benefits of these landscaping products is that these are maintenance free. Real plants require regular care like watering, pruning, fertilizing and more. All these things are not demanded by faux plants and foliage. You just need one setup and little bit dusting once in a while.
  • You can setup an artificial landscape at much pocket-friendly rates than real plants. Also as faux trees require no maintenance, therefore, maintenance cost is also negligible.
  • Another important feature of Plantscape Inc artificial foliage is that these are fire retardant. For commercial establishments, this is a great feature as fire hazards can be eliminated with such safe solutions.
  • Indoor artificial foliage is specially crafted keeping all the indoor environmental conditions keeping in mind and therefore these can last for years while keeping your office indoor greenery and fresh.
  • These come packed with features like heat resistance, water resistance, and UV resistance, therefore, exposure to all such elements cannot harm these artificial solutions.
  • Artificial plants are usually created with driftwood or boxwood with leaves crafted using silk material. All these components give these artificial plants and tree realistic looks exactly like their real counterparts.
  • Artificial plants are light weighted and can be easily transported from one place to another whenever you need to relocate your office. These can be easily reinstalled as well without much hassle.

Artificial DecorationThe present business scenario is extremely crowded and competitive. If you cannot create your individuality and uniqueness, there is hardly any chance of growing your business. Every business has a mission to state, and landscaping is highly effective for conveying the business theme. While landscaping is not limited to including trees and plants, this has been the main theme for a long time. Although there have been changes in landscaping styles with improved designs and technologies over the years, the basic requirement of including greenery in the commercial landscapes remains same.

Incorporating natural plants and trees in the indoor of any commercial setting may look well; but, it may not be a practical solution for the box load of hassles it drags in. The present landscaping trend involves working for deriving the maximum output from the minimum input and because of this advantage the artificial trees and plants are now the hot choice for interior landscape design of the business premises.

In case it is a large corporate house, the artificial landscaping products used for revamping the interior plant service allow transforming the place into a friendly ambiance without hampering the work philosophy and seriousness. These can also be used for making the interior of shopping arcades, where a large number of people go for the weekend hanging out, lively and charming. It has been proved by many studies that human behavior becomes more composed and positive when exposed to nature and people working in such environment also tend to be more productive. Using the fake flowers and plants in the hospital indoors is a smart choice, as these will not attract insects, nor these cause any allergies; but will improve the decor making the patients more relaxed.

People are looking for decorating elements for improving the indoors of posh hotels & restaurants, luxury resort, and pent houses, exotic barn, and casino indoors because placing a bunch of fake flowers or installing realistic plants in the indoors can boost up the ambiance to a great extent. A large number of artificial trees and plants are available in the market. But, not all of them are as beautiful as the Plantscape Inc landscaping products, and all of those are not safe to use. Some of the products do fade after sometime casting a bad look. Using Plantscape Inc artificial products, you will be free from all such worries and your business premises will deliver a mesmerizing look for a long time.

What landscaping products you can get from Plantscape Inc?

Plantscape Inc products are designed to boost up a commercial indoor and outdoor as well. The company has a diverse collection of artificial landscaping products for interior landscape design projects. Their product range includes everything from fake tropical trees, lifelike flowers, replicated trees & plants, beautifully crafted topiaries, and planters and containers for embellishing indoors of art galleries, exhibition halls, etc. Other than these standard products, you can also get customized trees and plants for meeting your specific requirement. Besides revamping the premises, these also impress the people around psychologically for staying in a stress-free mood that ultimately helps for the success and growth of the business.

How Plantscape Inc services make the products a great option?

While Plantscape Inc is engaged in narrating the content and form of any commercial setting through interior landscaping, they do not believe in ending responsibility with the sale of the artificial trees, plants and landscaping items. They also provide value added service in many spheres of interior landscape design right from planning to execution. Their service includes visiting the client's premises for exact evaluation of the needs, installation for crafting a perfect environment, manufacturing of exclusive foliage for the clients. They also offer turnkey landscaping projects if desired by their clients. Combining quality, design, and affordability their interior plant service makes their products a great option.

There is something for every commercial space

Although commercial places differ in styles, all businesses opt out to have greenery included in the commercial space for not only building immediate connection but also to increase the bottom line. No matter what is the nature of your business, you must have happy customers forming a loyal clientele. Whether it is a health care facility, or a water park or a government office complex, the Plantscape Inc team of professional can turn that into a mesmerizing setting. Plantscape Inc has a plethora of landscaping products in their arsenal for fitting into any commercial space. Whether you are interested to add a different look to your space or creating new business premises, Plantscape Inc interior plant service has optimized the solution to give your space a unique identity.

How Plantscape Inc products turn a landscaping vision into reality

Plantscape Inc is in the landscaping trade for more than forty years. The company has a group of experts that include architects, botanists, engineers, designers, etc. for making their artificial landscaping elements exactly life like with their natural cousins. They assess your needs and come up with a landscaping solution for impressing the customers and clients. Integrating the best industrial practices, the company makes amazing decorative elements for making your commercial space exceptional for translating your dream into reality.

No compromise in quality and safety

Plantscape Inc artificial interior decoration products score over others regarding quality and safety. These are made from high quality and no toxic plastic material to make them hygienic. The company uses fade resistant silk foliage made with innovative PermaLeaf® technology so that your landscape does not become dull and drab after a few months only. While installing interior landscaping items, fire safety should have the priority as these can let you down in a case of fire. Plantscape Inc artificial landscaping products are made fire resistant by impregnating special chemicals through injection molding during manufacturing. The ThermaLeaf® technology used in the manufacturing of the products conform to the state fire codes making them safe to use.

Artificial TreesTrees play a significant role in any landscape. But you cannot get a natural one wherever you want them to be. For that very reason, you need to add artificial trees instead of the real one. Plantscape Inc, a part of Commercial Silk International creates various types of faux trees that meet your requirements. Some of them are artificial tropical trees, fake palm trees, and custom made artificial trees.

Plantscape Inc is a leading brand in the interior landscaping industry. Even though it is a 40 years old brand in the field of creating interior landscape designs, yet they use the latest technology to create unique and innovative artificial faux trees, fake plants, artificial flowers, etc. So, if you have a plan to renovate or create a new indoor landscape from scratch, then Plantscape Inc experts will guide you from scratch what is best for you, your establishment landscape that will suit the best.

In this article, you will find much detailed insight of Plantscape Inc products, and we have given focus on faux trees so that it will provide you more information on their realistic trees and help you decide and create a unique and innovative indoor landscape and attract more visitors.

Benefits of Plantscape Inc Faux Trees:

Plantscape Inc is a very well-known brand in the world artificial trees and faux plants. They are created from top class premium quality materials.

  • Plantscape Inc artificial trees are fire resistant as the fire retardant chemicals are added to the materials during their manufacture.
  • They are revitalizing, refreshing and beautiful to look at when added to your landscape. They look so realistic that sometimes it is impossible to differentiate them from the natural trees.
  • They are long-lasting unlike real trees and thus save your expenditure. These fake trees can sustain on their own, and for a long period.
  • Plantscape Inc faux trees are safe and secure to decorate your indoor landscape without any worries.
  • There will be no maintenance cost as you will not needing a regular care taker to take care of the fake trees.
  • You can use them in sensitive surroundings, and need not worry about them getting rotten as they are of high quality.
  • No need to water them as they are not real trees. Since they are made of high-quality silk, chances of dust getting on them are nil.
  • Artificial trees do not need sunlight or worry about not getting sunlight while being kept in areas where sunlight is not able to reach them.
  • Faux trees do not need fertilizers, oxygen, and they do not decompose.
  • Fake trees do not need insecticides as they do not invite parasites, fungi, and insects.
  • Artificial trees need no regular cutting off their branches, unlike natural trees.
  • Since they do not need maintenance, you can concentrate or give more attention to your business.
  • The colors of the trunks, branches, leaves, and stems of Plantscape Inc artificial trees are so life like that they easily attract you, customers.

The reasons to buy and use faux trees in indoor landscape plan is a long list, especially if it happens to be Plantscape Inc artificial trees as they are created with the premium top class quality materials.

Types of Plantscape Inc:

At Plantscape Inc, you can get both varieties of real tropical trees or artificial tropical trees, real or faux palm trees.

  • Artificial Fruit Trees
  • Artificial Coconut Tree
  • Faux Bamboo trees
  • Life-like Phoenix Tree
  • Faux Azalea Palm Tree
  • Artificial Trees
  • Faux Flowering Trees
  • Fake Bonsai trees
  • Live Indoor Tropical Trees

All the details and features of their products are available on their website.

Why Plantscape Inc?

Plantscape Inc has both real trees as well as fake trees. They are compelling, fresh conduct; agile colors that will help you create an impressive and lively interior as well as the exterior environment.

Technology has enhanced so much that you cannot distinguish a fake tree from a natural tree. You can use Plantscape Inc artificial trees in an indoor landscape of your residence, big restaurants, malls, cover indoor corporate spaces, government buildings, etc. Artificial trees or natural trees both provide comfort and elegance in any surrounding. Therefore, you should always include artificial trees in your indoor landscapes since you cannot wait for a whole real tree to grow. Also, the best choice would be the fire retardant Plantscape Inc artificial trees.

Plantscape Inc creates customized fake trees and plastic plants that will mix well in your indoor or interior landscape. You can place a customized order, which includes the shape, size, and design of the artificial trees and fake plants as per your requirements.

However, if you want a tree in your interior décor within 24 hours, then Plantscape Inc is the best place to visit to get one in the next 24 hours. They provide services that include quality, function, value, and design, which will help your landscape stand out from your competitors.

  • Their team consists of experienced landscape architects, botanists and plant experts in both real plants as well as artificial trees, etc. They have professionals who have spent years in exterior and interior landscape planning and creating new unique designs. All these lead to them understanding the requirements of their customers and thus create strong bonding with each other while operating on a project or landscape design of your dreams.
  • Irrespective of the size of your interior landscape or property, big or small, Plantscape Inc professionals will work and guide you through every step from the beginning till the end of creating and designing your dream landscape.
  • Their website is also very user-friendly that you have the option to request to speak to an Expert and request an interior landscape quote. A designer from Plantscape Inc will visit you and your establishment to understand more of your interior landscape before going ahead with customization of the landscape requirements.

Fake PlantsIn case you are building a new luxury hotel or considering renovation of the existing one, you have to think about providing your guests a cozy and comfortable experience during their stay. Improvising the indoor with artificial landscaping accessories can be a bold step. Many studies have been conducted to show the connection between human behavior and nature. These strongly indicate that people can be mentally happy and relaxed when they are exposed to nature. Such feeling makes people working in a commercial setting, decorated with artificial plants and trees, more productive. Moreover, patients staying in a hospital with the green interior landscape are found to recover speedily.

Well, you can beautify the interior landscape of your commercial setting with natural trees and plants. Doing this, you have to be ready for many problems that will come along. If your office plant service includes live plants, you have to arrange for regular watering for keeping them fresh and glowing. With artificial landscaping elements you are free from such worries and only for this reason; the use of fake plants and foliage is steadily increasing. Further, these have a graceful appearance like the natural plants, delivering same psychological effect on the minds of the visitors. Decorating with fake flowering trees and foliage, you have the liberty to create an environment as you like.

Enhancing office plant service with pseudo natural greenery is, no doubt, a smart move. A good interior landscape is the best for boosting up any the commercial indoors. The luminous presence of artificial trees and plants help to create beautiful vibes liked by the guests. No matter, if it is reception area or the conference hall of a large corporate office, or the interior of a reputed art gallery, or an exotic casino indoor, the faux landscaping products can add beauty and warmth to the interior of all commercial space. Being incredibly realistic and appealing, they help you reach the zenith. The following lines will tell how you can add style and substance to your business interiors for delighting your clients.

Where to look for artificial greenery for commercial indoors?

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Plantscape Inc has more than four decades stint in producing artificial foliage for both indoor and outdoor landscaping. Backed by a professional team including landscape designers, architects, botanists, etc., they produce the most realistic fake foliage for all landscaping projects of any scale and having any challenging needs. Whether you have a modern cafe or posh restaurant, government office or any other commercial indoor, they can supply you various landscaping products for fulfilling your specific requirements. They also have the facility for planning indoor landscaping projects, evaluating any landscaping requirement and providing a practical solution for popping up your business indoors. Their products are made from high-quality materials and can impart a unique class and identity to your business. Get in touch, and they will help you out for conveying your business theme and vision through landscaping.

What are the products and services offered by Plantscape Inc?

The company has a plethora of artificial trees, plants, etc. for meeting interior landscaping needs. You can choose any of the following fake landscaping elements for taking your business interior to the next level.

  • Custom Trees & Plants: These are made after the natural versions and are realistic delivering a great landscaping statement. Using these you have the chance of being different from others, as these products are tailor made to fit into the landscaping narrative.
  • Flowers: Flowers have no match when you want to make the indoor of any commercial setting joyous and soothing. Silk flowers from Plantscape are the right choice for adding color and glamor to any indoor setting. Being artificial, they keep their bloom year round.
  • Plants: They add color and warmth to any indoor setting with their vibrant presence. They also make an interior look fresh and brightened up. No matter, if you are in health care or hotels; you can equally use flowers for revamping indoors.
  • Trees: Trees are magnificent for creating a focal point in the business indoors. Installing a bonsai tree or a flowering tree in commercial indoor changes the aura of the place. With their fresh look and lively presence, they can revamp any indoor.
  • Topiaries: These trimmed fake foliage art can make a beautiful landscaping statement. Available in a large variant of style and size, these infuse ornamental design in indoor decoration.

Take their help for designing, evaluating, maintaining, installation and providing turnkey landscaping projects.

Why are Plantscape Inc fake landscaping elements the most popular?

Owners and landscape designers of massive corporate houses, government offices, etc. prefer to opt for a reputed artificial foliage manufacturer. In this respect, Plantscape products score over others for their long experience in the trade. Their silk plants and foliage are manufactured with botanical perfection in every respect making those practically impossible to differentiate from the live plants without touching. Use of ThermaLeaf® technology also makes them a favored choice. These are made fire retardant, and so you can safely use those in any commercial indoor. Made from non-toxic material, they never cause any allergic reaction to guests. The fake landscaping plants are also made fade resistance and, so, they stay there for long with their vibrant green appearance to delight the customers.

Why these sore over the live plants?

When you compare the fake landscaping items with originals, the former outweighs the latter, as they require no caring, no trimming and shaping. The greatest advantage of the fake plants is that they never outgrow the space and are death defying. So, you do not have to replace them and can forget about them after installation. You can also have these in decorated pots making them more charming. These are also easy to clean and do not tax on your wallet.

Faux PlantsEvery commercial location needs a visual identity, and it involves the application of the best landscaping ideas to create a cozy and refreshing setting for the visitors. For example, a rejuvenating atmosphere with an elegant interior landscape design at the reception of any commercial building gives an immediate good impression among the visitors. Plants are an excellent landscaping item, and its rejuvenating nature is ideal for greeting new visitors at your building.

Creating the ideal interior landscape design at commercial locations

Creating an ideal interior landscape requires the best office plant service along with the top class products. This is almost impossible with the real plants as they have certain drawbacks. They need regular maintenance, ideal factors for growth, etc. and also cause messy landscapes due to dead leaves and twigs and insects which are attracted due to the plant. Along with that, most of the times you can't grow the desired plant or tree in your office as it won't grow in that region.

This has led to the use of artificial plants which are ideal for use in offices. You can have the desired landscape with fake plants, and they have distinct advantages also. Firstly you can have your favorite plant in your office irrespective of where they grow naturally. You don't have to bother about watering or maintenance of your dream landscape as they will be in top condition. Here are some of the main requirements for a superb landscape:

  • Best planning- a superb transformation of any landscape requires the best ideas to plan out the change. Landscaping experts are best for planning the change and putting the right items to use for implementing it.
  • Top class landscaping items- a superior landscape requires top quality artificial plants which resemble the real plants closely and also durable.
  • Flexibility- commercial landscapes are usually prone to change, and the landscaping items should be flexible to change in case you wish to change the setting.
  • Client oriented service- the landscaping should be done to satisfy the clients and if you are not satisfied with the interior landscape design services provided, it will be the waste of money and the landscape will also look dull.
  • Complete care of landscape- the company providing the office plant service should carry out the complete process of manufacturing the artificial plants, making plans on which products to use and installing them for an adorable landscape.

Plantscape Inc - the first choice for faux interior landscape design

Plantscape Inc was set up in 1974, and since then it has become the first choice of many top class clients for interior landscape design at commercial buildings. They provide high-quality office plant service and complete the process of landscaping at commercial buildings. Here are the reasons why Plantscape Inc is ideal for your commercial building.

Visiting the location and evaluation

You will be freed of evaluating your landscape for picking the right interior landscape design as the team at Plantscape Inc will visit your commercial space and evaluate it to transform it to an amazing landscape.

Top quality interior landscape design

The expert team at Plantscape Inc can suggest the best design suitable for the place. It can be the reception of your office or any interior design at a restaurant or may be any other more complicated place. The experts help get the best plan for any location.

Best plant manufacturers

The manufacturing team at Plantscape Inc comprises of expert horticulturists who design the plants to resemble the real plants closely so that the visitors can't distinguish them from faux plants or trees. The items will look like real fresh plants.

Best artificial landscaping products

All commercial spaces need a stunning landscape and picking the right products is most important. At Plantscape Inc you get the top quality landscaping items, and it's an all in one roof for everything you need for a stunning landscape. So pick your favorite item and transform any landscape with it.

Durability delivered

The beautiful landscaping items are not only worth their impressive aesthetic beauty, but they are durable for the commercial locations as well. Apart from the virtue of artificial plants and tree free of a definite life span the Plantscape Inc products will retain the elegant glaze for a long time to resemble their fresh, natural counterparts.

Amazing holiday decor

If you have a restaurant, theme parks, casinos, shopping malls, etc. designing holiday landscapes is also an important aspect. On occasions like Christmas, you can greet your visitors with a special landscape and the expert team at Plantscape Inc is ready to help you with complete landscape décor.

Delivery and installation

While working with Plantscape Inc, you can forget the hassle of transporting the landscaping items into your commercial place and installing them correctly as they will deliver the products and install them at your location.

Landscape furnishings for a smoother look

At commercial places, installing some artificial plants doesn't finish the process of landscaping as it takes small yet sophisticated items to complete the process of landscaping. At Plantscape Inc you will get the best furnishing items for a crisp and stylish landscape.

Widest range of faux plants and trees

Plantscape Inc has the widest range of interior landscape design products ranging from the faux trees and plants for various landscapes, the ideal containers or boxes to place them, etc. You will get flowering plants, topiaries, tropical trees, custom trees and plants and everything else required for a stunning landscape.

Innovative technology

The fade and fire resistant products at Plantscape Inc ensure safety and increase the durability of the items. The ThermaLeaf® technology makes the items fire resistant by adding some chemicals in its foliage. The PermaLeaf® technology ensures that the products are fade resistant and UV blocking for longer times by using superior quality color pigments.

These have made Plantscape Inc the best faux landscaping item provider for commercial spaces.

Interior LandscapingA well organized and elegant complex matters a lot to any business. A perfectly designed and decorated space gives a positive first impression to everyone. Artificial landscaping is one of the widely-used tactics by the corporates to make their place look eye-catchy and outstanding. A beautifully designed landscape helps businesses to entice new customers and offer them a welcoming entrance. Plantscape Inc is a leader in providing high quality and realistic looking artificial landscaping products and solutions for your corporate spaces that can not only look gracious but also fit your budget constraints amazingly. Here we will disclose all the versatile solutions offered by Plantscape Inc to meet your corporate landscaping requirements.

Artificial Flowers - Providing Ultimate Calmness to Minds

Do you want your customers, as well as employees, feel calm, concentrated and fresh? Just grab the perfect faux flower solution from Plantscape Inc's flower range, and you will be mesmerized with the effect that these will offer to your indoor. You can find flowers of any kind ranging from lovely roses to Daisy, orchids and more. The range of our flowers is designed to create finishing appearance of your commercial space and make everyone cheerful and healthy. These flowers add eye-catchy and mesmerizing color to your interior landscape.

Faux Interior Plants to Complete Your Indoor Landscape

If you are behind creating the peaceful, stress-free and cool environment in your business space, then nothing would be better than these artificial plants. These can make even a burdensome environment to a cool, calm and relaxed one with their cool looks. The natural habitat created by these fake office plants is outstanding. The designer and professional staff at Plantscape Inc ensures that you get fully reliable and satisfied office plant service from plant delivery to your space to perfect installation. The unparalleled charm delivered by these artificial plants produces amazing positive vibes around your space making your workforce feel encouraged and more interested in work.

Artificial Trees for Natural Office Indoor

Trees are crucial for any landscape as this help to define the business style statement and will make anyone feel impressed while walking your indoor are. Plantscape Inc's interior plant service consists of a wide variety of plant types ranging from tropical, palms, ficus, bonsais and even the live indoor trees. Every combination has been made possible to your commercial space to give it the most natural look. All the indoor trees are designed giving vibrant and lively colors to give a fresh, cozy and lovely surrounding to your office indoor. The selection of distinct trees and plants give your space a chic and inviting appearance.

Artificial Topiaries to Make Your Space Artful

Topiaries give you a great way to showcase your creativity around the commercial space. Whether your office needs special decorations or casual day to day regularities and arrangements, the range of topiaries available with Plantscape Inc you can give the desired look to your indoor area. There might be certain spaces in your indoor area that may not be ideal for standard plants and trees to get placed. But these topiaries can highlight the aesthetical features of your place. With such defining properties of your indoor area, you can bring more professionalism to your office.

Custom Topiaries for Your Specific Office Properties

If you don't require to get limited to certain types of plants and trees for indoor office area, you also have the option to get customized landscape for your place. You can show your creativity to custom design topiaries as per your architectural requirements. Whether you want to showcase your logo, brand name or any special defining shape, with Plantscape, you can meet all your custom design requirements easily. The custom topiaries can make anyone speak about you space in impressive gesture. These have the power to make your indoor aesthetics stand out from the rest. With these custom topiaries, you can make your indoor landscape a unique and eye-catchy place to work at.

Engaging Faux Tropical Trees

Plantscape's variety of tropical trees has the capability to make your commercial space much more engaging and add defining style to the indoors. You can choose from a wide variety of tropical tree types and sizes as per your office interior requirements. The aura of tropical trees is such that these can make the setting of your place iconic. Further, the plants are designed especially for indoor environment and therefore can stay charming and damage free for years.

Why Plantscape Inc Landscaping Solutions are Better

  1. The best part of all the faux interior landscape products offered by Plantscape Inc is that these come with fire retardant properties. These are manufactures and infused with such chemicals that are fire retardant and thus eliminate the fear of fire hazards which is highly essential for commercial spaces.
  2. All the Plantscape landscaping solutions are highly light weighted and can be installed and de-installed by anyone. You can ask yourself place topiaries, plants, trees and all as per your requirement. In the case of large-scale landscaping needs, Plantscape's professional staff offers installation services as well at your place.
  3. If you want to get your indoor landscape designed in a customized way and as per the aesthetic properties of your place, Plantscape professionals even can help you with your interior landscape design so that you get fully satisfied with your landscape.
  4. The faux landscaping products offered by Plantscape feature properties like UV resistance, water, and fade resistance, etc. that make them highly durable and long lasting without losing their elegant looks and grace. These can keep your commercial space green, colorful and natural for years.
  5. On looking any of the faux Plantscape landscaping products, you will find it difficult to figure out whether the product is artificial or real. The wonderful realistic looks given to them reflect the highly professional and detailed craftsmanship of the people behind their manufacture. You will find every faux product exactly like those of their real counterparts.

Interior LandscapingInterior landscaping at the corporate sector and other public buildings are a bit complicated as it requires strict adherence to the required quality standards as well as it needs to give the best service according to the area. It should be unique also to make the landscape best. Using some natural items like any greenery makes any landscape elegant and unique, but the problems attached with them are unwanted inside the office. So, the smart way of utilizing the benefits of greenery without the unwanted effects are the use of artificial plants in landscaping.

The problems of using real plants solved

Let's take a look at some of the unwanted problems of using real plants in landscaping which are sorted out by using artificial plants.

  • Use of plants indoors- it is one of the best methods for interior landscape designs as most of the plants don't grow indoors without sunlight and other adequate conditions.
  • Zero maintenance- get the elegant beauty of real plants indoors without any maintenance or regular watering.
  • Choose any plants- you can choose any plant for your interior landscape design irrespective of your geographical location. Even if it may not grow in your area.
  • Landscaping forever- the artificial plants, once installed in your office interiors, will stay there forever as they don't have a fixed life span.
  • No unwanted mess in the office- the office interiors have to be clean and tidy always, and the artificial plants are the best items to have a clean and tidy landscape. The office will be free of dead leaves.

Choosing the artificial plants

There are endless varieties of the artificial plants for your office landscape. You can go for any of these types of artificial interior landscape design products:

  • Flowers- bright, colorful flowers are one of the best ways to attract the attention of the viewers in your office.
  • Indoor plants and trees- imagine an entire tree or any exotic plant breed greeting your visitors in your office the moment they enter. It has a huge impact on the landscape and also on the mind of the viewer.
  • Topiaries- artificial topiaries of different shapes and sizes are available which will attract the attention of the visitors. It will not only look classy but give it a unique approach.
  • Tropical plants and trees- the attractive and marvelous tropical trees can set up the environment inside the office. A tropical landscaping will not only give a different impression on the viewers but will also improve the morale of the employees. You can also plan a tropical themed landscape inside the office.
  • Artificial landscape- instead of the plants, trees or flowers, you can choose the complete artificial landscape in your office. The whole package will contain plants and trees, topiaries and everything required for a complete landscape. By this, any part of the office interior can be enhanced.
  • Custom trees- you can also go for the fully customized artificial landscaping products for your office and pick the right items according to your landscape. The whole landscape will be converted from a regular dull workplace to a lively, refreshing environment.

Best place for the artificial interior landscape design items

The best place for any product or service related to artificial office plant service is Plantscape Inc. You can expect a complete transformation of your office interior landscape right from the first level up to the installation and also the post installation services. They have different plans for you, and you can pick the right one suiting your demand. The beginning of the process involves the experts visiting your office or workplace and developing a plan for the interior landscape design. Once they have visited and the design is prepared, the best items for the required landscape will be installed, and your office will undergo a complete transformation. The whole process is amazingly simple and professional.

Why go for Plantscape Inc

There are many of reason why a lot of people nowadays are going for Plantscape Inc for artificial landscaping and other related issues.

  • Best service- Plantscape Inc provides the best fake interior landscaping services and believes in complete customer satisfaction. They take great care to make the landscape look beautiful and professional as well as fit perfectly according to the requirement.
  • All under one roof- at Plantscape Inc. it has all the solutions related to all the issues in interior landscaping at one place. Right from developing designs according to office landscape to making the right materials and also installing them inside your office to create the best landscape, you will get it all.
  • Maintenance program- you can go for their maintenance program where all the artificial greenery inside your office will be taken care of, and they will be maintained in the best condition. It almost sums up the complete care of the internal landscape at your office.
  • Live plants- apart from artificial landscaping and artificial plants, Plantscape Inc provides the customers with live plants as well to enhance the landscape with real greenery. If you want natural plants in your office landscape, the expert officials will help you with your requirement.

Special features of Plantscape Inc landscaping products

  • Fade resistant- all the plant products at Plantscape Inc are fade resistant to stop them from fading away with the passage of time. The vibrant nature of your landscape will be colorful and won't look old or worn out even after years of usage.
  • Fire resistant- all the faux plant materials are made of ThermaLeaf® technology which involves the inclusion of fire retardant chemicals being introduced into them. This makes them safe for your office.
  • Best design- the plant items are designed by the horticulture experts, and the design is perfect which makes them authentic like. You can expect a stunning atmosphere in your office with some brilliant eye-catching landscaping items.

Corporate Landscaping ProductsHaving a well-decorated office or corporate space is essential to leave a good impression on the minds of customers and clients. Further, a vibrantly and beautifully decorated office can prove to be a motivating factor for employees to work harder and in a likewise productive manner. If you're looking for the perfect landscaping solutions for your corporate landscaping, you have come to the right place. Plantscape Inc has a wide range of gorgeous, unbelievably realistic and cost effective landscaping products. Here's everything you need to know:

Affordable And Cost Effective Landscaping Solution

One of the many ideas that people consider installing landscaping solutions from Plantscape Inc in their corporate spaces because of the cost effective and affordable prices of the products. It doesn't matter if your office comprises of an entire building that requires landscaping. You can buy massive quantities of the plants and trees offered by Plantscape Inc without having to worry about a hole being burnt right through your pocket. You can create an indoor landscape on an entire floor or in every cabin in the office without any hassles and at an extremely reasonable price.

Durable, Durable, Sturdy And Have A Long Shelf Life Too

Installing the artificial plants in your corporate landscape can be extremely convenient and beneficial. These faux plants are extremely long lasting and are very sturdy too. These faux plants can last for years on end without withering or deteriorating in color or quality. Further, event planners and wedding planners can use the interior landscaping products to decorate indoor events and functions. After the event is over, the planner can store away the plants and flowers without any worry that they will spoil as these landscaping products have a very long shelf life too.

Various Corporate Spaces Where The Faux Landscaping Products Can Be Installed

The artificial landscaping products can be installed in all kinds of corporate spaces. Some of these spaces include the following:

  • Office buildings and lobbies are a great place to install the plants and flowers.
  • Cabins, office restrooms, the office pantry, conference rooms, meeting rooms are some other areas in a corporate space where the flowers and plants can be installed.

Besides the above-mentioned list of corporate spaces where the artificial landscaping products can be installed, there are several other commercial spaces that can sport the plants and flowers too. These spaces include the following:

  • Casinos, hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, atriums and coffee shops are spaces that can be livened up with the help of these realistic and lifelike landscaping products.
  • The plants and flowers can be used to decorate government buildings, old age homes, hospitals, medical centers, doctor's clinics, dentist's clinics, psychiatric centers and various other commercial and corporate spaces.

Fade Resistant And Weather Tolerant Landscaping Products

Another great feature of the artificial plants and flowers offered by Plantscape Inc is that these products are fade resistant and can also tolerate harsh climates. It doesn't matter if you live in a state where it rains nine months a year or if you reside in a city with excessive sunlight and humidity. These plants are manufactured to tolerate the harsh rays of the sun without losing their color or fading. Further, these plants can be washed, they can get wet, and they will still not spoil or deteriorate in quality.

Require Zero Maintenance And Care

One reason why these artificial landscaping products have become a great hit amongst interior decorators, landscaping artists and architects is because these plants require zero maintenance. Unlike real plants, the faux plants don't require regular pruning, watering, sunlight and other care. The faux plants also do not shed their leaves seasonally creating a mess for you to clean up. These attributes make the plants excellent decorative items for corporate interiors and offices.

Landscapes That Make A Difference

Installing these artificial landscapes in your corporate space can help your staff and employees become more productive and efficient. The vibrantly colored flowers and lush green leaves of the faux plants can motivate and inspire the staff members to work harder and longer hours. A dull and drab office space can be extremely demotivating and can create a lazy atmosphere. Further, it is a psychologically proven fact that the color green (as is found in the leaves of the faux plants) can help people be more creative in their way of working.

Easy Delivery And Installation Process

Once you have selected the plants and trees that you wish to install in your corporate space, you need not worry about having them transported to your office. Plantscape Inc will take care of the delivery for you. Besides the delivery, Plantscape Inc also has a team of skilled experts who will help you with the entire installation process. They will help you arrange the plants and flowers in a creative and captivating way and support you in designing the perfect landscape for your office.

Custom Plants And Trees

For those individuals who need to order large quantities of landscaping products, Plantscape Inc offers the option of providing custom made plants. You can select specially crafted trees, plants, and flowers in the sizes that best fit the requirements of your office landscape. So, you no longer require worrying about having faux plants that are commonly found everywhere. You can have your very own and extremely unique landscape that no one else will have.

So, if you're looking to liven up your corporate space, get moving today! Select the plants and flowers of your choice from Plantscape Inc and order them in the quantities that you require. Redecorate the office space in a captivating and eye-catching way. We guarantee you that the installation of these landscaping products in your office will leave your customers, clients and staff members in awe.

Artificial PlantsHaving a rented office limits the way in which you can decorate the surroundings. Often the office you have rented out can have a very dull and drab vibe. An office with a dark vibe will only result in demotivated employees and lower productivity. One effective way in which you can liven up the space of a rented office is by installing artificial plants and creating interior landscape designs. Plantscape Inc has the ultimate selection of interior landscape products for you. Today we will discuss seven irrefutable reasons why you should consider installing these plants in your rental office.

Easy Delivery And Installation

One reason that you must consider installing the artificial plants in your office is that of the easy delivery and installation process provided by Plantscape Inc. Once you have made the selection of the plants that you wish to install in your office, you can consider your job done. Plantscape Inc has a team of highly skilled and trained experts who will ensure timely and efficient delivery and installation of the landscaping products. It does not matter how large or small a quantity you have ordered, a team of professionals will come and deliver the products to the doorstep of your office and even help you create an interior landscape that will give your staff members, customers, and clients amazed.

Light Weight Yet Sturdy And Durable

If you have a rented office, the chances that you will have to vacate the premises after the end of the contract term are very high. In that case, you will have to shift all the decorative items that you have installed in the office too. The faux plants that have been installed in your office by Plantscape Inc are extremely lightweight. This will allow you to shift the plants out of your old office into the new easily and rapidly. You will not require an entire team of laborers to get the work done for you as these plants can be easily lifted up by a single person or maybe even two. Further, the artificial plants are also extremely sturdy and durable. Even if shifted frequently, these plants will not get damaged or deteriorate in quality thus making them ideal for rented offices.

Minimum Maintenance And Care Required

Another reason why one should seriously consider installation of the faux plants in their rented offices is because of the easy maintenance feature of these plants. Unlike real plants and trees, the faux plants do not require regular watering, sunlight, and pruning. Further, the artificial plants do not shed their leaves seasonally like real plants, and thus there is no mess to clean up. So you can install these plants in your rented office without having to worry about maintenance and care of the same.

Help In Creating A Calming Yet Motivating Vibe

A dull and boring office can be a remarkably demotivating factor. For the staff and employees to perform their best and achieve maximum productivity, it is essential that the office has inspirational and motivating interiors. With the help of the faux plants, you can change the vibe of the office. The lush green leaves of these plants are incredibly refreshing and calming. The vibrantly colored flowers can brighten up the vibe of the surroundings. Thus, installing the plants in the office can result in higher productivity amongst employees and staff members.

Fade Resistant Plants And Extremely Tolerant Landscaping Products

Another reason why you should consider installing the fake landscaping products in your rented office is that of their fade resistant and high tolerance features. If your office is the kind of office that has large windows and intense sunlight flowing in throughout the day, you maybe worried that the faux plants may lose their color or fade. In the case of the plants provided by Plantscape Inc, you need not worry about the plants fading or losing their lustrous colors. These plants have been manufactured to tolerate all kinds of harsh weather conditions. Further, if you install the plants in the office bathroom, also you needn't worry about them getting wet or moist. These plants will not spoil if they get wet or are exposed to humidity and moistness.

Allows You To Be Unique

One reason why people are often apprehensive about installing faux plants in their offices is that faux plants are very commonly found interior design products. Tons of offices tend to fit the artificial plants in their corporate spaces making them very common. In the case of Plantscape Inc, you have the opportunity to install custom made plants that nobody else in your surroundings will have. You can have your very own plant designs and flower designs created and installed in the office. Such custom made landscaping products will make your office look unique and will also leave customers and staff members in awe.

Fire Retardant Trees And Plants For Your Safety

Interior designers and architects are often apprehensive installing faux plants in their client and customer's offices because such plants are prone to catching fires. However in the case of the plants offered by Plantscape Inc one need not worry about a thing. These plants have foliage that is fire retardant and will prevent the plants from going up in flames. Thus, you can install the plants with peace of mind in your office without having to worry about the office getting gutted due to accidental fires.

So, if you have a rented office and wish to liven up the surroundings, you should seriously consider installing these faux plants. Not only will these plants add life and color to the office, but they will also play a vital role in motivating your employees to be more productive and efficient in the workplace. We guarantee that these plants will also leave your clients impressed and keep them coming back.