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10 Appropriate Decor Ideas for a Funeral

Blog Monday, 11 March 2019 11:03

10 Appropriate Decor Ideas For A FuneralAll cultures around the world have different rituals for dealing with death, but each one has something, whether it’s a burial or a cremation or more esoteric means of saying goodbye to a loved one. If you’re planning for a funeral after the death, the decor plays a huge role. It must be appropriate for the sentiments while helping the guests mourn and feel less devastated by the death. Here are 10 appropriate decor ideas for a funeral -

Select an appropriate theme

Think of a theme that is fitting for the funeral, based on the things that the deceased person liked or did. If he was a musician, have music-themed decor. The traditional plain black decor can be depressing and doesn’t help the guests feel any better about the grief and remorse they are dealing with or lift the spirit of the place.

Think of unique memorial ideas

Try to come up with unique ideas to remember the deceased person who the funeral is for. You can make an elegantly decorated memory board for guests to share snippets of their personal memories about the deceased. Hang out floating balloons with chits of paper attached where guests may write messages for the dead and release them to the sky outside.

Be creative with memorial ideas, and you can be sure that the morose and depressive mood of the funeral will be slightly lifted, and the grieving friends and family of the dead will feel slightly better and find it easier to make peace with the death.

Arrange a large and creative photo display

Photographs are the most common object for all funerals, as they are the strongest way to remember the deceased person. To make your loved one’s funeral special, you should be creative about the displaying of pictures. Make a large display board with many photos, detailing the entire deceased life from childhood to the last picture taken before his or her death.

Make a picture journey for those guests who knew him briefly to find out about their whole lives. You can include small captions about where or when each picture was taken, and if there was a special occasion for the picture. Some must have baby pictures, important birthdays and anniversaries, graduation pictures, wedding pictures, significant achievements, etc.

Say it with flowers

Flowers are also an integral part of funerals across all cultures all over the world. From floral arrangements, bouquets, wreaths, and garlands to full flowering bushes, hedges or plants and outdoor trees and topiaries, greenery helps present a cheerful yet non-intrusive mood. From the caskets and pictures to the walls of the hall and the outdoor burial site, flowers can be used everywhere.

If your budget is tight for too many real flowers, an excellent option for you might be artificial silk flower bouquets or artificial flower arrangements. There are many ways to incorporate artificial flowers and plants in your funeral, like garlands and bouquets or artificial hedges or faux topiaries shaped like objects dear to the deceased.

Make the colors and lighting somber yet not depressing.

The color schemes used for the drapery, tablecloths and other decor items should be well suited to the event. Very bright and gorgeous colors should be avoided, for example, deep reds as these colors are associated with happy and cheerful events like weddings and birthdays. Red is especially bad as it may create associations to blood, something you do not want at a funeral.

Light yet uplifting colors a good idea, such as pinks, lavender, light yellows, and blues, etc. Too much black, while traditional, can become too depressing and increase the feelings of grief and remorse in your guests. Similarly, the lighting should not be too frivolous or bright, but not so dim as to make the place look gloomy or dark.

Create a space for guests to share

Consider having an area in your funeral hall with plenty of communal sitting arrangements, for example in a circle around a small display of pictures and articles belonging to the deceased where guests can take time to sit and reminisce about the deceased and share their individual memories with each other. This can be a great way to relieve some grief for the guests.

Make the belongings of the deceased items of decor.

Another unique and creative decor idea can be small vignettes made from the articles treasured by the deceased. Hang up some of their favorite clothing here and there, ones they used a lot and may bring memories back to the guests. Make little displays of their favorite articles, like a guitar or a bicycle or something they made or a collection they kept.

Have a customized casket

If you’re going for burial, an important part of the funeral is the casket. All eyes will be on the casket, so go all out on getting a unique casket that is customized to the deceased person. If they loved racing, think of a casket shaped like a race-car. If they were avid gardeners, adorn the casket with flowers. Again, you can use artificial flowers made of silk or artificial flower bouquets for this if you want to save on cost.

Going for a generic casket can make the funeral far less memorable. If it an open casket funeral, you can also include decor inside the casket, and in the clothing of the corpse. Generally, people choose the favorite clothes of the deceased.

Make keepsakes that incorporate the ashes of the deceased.

If you’re going for cremation, a new modern trend is to make small keepsakes that incorporate the ashes of the deceased into them. Common examples of this are glass or acrylic items like paperweights, pendants or show-pieces which have a small number of the dead person’s ashes injected into them during the manufacturing process.

Have a memorial service booklet

Make a small booklet for the guests to receive at the beginning of the service or ceremony. It can contain the order of the day’s events, a small section on who the person was and what his life was like, maybe some anecdotes or memories written by other close members of his family or close friends, etc. It gives the guests something to take home with them, and instructions about the proceedings at the same time.


It is never easy to deal with the death of a loved one, and funerals are designed to help the mourning people cope with the loss and have a way to accept it and move on. Choosing the right kind of decor can help with this just as much as bad decoration can hinder it, so follow these tips and make a good thing out of a bad situation.

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