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10 Good Decor Tips For Your Montessori School Classrooms

Blog Friday, 12 April 2019 08:53

Montessori School DecorSo what makes a Montessori School so much different than a Pre-school? It is not about feeding information to children, it is about enhancing their power to adapt to knowledge and grow curious.

The décor of a Montessori Classroom has to reflect its philosophies. It cannot just have all the posters and colors in the world because it is for children. Go through the 10 décor tips for your Montessori Classrooms for having a clearer idea.

A color for everything

Since Montessori learning believes in the division of learning like culture, Maths, Art and so on, there are also specific areas for each of these disciplines. With the subject group, the wall panel should change and so should the color of it.
There are very good graphics wallpapers available in the market having numbers on them, or musical instruments or even letters, use them for defining what a classroom is for. When a student is surrounded by them, their minds will concentrate on the designated topic to study.

Light in nature

Let there be more natural lighting in your classrooms. You want the children to have the warmth of the sun a little more than the heat of tube lights. Cross ventilation and windows not only let fresh air in but also an ample amount of light in the class.

Nevertheless, use good quality tube lights at four corners so that every eye that meets the letters and figures can read for hours without strain.

Goodness to backbone

Montessori learning is not just to sharpen the brain but also have a healthy body. A good combination of desks and chairs is of utmost importance. Stick to nature and have wooden tables and chairs. It gives a look of discipline.

Consider having to cushion for the chairs and cabinets under the table so that the children can keep their belongings.

A Library within the classroom

It is not just about reading the prescribed books but having a greater spectrum of understanding of the world. If every classroom has a small library that contains books equivalent to the class and the theme in mind, then the children will get drawn into the habit of reading and analyzing.

It does not have to be a massive central library but just a small wooden box with some books that are not meant for exams but fun and learning.

A wall for thoughts

Children run wild with imagination. That is what makes them better than adults. Every day they come to school with so many thoughts lingering within their growing minds. Give them a canvas to draw all these thoughts on.

A wall where a kid can share what joy he got out of breaking an egg, or what pain she had watching an old man walk barefoot. This creates a sense of empathy and also an openness to discussing issues that concern them.

It would be best if you let the children decorate this whole wall. Let them decide what color should it be, frame it should have. After all, it is their wall of thoughts.

Big screen for small eyes

There is no learning without Audio Visual Aid nowadays. If the schools are not providing it, the kids will scrooge their parents' cell phone and get the information. So why deny them the benefits of technology?

A computer and a big projector is enough for a Montessori classroom. They can see videos related to the topics. Sometimes there is nothing more effective than watching a movie to improve on language.

Nature with nurture

The benefits of nature around children have been an ancient booster for mind growth and body development. Have small flowering trees at the entrance of each classroom. Let the kids enter with a thought of coming in a garden and enjoying. Smiles all around!

You can also have dwarf trees inside your classroom considering its size. The children are stuck in a classroom for long hours, they deserve to get a feeling of the outside in the inside.

Cabinets on top

Montessori learning has a lot of play-boards and game boards for pleasure learning. They even use the old Abacus system to teach the counting patterns.

Now that you have taken a bit of floor space for the flowering trees, you will need some extra space for keeping all the equipment for learning. Instead of cluttering further on the ground, some cabinets on top would be a good idea.

It would remain out of the hands of the children, and they would have a great deal of ground space to walk about once in a while.

Give them the right to complaint

Since Montessori learning induces control and self-discipline at times children hide their grievances in the fear of creating chaos. A good way to avoid both the drawbacks is having a nice box where they can put their complaints and discuss any issue they are facing.

You can also be open to their suggestion. Children are a part of the school, not the laborers; they need to know it at every step.

An art gallery

There is not a single child who comes without talent. Beyond their prescribed project Montessori learning encourages art and handmade projects. But what happens after they have given so much effort towards making them?

A small platform where the Project of the week is displayed gives all the children a push for being more creative. A creative sofa set made out of matchboxes deserves a special place for the 5 days of school. A shelve for that would be plenty.

The whole trick is to have a classroom as simple as the ones learning inside them. Actually Montessori schools have principals that are not modern but ancient. They use the core philosophy of imparting knowledge to make students independent.

Unlike most of the décors, this is not about being appreciated; it is about using every bit for preparing the students to be liberal humans. They are the future of this world.

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