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10 Reasons Plantscape Inc Products Beat Competition on Every Parameter you Name

Blog Thursday, 12 October 2017 09:05

10 Reasons Plantscape Inc Products Beat Competition On Every Parameter You NameHolding a leading position in interior landscaping since its incorporation in 1974, Plantscape Inc products need no introduction. The company has a professional team made of architects, botanists, designers, engineers and project heads to make their product chic and classy. Talking about the artificial landscaping elements the company has wide variants of products and also offers diverse landscaping services to the clients. The quality of their products and their excellent services has made PlantScape Inc a one-stop destination for all types of interior landscaping projects. Modern commercial places need good landscape for adding a dash of elegance and using their unique indoor plant service you can make the commercial indoor heartwarming and sophisticated.

Places where you can use the artificial landscaping products

The one line answer is in any type of commercial indoor. The Plantscape products are so beautifully themed so that they can deliver a strong message about the quality and class of the business. Owners and designers of large commercial indoors of huge corporate houses, classic hotel chains, exhibition pavilions, shopping malls, theme parks etc can revamp their indoor spaces using the artificial tree and plants.

Why choosing the faux greenery?

Using fake foliage for the indoor decoration of large commercial spaces is the present trend. People prefer the fake greenery as these are no maintenance landscaping item. These are the perfect alternative to natural plants, as these are equally aesthetically pleasing and create no mess. You can forget about them after installation as they will never overgrow the place marring the decoration or die.

Here are 10 reasons that make Plantscape products better than others

1. Wide range of variants

Varieties are the essence of the landscaping products made by Plantscape Inc. They have a wide range of products including tropical trees, other trees and plants, flowers, topiaries, planters & containers etc to fulfill every landscaping need. These are available in standard shape and size. However, you may get them tailor-made for your specific requirement.

2. Everlasting attraction

Everyone likes a public place or commercial house that is adorned with a beautiful landscape. Plantscape artificial trees and plants are manufactured using Silk foliage and high-quality color pigments. These are out-and-out like the natural plants and their elegance help to create a strong physical attraction in the minds of the onlookers. Thus, a long-lasting bondage is formed for keeping the customers loyal to your brand.

3. Extremely durable

Durability is another factor that it makes Plantscape artificial trees and plants better than the product of other indoor plant maintenance companies. These are meticulously crafted form high quality plastic materials and can stay in your indoor for a quite a long period of time continuously serving the cause.

4. These never fade

Landscaping involves a lot a planning and installation hassles and if you find that your dream landscape, that once had a vibrant colorful appearance, has become dull due to discoloration, you would not definitely like that. But, it is what happens with most of the fake landscaping products. The Plantscape products are manufactured following PermaLeaf technologies that make them fade and UV resistant during manufacturing process. These never fade and so, score over others.

5. Safety is not compromised

However elegant and inviting your interior landscaping might be, that can let you down in case there is fire and it happens with many other fake landscaping elements. Plantscape Inc never compromise with safety factors. Their products are made using ThermaLeaf technologies. In this process, special fire retardant chemicals are infused in the foliage by injection molding process during manufacturing making the artificial trees, plants and topiaries absolutely safe to use. This keeps the Plantscape products in line with the state fire regulation and you are assured of your peace of mind.

6. You can get what you want

Plantscape Inc faux decorating elements for commercial interiors are versatile as these are available in many types, shapes, and sizes. In case you feel that the standard products would not properly fit your space, you may spell out your dream and the company will do customization for your specific requirement.

7. No health hazard

Whether it is a municipal office, healthcare facility or a place of entertainment, such places are always crowded by a large number of people including kids. Being very inquisitive, the kids may come in the close vicinity of these decorating items and may also touch those. As these are made from high-quality non-toxic plastic materials, these do not create any allergy or any other health hazard.

8. These are realistic and affordable

Whether you opt for Plantscape artificial trees, plants, topiaries or flowers, all these are made botanically correct. In fact, these landscaping elements are so indistinguishable from their natural counterparts that one can only feel the difference by touching only. Further, these never overdo the decoration but melt with the design theme to add a dash of elegance. Being a onetime investment, item this is an affordable landscaping option.

9. This can be carried anywhere

Shifting of a commercial setting from one place to another is quite probable and it does happen. But you need not worry about the Plantscape products. The major advantage of these landscaping items is that they glow with their vibrant look anywhere. Coming in standard bases these have enough portability. Manufactured from silk foliage, these are safe for carrying from one place to other. You may also like to give your commercial indoor a facelift after some time. Being highly portable, these can be easily interchanged between places for a new look.

10. You can get unmatched service

Entrusting your landscaping with Plantscape you can avail their unique services starting from an evaluation of the needs, planning, designing and installation of all artificial landscaping items produced. The company also undertakes turnkey landscaping projects for its clients. Thus, their product and service combo becomes one-of-a-kind.

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