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Faux Landscaping ProductsScores of interior decorators, architects, and even individuals are installing faux interior landscaping products in their projects, homes or offices. This hot new trend is gaining popularity across the globe. If you're looking to redecorate your residential or commercial space, you too could consider adding faux interior landscaping products to the surroundings. The faux plants and landscaping products are extremely lifelike, have vibrant colors and can fool even a trained eye into believing that they are real. Today we will discuss why you should consider going in for Plantscape Inc's faux interior landscaping products.

Easy Maintain Feature, A Real Convenience For Installers

The faux plants, flowers, and trees that Plantscape Inc has to offer are extremely easy to maintain and look after. Unlike real plants, these artificial interior landscaping products do not require regular trimming, watering, and pruning. While real plants need regular sunlight to grow in a healthy manner, the artificial plants do not require regular exposure to sunlight. Further, unlike real plants, the faux plants do not shed their leaves seasonally leaving behind a big mess for others to clean.

Several Available Varieties To Choose From

It doesn't matter what your plant preferences are, Plantscape Inc has a wide range of landscaping products for you to choose from. Some of these products include the following:

  • Flowers – For those of you who are looking to liven up your office or home with flowers, the faux flowers that Plantscape Inc has to offer is just what you need. The vibrantly colored and lifelike flowers can be placed in flower pots and vases and will make the surroundings look beautiful and elegant.
  • Plants – The artificial plants are available in several varieties. You can choose from grass bushes, succulent plants and several other kinds of plants. These faux plants have lush green leaves that are unbelievably realistic looking. The plants can be placed in both commercials as well as residential spaces.
  • Trees – From fruit trees, palm trees, flowering trees, bonsai trees and various other kinds of trees, there is something here for all preferences. The artificial trees are ideal for hotel lobbies, building lobbies and other commercial spaces that have high ceilings.

Can Be Installed In Numerous Places

The beauty of the artificial landscaping interior products is that these visually pleasing plants, trees, and flowers can be pretty much installed anywhere and everywhere. Some spaces where the landscaping products are popularly installed include movie theaters, apartments, villas, offices, government buildings, malls, boutiques, casinos, restaurants, hotels, clubs, lounges, bars, pubs and various other residential and commercial spots. Interior decorators and architects also get these faux plants installed in medical institutions like hospitals, doctor's clinics, dentist's clinic and various other medical centers to liven up the dull and drab atmosphere of the surroundings.

Fire Retardant Artificial Trees And Plants

One reason why people are often apprehensive about installing artificial plants and trees in their homes or office spaces is that false plants are prone to catching fires. In the case of Plantscape Inc's faux landscaping products, one need not worry about the plants going up in flames and causing destruction to the surroundings. Plantscape Inc has an entire collection of plants and trees that are safe and fire retardant. For those of you who have teenage boys and wish to install the faux plants in your home, making a selection from the fire retardant plant collection is highly recommended.

Cost Effective And Affordable

Another reason why you should consider installing the faux plants in your home or office space is that these plants may look expensive and unaffordable, but in reality, they aren't. The faux silk plants are very reasonably priced and are easy on the pocket. The user can buy these plants in large quantities without having to worry about a hole being burnt through his pocket. Further, unlike real plants, the faux plants do not require the purchaser to invest additional money in fertilizers or in hiring a professional gardener for maintenance and care. So, if you're looking to decorate your lounge, restaurant, art gallery or home in an affordable yet captivating manner, these plants are just what you need.

Easy Selection And Installation Process

A great benefit of the landscaping products from Plantscape Inc is that the selection and installation process are an absolute cakewalk. Plantscape Inc has a team of skilled and highly trained professionals who will help you select the trees and plants that are best suited for your surroundings and space. Once you have selected the plants, Plantscape Inc will send out a highly skilled crew of installers who will install the products in an efficient, well planned and practical manner. Further, these installers will also ensure that your products are installed in a timely fashion.

Custom Made Trees And Plants To Suit Your Preferences

People who prefer a style that is unique and individualistic, Plantscape Inc offers custom made trees and plants. If you're looking to decorate the interiors of your hotel lobby or wish to create an exclusive landscape from scratch, Plantscape Inc will cater to your every need. It doesn't matter what size, shape or color you want the plants, flowers, and trees in, Plantscape Inc will have them specially created for you. Now you no longer need to have the same landscaping products that you will find in every other store window; you can pretty much have your unique interior landscape that will blow the mind of your customers or visitors away.

So, don't waste another minute and get right to it. Installing these faux trees and plants in your home or office space will not only liven up the surroundings but will leave a profound impression on visitors and guests. Start selecting the plants that best suit your requirements, or have Plantscape Inc create some just for you. We guarantee you absolute and ultimate satisfaction with these gorgeous landscaping products.

Faux Botanical ProductsOwning a huge commercial property and breaking the monotony in its interior landscaping can be quite a daunting task. You need to think about a lot of aspects, as for how it is going to appeal to the visitors and also how is it going to make the entire environment more suited for the employees working there. Appointing a leading interior designer can be a smart call, but what should be the key decor item for bringing in the needed change in the luxurious property, is something to be thought upon.

Nature has its way of interacting with every individual, and its charm connects everyone. Beautiful plants and trees if placed at the interiors of any five-star hotels, large corporate offices or even shopping centers, can help you in achieving the change you want. But, how would you take care of these living botanical beauties? The amount of care it would need on a daily basis can cost you a lot of time and money. It is not a wise idea to spent on hefty bills of indoor plant maintenance companies.

The best and smartest solution to this query would be to install artificial plants and trees. These replica of the original ones are perfect and can catch everybody's attention and admiration by their exact appearance.

Planning to source fake botanical products? Where can you find that?

A company named Plantscape Inc has earned immense popularity and trust from the market for being the best in the business in producing fake plants, trees, and other related botanical items for exterior and interior landscape design needs. Since 1974, they have been working on this goal of crafting the most real looking items which look like preserved plants. They have several varieties of products in their kitty, comprising of every possible replica of plants and trees in all sizes and shapes, topiaries, green walls, fake flower arrangements in some innovative looking containers and planters.

The manufacturing team of the company has the rare combination of industry-leading architects, designers, botanists, and engineers all coming together in crafting these fake beauties. If you plan to transform the reception desk of a boutique resort or create an all new environment inside the luxury health club connected to that property, then you can very well rely on the products from this company. They also arrange for every possible range of services, like designing the display of these faux plants to their installation procedure by the request of their clients.

Why should you ditch any original interior plant service and instead opt for this artificial replica of the original?

Any decor item which will not make a hole in your pocket on a daily basis on its care regime and also makes you invest less time on its upkeep is preferred. Find below the reasons why you should opt for fake botanical products:-

  • Real plants and trees will always need you to shape them, trim and cut them for maintaining their specific shape and beauty. The faux alternative will never have such issues related to it.
  • Suitable climatic and weather conditions are always a need for survival of real plants and their growth. While the replica of the original ones can maintain their look no matter where they are placed all round the year.
  • Proper watering and exposure to sunlight are a constant need for any live plants, while the fake ones will never need them for their existence.
  • Real plants are prone to catching insect infection on their surface; hence, pesticides are to be used on a regular basis. On the other hand, no investment on pesticides or fertilizers is required by the artificial beauties.

How did the company Plantscape Inc and their products make a special place in the choice of every leading landscape designers?

To make the luxurious properties enviable and attracting maximum attention from the visitors and clients, the owners of shopping malls, posh restaurants, bars and even huge corporate offices hire the best name in the list of landscape architects and designers. And these designers, to please these high profile clients always rely on the fake botanical products from Plantscape Inc, because of their excellent craftsmanship. Their appearance is so strong and real that, no matter what, they cannot be differentiated from their original counterpart.

These extremely lightweight items from the house of Plantscape Inc are manufactured by using very high-quality silk. In spite, of using these premium quality raw materials in their manufacturing process, they try and keep the price quite low compared to other companies present in the market.

What unique qualities and characteristics of these fake botanical landscaping products from Plantscape Inc makes them more desirable?

While decking up your luxurious office landscape indoor, you should drop the idea of using real plants and trees as decor items or opt for any service of office plant rentals. Instead, go for the various fake foliages from the house of Plantscape Inc for the following reasons:-

  • Fire retardant

From the state authorities, they have earned Class A fire rating for making all their products completely fire retardant.

  • Anti-fading properties

For restoring their beauty all your life, special anti-color fading chemicals are impregnated on their surface.

  • UV rays shield

These special chemicals even help these product's beauty by not getting ruined by the harmful UV rays.

  • Non-toxic

All the products in their collection are non-toxic and can be very well used in the interior landscape designing of any restaurants and hospitals.

  • Cost effective

One time investment on buying these beautiful products and very little maintenance of dusting and washing seldom makes them cost effective, and a complete must have.

Artificial Flowering PlantsArtificial indoor landscaping has become the hottest new trend amongst interior decorators and designers across the globe. As an interior decorator or a landscape artist, you're probably constantly on the lookout for top quality and durable landscaping products. Plantscape Inc has a massive catalog filled with all kinds of faux landscaping products. These products are just what you need to bring vibrancy, color, and life to the project you're working on. Here's everything you need to know about Plantscape Inc's artificial plants:

Wide Variety Of Products To Choose From

Plantscape Inc has a wide range of fun and interesting products to offer its patrons. Plantscape Inc's artificial flowers are one of the most popularly sold products. These faux flowers are extremely realistic looking, have the exact colors of the original flowers in them and can liven up any space with vibrancy and brilliance. Even the dimensions and shape of the artificial flowers resemble their real counterparts in an identical manner.

Further, the artificial plants, trees, and topiaries are also incredibly lifelike and match the real plants and trees quite closely. Even the most skilled eye can be fooled into believing that the artificial plants are real. The leaves of these plants are lush green and truly can leave a visually pleasing and calming effect on the mind of the beholder.

Why The Artificial Plants Are Ideal For Indoor Landscaping

Indoor landscaping can be a tricky process. This is because the landscape artist has to take into consideration maintenance and space and various other factors before he starts designing. The faux plants and trees are extremely beneficial and convenient to install. The landscapers need not worry about maintenance and care after these plants have been installed in a commercial or residential space. Plantscape Inc's plants are very easy to maintain, do not require water, trimming or pruning and also do not shed leaves leaving a mess behind for others to clean up.

Further, the faux flowers, plants, and trees are extremely lightweight, sturdy and durable. They can serve for years on end without withering, losing color or even deteriorating in quality. Unlike their real counterparts, the fake landscaping products do not require many laborers for installation. Their lightweight feature makes them very easy to install. Scores of landscaping artists prefer to install synthetic landscaping products for interior decorating projects as opposed to installing real plants and trees.

PermaLeaf® Technology In The Artificial Landscaping Products

The PermaLeaf® Technology in the artificial landscaping products is a brilliant way to ensure that the leaves and flowers don't lose color when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Interior spaces that have excessive sunlight flowing in can result in the fading of any other artificial landscaping products. With the help of the PermaLeaf® Technology, the artificial plants, trees, and flowers are impregnated with certain UV blocking chemicals as well as color pigments. These chemicals and pigments ensure that the synthetic landscaping products do not fade when exposed to extreme sunlight.

Fire Retardant Artificial Landscaping Products

Another great feature of the Plantscape Inc's artificial landscaping products is that the foliage and the product in whole are fire retardant. Although artificial indoor landscaping is a hot trend amongst landscapers, often these landscaping artists become apprehensive of installing these faux plants and flowers because they are prone to catching fires. In the case of Plantscape Inc's products, the artificial flowers, plants, and trees are treated with a special technology called ThermaLeaf®. The ThermaLeaf® technology ensures that these products are treated with chemicals that make them fire retardant. Thus, you can install these plants in your home or office without having to worry about the space going up in flames.

Various Spaces That The Artificial Landscaping Products Can Be Installed

The beauty of Plantscape Inc's artificial landscaping products is that they can be installed pretty much anywhere. These gorgeous and lifelike landscaping products have been installed in the lobby area of commercial spaces or residential buildings, corporate office cabins, and meeting rooms, government buildings, shops and boutiques, casinos, schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions, hospitals and medical institutions, including doctors clinics, old age homes and various other places. These landscaping products are available in all shapes and sizes. Thus, depending on the amount of space you have, you can choose fake plants, flowers, and trees that best fit your space and needs.

Artificial Interior Landscaping At Airports Across The Globe

The airport is one of the busiest centers in the city. There is constantly crowd pouring in and out from different parts of the globe. To leave a great impression in the mind of travelers and globetrotters, it is essential that you do up the interiors of the airport beautifully. Architects and landscaping artists are big on artificial interior landscaping at airports across the globe. Small islands can be created in the center of the airport with the artificial plants, flowers, and trees provided by Planscape Inc.

Not only does such landscaping leave an awed and amazed impression in the mind of the travelers, but it also can have a very calming effect to those travelers who suffer from travel anxiety. Further, the airport can be one of the most chaotic and hectic places, and the bright and vibrant colors of the plants can play a major role in bringing about a relaxing vibe.

Affordable Artificial Plants, Flowers, And Trees

Although the plastic plants may look extremely expensive and unaffordable, in reality, these faux landscaping products are very easy for the pocket. A landscape artist or a homeowner can buy these products in large quantities without having to trouble about burning a hole in their pocket. The competitive rates that Plantscape Inc has to offer for its artificial landscaping products are pretty much unbeatable. So, if you're looking to liven up your commercial or residential space, Plantscape Inc is where you need to be.

Artificial TreesThe first impression goes a long way in the commercial world. Whether you own a large corporate house, shopping mall, luxury restaurants, a five-star hotel, amusement park, casino or a luxury resort, hospital, etc. The first impression is very important for attracting clients and visitors. When your customers see the classy landscape you maintain, they immediately know that they are in good hands and never change their loyalty.

Your reception area is almost like your business card. It is the first point of contact, and hence essential for making a lasting impression in the minds of the clients and customers. While the prime objective of a reception area is to provide the clients and customers a comfortable place to wait, it should also be aesthetically pleasant so that your visitors have a relaxing environment. Researchers indicate that people feel more relaxed and comfortable when they are close to nature. Adorning your reception area with artificial indoor palm trees will let your visitors enjoy the lush green appearance and will further enhance your brand value.

Customization is the key

Every commercial space has its story to tell, and when the customer steps in, it narrates that through its interior decoration. Everyone is decorating their business space with realistic botanical products and decorating your reception area with artificial tropical plants will never speak for your brand till you infuse something special in the interior landscape. Backed by it's over four decades stint in interior designing; Plantscape Inc can supply customized fake plants to fit your reception specific decor requirements. These seamlessly blend with other decorating elements for transforming the reception area to a unique welcoming space. Being made from high-quality material the Plantscape Inc faux plants make you stand out of the mass.

Unique products for interior decoration

Plantscape Inc manufactures a wide variety of realistic trees, plants, and topiaries. When you make some artificial flower arrangements in your reception area, these bring in a beautiful natural touch and help your customers to have a clear mind. Even, the patients arriving at a hospital have the soothing feeling when they see such mimic plants and flowers in the reception area. The artificial tropical plants are realistically made by a team of professionally skilled horticulturist and technicians for giving a touch vibrancy and elegance to the reception area of any commercial space.

Many options to choose from

Plantscape Inc offers a diverse collection of artificial indoor palm trees, artificial tropical plants, and artificial flower arrangements for decorating the reception area all under one roof for fulfilling every decor needs. Because of the wide range of mimic foliage available, you can choose from many options to add to the decor of the reception area for showing the quality and class you maintain. With their bright appearance, these realistic botanical products are sure to deliver a mesmerizing landscape in the reception area of the commercial spaces. Should you require, Plantscape Inc experts are ready to visit your place and offer the unique solution.

Fake solutions are inert to aging and fire

Whether you are the pride owner of a large corporate house, luxurious hotel, theme park or any other commercial establishment; or if you are in the profession of interior decoration, you would like to have the reception area look same through years for impressing the visitors. The Plantscape Inc artificial indoor palm trees, artificial flower arrangements, and other fake foliage are made fade resistant using PermaLeaf® technology that ensures blocking of UV with the help of colorfast pigments. Aside from this, the fake trees, plants, and flowers are also made fire resistant using ThermaLeaf® technology ensuring safety in case of fire. Moreover, the fake foliage conforms to the local fire regulations. Thus, you are assured of complete protection while revamping your reception area with artificial solutions and have complete peace of mind.

Why choose fake trees over live ones

Plantscape Inc fake decorative solutions score over the natural products for following reasons:

  • Wide varieties: Plantscape Inc fake trees, plants, and flowers are available in a wide range of varieties allowing you enough latitude to make your choice.
  • Forever green: These are made to look like real plants in every respect and retain their appearance unaltered throughout their life. You can never differentiate this kind the live ones by seeing until you feel by touching. Using Plantscape Inc products enables your reception green forever.
  • Easy maintenance: While live plants require regular watering and other awareness like preparation of soil, fertilizing, spraying pesticides, pruning, etc.; no such hassles are associated with these realistic decorative elements. Only periodic dusting is enough to maintain its luster.
  • No sunlight requirement: Unlike the natural trees and plants, these do not require any sunlight and, therefore, can be placed in the dimly lit enclosed commercial spaces without any problem.
  • Unique portability & interchangeability: As Plantscape Inc realistic solutions are not soil rooted, these are highly portable and can be fixed at any place in the reception area. Being available in standard pots, you can interchange them between places for bringing in some changes in the reception decor without cost involvement.
  • Be imaginative and customize: While using the Plantscape Inc realistic fake decorative solutions for revamping the reception area of any large commercial space, you can apply your imagination and have customized solutions to fit your specific requirement.
  • Environment-friendly: Pests and insects never attract these and, therefore, your guests will have no worry about insect attack. Pets are never attracted to these, and hence there is no chance of damage by the visitors' pets.
  • Delight clients, customers, and visitors: Plantscape Inc real-like decorative elements are made to delight all, who step into your reception area, with their pleasing beauty.
  • Saves cost: No workforce is required for maintenance. Being made from the high-quality material, the faux foliage retains their shape and lush green appearance throughout their life making these effective single investment options.

Faux Landscaping ProductPlantscape Inc faux landscaping products are the most popular and recommended landscaping products for both interior landscaping and outdoor landscaping. With Plantscape Inc faux landscaping products, you can go for implementing any landscape designs to make your space amazingly beautiful and stunningly attractive. Plantscape inc faux landscaping products live long and will make you feel content with their beauty. With their beautiful craft and astonishing detailing, they can convert your spaces into a special place.

They yield more benefits than you might imagine

Fade resistance is the biggest advantage of Plantscape Inc faux landscaping products. While you might have lost hundreds or thousands of dollars in replacing and renovating the faded plants, you can just install Plantscape Inc faux landscaping products and can relax. They will never fade and will resist almost all climatic changes. Let it be the thanksgiving or the summer break; they will beautify your spaces and fill it with a striking feel.

Choose them for small retail and domestic purposes

You can use Plantscape Inc faux landscaping products in your residential areas with confidence. The reasonable cost and availability in smaller numbers will help you to decorate your home with Plantscape Inc faux landscaping products. They are available in all forms and measurements so that you can install them anywhere at your premises. If you have space limitations, you can choose small succulents and flowers to decor your spaces. If you have a huge area, you can go for medium sized trees and plants of average size.

Plants have a role stimulating mental health. Why not use the opportunity?

If you work or design for the healthcare sector, you would have realized the importance of a new ambiance for the patients. Plantscape inc faux landscaping products are one of those amazing landscape products that look extra realistic. They will make the hospitals or nursing homes look like real houses. The presence of Plantscape Inc faux landscaping products will make the ambiance light and pleasant. Once you install Plantscape Inc faux landscaping products at the premises, you can see the beautiful smiles of the visitors looking at the fresh and attractive plants, trees and flowers.

Corporate offices are not an exception

Corporate offices certainly deserve a beautiful atmosphere. For that, you may not be able to spare time and effort to grow a real garden as it would consume your time to generate some extra revenue. In such circumstances, you can go for Plantscape Inc faux landscaping products that match with your office design. They are possible in various forms and sizes so that you can choose and install anyone that matches your room. You can even make your meeting spaces cozy and comfortable in the presence of Plantscape Inc faux landscaping products.

Variants are many; you just have to choose

There are different varieties of Plantscape Inc faux landscaping products available from custom plants to beautiful and elegant custom trees. Plantscape inc faux landscaping products include a huge variety of amazing flowers and an excellent collection of topiaries. Whatever your faux plant requirements are, Plantscape Inc faux landscaping products can satisfy you with their huge collection. They are available in any size or shape that you might imagine and that makes them the leader of the faux landscaping products market.

Still thinking? Here are some reasons for you to jump off

Plantscape Inc faux landscaping products are very highly efficient. Their craft is amazing such that they will look like the real plants. They have a huge fanship all over the world due to their looks and quality. They are technically very safe. You can install them in the places where the kids and pets play. Their raw materials are non-allergic and are also of very high quality. You need not have to trouble about the toxic leaves or the harmful insects in the plants that would make your pets uncomfortable. They are very cost effective. This will help you to design amazing spaces with confidence. Due to their reasonable cost, they can be installed anywhere from small apartments to giant corporate buildings.

Do you need a plan? Here it is!

Plantscape inc faux landscaping products can be brilliantly used in many ways. They can be installed outdoors, and a park ambiance can be created. They can be fitted in the meeting rooms to make the look cozy. They can be installed near the corner lights to highlight the beauty of light. They can be placed near the beds or near the tables to give a zest of green to the rooms. They can be positioned in the corridors to add beauty to the pathways. They can even be sited on the meeting table to make space look attractive.

Yes, the advantages are below

  • Long lasting and reliable products that save you a lot of money
  • Highly affordable and profitable landscape solutions
  • Technically safe and practically enjoyable serene beauty
  • Very high-quality plants crafted with utmost detailing and aesthetic beauty
  • One step solution to cover your spaces into a green world.

You can use them anywhere

They can be utilized anywhere from retail spaces to healthcare institutions. They can be installed on the senior living houses to make them feel alive. The presence of greens on their spaces will certainly stimulate the positive thoughts of the elderly people. They can be placed on educational institutions such that space will look fresh and welcome to the students. They can be used in commercial offices and government buildings due to their reasonable cost and abundance in availability. They can also be used in commercial sites like exhibitions such that they can be easily carried to the next place without extra efforts. They can be installed in cinema theaters, drama halls, party places, meeting spots and anywhere you love to see them!

Landscaping Products for Commercial PlaceAre you planning to give a perfect makeover to the interiors of the exotic resort you own? Do you want to attract the customers and provide them with a new experience during their stay? Well, not only this but the change in the indoor decor can also be very appealing for the staff working there, to get some added operating energy. But what decor items to be placed and used, that's a tricky question.

Getting decor items which have some close connection with nature can be a smart choice. It will bring in the needed positive vibe and create an environment which will be liked by anyone and everyone visiting the premises of the luxurious property. Installing beautiful plants and trees at different parts of your interiors will be innovative and also will add to the aesthetic taste of the property. But, growing and taking care of real plants or trees can be a hectic task, given the care regime, it demands by using manpower.

Hence, the smartest move should be and end to this problem should be to install the replica of the various botanical products meant for indoor and outdoor use. These artificial plants and trees are incredibly appealing and look realistic.

So, where should you look for these faux plants and trees meant for interior landscaping?

Since 1974, the company which has earned its name and reputation for being the most famous and reliable company in manufacturing the best quality of fake botanical products is Plantscape Inc. The manufacturing team of the company is extremely professional and creates realistic and exact looking faux plants and trees. The products found in their collection has got many varieties. Faux tropical plants and trees meant for both indoor and outdoor use, artificial flower arrangements, topiaries and they also manufacture unique looking planters and containers.

Botanists, designers and landscape architects who are considered best in the industry are hired by the company in making their strong manufacturing team for creating the replica of the original botanical landscaping products. On the reception area of a large multi-speciality hospital or at the special cabin meant for patients, if these artificial beauties are placed, it will upgrade the quality of the interiors. The company professionals also handle the installation process for these landscaping products; they can handle even the landscape architecture on the request of the customers.

In comparison with original plants and trees, why are these faux botanical beauties preferred?

Preference is always given to any landscaping decor items, which involves you to spend less money and time on its maintenance regime. Real plants and trees will always have issues related to these problems. Hence, it is advisable to install these fake alternatives found in Plantscape Inc collection. The other reasons supporting their preference are mentioned below:-

  • Trimming, cutting, pruning, and shaping is entirely necessary for real plants and trees at regular intervals. While the artificial alternative will not require these regimes to be followed.
  • The live trees and plants will always need suitable weather conditions for its growth and survival. On the other hand, the faux ones will keep looking same at any weather.
  • Regular watering and exposure to sunlight are crucial for the survival of live plants, while the synthetic botanical products will never need them.
  • The replica of the original plants and trees will not let you incur any additional cost once you buy them, but you need to buy pesticides and fertilizers for retaining their good health.

Why are these fake botanical landscaping products from Plantscape Inc so much popular with the landscape designers?

Owners of large and luxurious properties like large corporate offices, five-star hotels or any shopping malls, always consult the best landscape designers and architects to turn their interiors and exteriors extremely attractive for their clients. For executing these jobs, they only reply on products from Plantscape Inc. because of their realistic appearance; no one can differentiate their look compared to the original live plants or trees.

Silks of very superior quality are used for their creation. These faux botanical landscaping items are the quite light weight too. But what makes them entirely desirable is their price, which is very much less compared to products manufactured by rival companies. Any amusement park or water park can also use these products for their interior landscaping needs.

What are the unique characteristics of these fake botanical garden products from Plantscape Inc?

Get the feel of a tropical island right inside your luxurious property by installing these artificial foliages from Plantscape Inc. Their unique properties are explained below:-

  • The faux botanical products found in their collection are made completely fire retardant. They got class A fire rating from the state authorities proving this point.
  • The surface of these products is impregnated with anti-fading chemicals for saving them from losing their beautiful appearance.
  • Other special chemicals are also impregnated on their surface for protecting them from harmful UV rays.
  • You can place these fake beauties inside any luxury restaurant without worry as they are made from non-toxic chemicals. These products can never affect the food in the restaurant.
  • These products are extremely cost effective, bought once they last all your life and also retain their attractive appearance. Just a bit of dusting and washing once a while are required as their care regime.

How to purchase and order for these fake botanical landscaping products from Plantscape Inc?

Any variety of artificial foliage like small or large plants, trees, topiaries, required for your interior or even outdoor landscaping needs can be ordered from the company. By visiting their official website, you can request for the catalog and quote. They accept all forms of customized orders, just contact the company and do it.

Indoor and Outdoor Artificial PlantsArtificial landscaping has been given much preference nowadays by people due to their ease of maintenance. With artificial landscapes built in your indoor as well as outdoors, give you rid of continuous yard efforts, fertilizing, watering and pruning needs. With the evolution of faux plants and trees, the artificial landscapes are not limited to the just outdoor area, but one can find a numerous range of products for indoor areas as well. There has been enormous competition in the market for selling silk landscaping products. Plantscape Inc is one such leading brand in the artificial landscaping industry, trusted and tested by people with their range of high quality indoor and outdoor landscaping line.

Serving Industry Over 40 Years

Plantscape Inc has over 40 years of experience and reputation in offering silk flowers, faux plants, trees and foliage of unmatched quality. Whether you want to design a custom indoor arrangement or a landscape design suitable for your commercial space, Plantscape Inc can make your place beautiful and livelier. With a complete line of cost effective, efficient and technically safe products, you can create an outstanding indoor landscape with the long lasting impression. You can have any artificial plant crafted for your commercial space to reflect a perfect combination of nature, class, and style.

Unmatched Quality Interior Line for Your Commercial Indoor

Whether you want to build a solid greener environment inside your office premises or want to transform your boring office indoor environment to a refreshing and close to nature, you can find every suitable product as per your special requirements. The perfect design of the commercial landscape reflects the business and its standard in the most efficient way. From your reception area, entrance, waiting room, conference room, retail store, hospital as well restaurants, with Plantscape Inc's exclusive indoor range, you can create an eye-catchy interior landscape.

Exclusive Indoor Trees for Building A Natural Habitat

If you own the business building like retail or wholesale stores where the wide number of traffic surround you every day, the large artificial trees are good option to have somewhere inside your indoor space. Artificial trees will create a natural and calm environment in your indoor area while also making people refresh with the positive energy of such greenery. You can choose from a large number of faux tree options as per your space requirements. Such evergreen silk trees planted in your space will make your area look fantastic.

Try Silk Flower Range To Add Colors

Adding a blend of charming colors along with greenery to your space will add additional stars to the appearance and feel of the space. If you have small pathways in your indoor space, then artificial flowers would work wonderfully in combination with plants. In addition to this, your reception desk, meeting room desks, conference table, waiting room table and more can be the ideal places to place colorful plant vases. You can find a large number of varieties of flowers ranging from rose, lilies, orchids and much more. These can give you a special blend of vibrant colors to make your commercial space much more charming and eye-catchy.

Custom Artificial Plants - A Must Have Product

Your commercial indoor landscape cannot be considered complete if you don't have a unique and classy shape in your area that can represent your business. The custom designed plants are madly in landscaping trend as commercial building owners prefer to design at least one single outstanding custom piece that can define their business statement. Custom plants include artificial topiaries, custom hedge shapes, flower combinations and more. Among all these topiaries are the most eye-catchy and remarkable solutions. With an artificial topiary, you can make your place center of attention of everyone. In artificial landscaping, you can even get the custom shapes created with hedges. Whether you want to create your favorite superhero, a shape to represent your business or any animal topiary, everything is possible in custom designed topiaries.

Why Artificial Landscaping Is Better Than Live Plants

There are countless benefits offered by artificial plants and trees that make them preferable over live plants. If you are worried about whether to go for real landscaping or artificial plants, the below are some major benefits of artificial landscaping that you should know about.

  • The most important benefit of artificial plants is that you no longer need to worry about their maintenance, watering, pruning and fertilizing needs as required in case of real plants.
  • Faux landscapes are designed in such a way that these can withstand various environmental conditions. Especially outdoor plants and trees come with rain and UV resistant properties.
  • Artificial plants can be given elegant custom shapes easily. On the other hand, live plants are delicate, and it is really difficult to give desired shapes to them.
  • When talking about indoor landscaping, real plants can give rise to annoying insects and pests which can make the indoor environment worst. Whereas with the help of silk plants, you need not worry about bugs and all as they are made up of artificial material, and that don't attract insects.
  • The fake plants and hedges are highly lightweight, and this requires little bit efforts to get installed. Also due to their lightweight, you can often shuffle them quickly to create the pattern you want for your commercial space.
  • These eliminate your need of hiring a dedicated gardening staff as these don't require much maintenance. A light dusting and washing can make your faux landscape bloom again and spread the charm.
  • Another major advantage of artificial plants is that these are highly durable. These can keep spreading greenery to your garden for years without fading and getting dull. Whereas in case live plants you need to put a lot of efforts to keep them flourishing daily.

A commercial space cannot be considered complete without the presence of effective and soothing landscape. With the evolution of artificial plants, landscaping has become much easier. So, if you want your employees, guests, visitors as well as customers feel energetic and attracted in your place, start choosing the right silk landscaping products for you.

Artificial Rhapis PalmDo you sense the need of giving a complete makeover to your huge office interiors? Not only any corporate office but bringing a complete change into the interior landscape of any huge luxurious property, needs a lot of planning and proper execution of that plan, by using a clever and unique choice of decor items. Bringing in nature through decor items can be a unique move, as it can build an instant positive connection with people visiting your property as well as with people working or staying there.

By placing and using various indoor plants like Rhapis Palm, in an innovative and aesthetic way, this brilliant change in the interior landscape can be brought. Inside a giant art gallery or in the lobby of a corporate office building, if Rhapis Palm can be placed in its potted look, a lot of elegance will get added into the entire decoration. But, it is not a child's play to grow real Rhapis Palms as it will involve a proper care regime using manpower and the process will also be lengthy.

Hence, the best solution to this problem is, by installing realistic looking artificial Rhapis Palms, which can be equally appealing like the live plant.

From where can you find these faux Rhapis Palms?

The most reliable, trustworthy and professional company where any replica of the original trees and plants can be sourced from, is most definitely Plantscape Inc. Founded in 1974, the company has been working towards its goal of manufacturing the most lifelike and accurate fake botanical products. The products in their collection include any large or small artificial tropical plants. The faux Rhapis Palms found here are the best in the industry.

The company has hired the best professionals regarding botanists, architects, and designers to form a team for crafting this replica of the original plants and trees. The Rhapis Palms found here look so perfect that, if placed in the reception area of a boutique resort, it will add more elegance and beauty to the interiors of that property. The company also helps in the fitting process of these decor items, and can also help you will your entire landscape designing plans.

Why is that, the Fake Rhapis Palm from Plantscape Inc is preferred over its original counterpart?

Minimum maintenance requirement and time involvement in keeping a decor item as it is will always be preferred. Growing real Rhapis Palms will have all these problems associated with it, and hence, it is always wise to use faux plants for your decor idea implementations. Various other reasons are:

  • The real trees and plants need to be shaped, trimmed and pruned in regular intervals for retaining their look, but the fake one has no such issues attached.
  • Specific weather conditions will be required for the live trees and plants to survive and grow. The fake ones stay same throughout the year.
  • The real plant or tree will require water, sunlight, and shades for maintaining its health, while water saving can be guaranteed by the faux alternatives.
  • You will have to buy and apply fertilizers and pesticides for the saving the real plants from pest attacks and healthy appearance. The replica of the original plant will save your investment on these.

The faux Rhapis Palm from Plantscape Inc should be ordered as early as possible, why?

Every commercial property is decked up in the form of landscaping decorations, for attracting the clients and visitors. This is why they hire the best interior or exterior landscaping designers. These well-known designers completely rely on the replica of the original botanical products, crafted from the house of Plantscape Inc. Fake Rhapis Palms from their collection is extremely popular and preferred.

This interior landscaping decor item is extremely lightweight, and quite inexpensive too compared to other available varieties in the market, considering the replica appearance they are crafted into. Made of very high-quality silk, this faux botanical beauty can be a perfect addition to any casinos, plush restaurants or luxury malls. Nobody will be able to make out their faux identity, and it will establish the same connection with the visitors just the live ones.

The unique properties of this amazingly similar looking faux Rhapis Palms from Plantscape Inc.

Install the essence of a tropical environment in the interior landscapes of any huge and luxurious property by placing the fake botanical beauties from Plantscape Inc., like faux Rhapis Palms. The properties it has are listed below:

  • The company has earned Class A fire rating; this makes all the artificial foliages like Rhapis Palms available in their collection totally fire retardant with the use of proper chemicals during the manufacturing process.
  • The products are also made resistant to any wear and tear in their color and appearance by using anti-fading chemicals on their surface.
  • The artificial products available in their collection meant for outdoor landscaping use has special chemicals added to them for getting saved from harmful UV rays.
  • These artificial foliages are made non-toxic, as there is no chance of any accidents happening with them as they can be placed even in the interiors of a restaurant.
  • Sometimes or as required, you can dust the surface or wash these artificial botanical beauties like Rhapis Palms, and the look will last all your lifetime. It is a one-time investment.

How choose from Rhapis Palm collection from Plantscape Inc.?

Rhapis Palms or Lady Palms are one of the best indoor plants; hence, the fake foliage will also be best suited for interior landscaping decor needs. It can be ordered with or without a pot. Depending on the demand of the customer the size can be customized for ordering by contacting the concerned person from the company.

contemporary landscapingDesigning modern landscapes is always challenging. It demands a natural blend of variety concepts and unique plants. Here is where Janet Craig Limelights will help you the most. With their fluffy green leaves and the exclusively fresh structure, they will steal the show in the first looks itself. They will contribute the most refreshing looks to your interiors without affecting the overall looks of the sole contemporary landscape design.

Fresh out of the freshest is here

Each and every landscape designs will be focusing on the fresh of the freshest looks. If you want that looks to be fused in your latest landscape, you can go for Janet Craig Limelight. With the beautiful and extra natural looks, the Janet Craig Limelight will certainly make the ambiance look more relishing. The fresh looks of the plant will contribute to the overall ambiance of the room and will make the place more welcoming than ever.

Unbelievable looks in a pot

The detailing in the creation of the Janet Craig Limelight is just unbelievable. Each and every character of the plant is being scrutinized closely and has been caricatured realistic than the real plant. From the tiny follicles to the stem and small cuticles, each and every nature of the plant has been recreated. The shades of green in the leaves and the crafting of the stems are just mind blowing. The look of the plant can never be mocked like this. The plant looks and feels like a real one that you can mix it up with any landscape designs

Let the plant beautify your spaces without any efforts

The time to manage a real plant is always a matter of concern. With these fabulous Janet Craig Limelights, you can enjoy the fresh green looks of the plants throughout the year. There are no worries of leaf shedding or the plant drying out. Without a single drop of water and any maintenance, your premises will look natural, green, fresh and beautiful. You do not need to look forward to a cleaning process or a trimming process after they have been installed

Mix and match the plants in confidence

Janet Craig Limelights are highly portable, and you can mix match them with any designs. You change their position from the interior mini garden to the courtyard design, or you can flip them from the hall to the doorway depending on the events. When you are out for a holiday interior design or when you plan an interior birthday party, you can just lift and plants and place these fabulous pieces in any spaces to make the places look cozy and fresh than ever.

One time investment for a lifetime

Janet Craig Limelights are the ones you can prefer to decorate your landscapes if you are looking out for a one-time aesthetic investment. Yes, the quality materials used to craft the Janet Craig Limelights will let them live longer and so they will cherish your milieus for a longer period. They will not be damaged by small external factors, and the quality of the crafting materials can be seen in each and every detailing of the plant. All the positive features of the Janet Craig Limelights come from the quality materials used for crafting

Benefits of Janet Craig Limelights are

Janet Craig Limelights can steal the show with their ultra-fresh looks and green effect. There are a bunch of other advantages that you can avail while installing Janet Craig Limelights in your interiors which includes

  • Janet Craig Limelights are the best choice of plants to be incorporated into the contemporary design. Unlike other colorful faux plants, they will look elegant and beautiful when incorporated in a contemporary design. The plant will never stand out, and the overall design of the landscape will look natural than ever
  • Janet Craig Limelights are highly adaptable. They will look fabulous in any lights.If they are placed in dimly lighted rooms, they will look cooler, and if they are placed in intense lights, the spaces will look cozier than ever. They can cope with the circumstances and have the ability to convert the mood of the spaces to more welcoming ones.
  • If you want to install a fresh green plant near your kid's room, don't hesitate to go for Janet Craig Limelights. They are highly reliable and will not be damaged with water or mild chemicals.You can install them courageously on any areas of your home
  • When you are a person who does not have time to take care of the plants, then also you can go for Janet Craig Limelights which doesn't require any maintenance. You can dust them occasionally when they are too dirty and you can see the fresh out of the box plant in its full glory
  • Janet Craig Limelights are highly portable, and that feature will help in redesigning your landscape whenever you feel to do it. Unlike real plants, these beautiful Janet Craig Limelights can be ported to different spots without any disappointments.

Let the eyes enjoy the joys

If you wish to have a fresh looking landscape that would smoothen your eyes with extra green leaves, you can go for Janet Craig Limelights.The highlight of the plant is the freshest look that that plant possesses. They remind the pathway to the moistest woods and the greenest plants on the planet.

Install and forget

Janet Craig Limelights can be installed in the minimal possible time. This will save in the time to plant and maintain a real plant. A single person can install them, and you can even port them to another place without the assistance of someone else, Isn't it great to have an impressive plant that would make your premises greener?

Banyan trees have always inspired awe among people. They are big, they provide amazing shade and they look incredibly majestic. Of course, children love hanging on those vines and playing games! But unless you own a property on a farm, chances are really low that you will be able to grow a banyan tree in your house. Most of us live in apartments or houses with backyards and front yards that are not big enough for an entire banyan tree. It's such tough luck that we can't enjoy something we loved so much, right? Wrong! Did you know about the existence of artificial banyan tree decoration?