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10 Reasons Why Plantscape Inc is the Ideal Faux Landscaping Product Provider

Blog Wednesday, 19 July 2017 11:39

Faux PlantsEvery commercial location needs a visual identity, and it involves the application of the best landscaping ideas to create a cozy and refreshing setting for the visitors. For example, a rejuvenating atmosphere with an elegant interior landscape design at the reception of any commercial building gives an immediate good impression among the visitors. Plants are an excellent landscaping item, and its rejuvenating nature is ideal for greeting new visitors at your building.

Creating the ideal interior landscape design at commercial locations

Creating an ideal interior landscape requires the best office plant service along with the top class products. This is almost impossible with the real plants as they have certain drawbacks. They need regular maintenance, ideal factors for growth, etc. and also cause messy landscapes due to dead leaves and twigs and insects which are attracted due to the plant. Along with that, most of the times you can't grow the desired plant or tree in your office as it won't grow in that region.

This has led to the use of artificial plants which are ideal for use in offices. You can have the desired landscape with fake plants, and they have distinct advantages also. Firstly you can have your favorite plant in your office irrespective of where they grow naturally. You don't have to bother about watering or maintenance of your dream landscape as they will be in top condition. Here are some of the main requirements for a superb landscape:

  • Best planning- a superb transformation of any landscape requires the best ideas to plan out the change. Landscaping experts are best for planning the change and putting the right items to use for implementing it.
  • Top class landscaping items- a superior landscape requires top quality artificial plants which resemble the real plants closely and also durable.
  • Flexibility- commercial landscapes are usually prone to change, and the landscaping items should be flexible to change in case you wish to change the setting.
  • Client oriented service- the landscaping should be done to satisfy the clients and if you are not satisfied with the interior landscape design services provided, it will be the waste of money and the landscape will also look dull.
  • Complete care of landscape- the company providing the office plant service should carry out the complete process of manufacturing the artificial plants, making plans on which products to use and installing them for an adorable landscape.

Plantscape Inc - the first choice for faux interior landscape design

Plantscape Inc was set up in 1974, and since then it has become the first choice of many top class clients for interior landscape design at commercial buildings. They provide high-quality office plant service and complete the process of landscaping at commercial buildings. Here are the reasons why Plantscape Inc is ideal for your commercial building.

Visiting the location and evaluation

You will be freed of evaluating your landscape for picking the right interior landscape design as the team at Plantscape Inc will visit your commercial space and evaluate it to transform it to an amazing landscape.

Top quality interior landscape design

The expert team at Plantscape Inc can suggest the best design suitable for the place. It can be the reception of your office or any interior design at a restaurant or may be any other more complicated place. The experts help get the best plan for any location.

Best plant manufacturers

The manufacturing team at Plantscape Inc comprises of expert horticulturists who design the plants to resemble the real plants closely so that the visitors can't distinguish them from faux plants or trees. The items will look like real fresh plants.

Best artificial landscaping products

All commercial spaces need a stunning landscape and picking the right products is most important. At Plantscape Inc you get the top quality landscaping items, and it's an all in one roof for everything you need for a stunning landscape. So pick your favorite item and transform any landscape with it.

Durability delivered

The beautiful landscaping items are not only worth their impressive aesthetic beauty, but they are durable for the commercial locations as well. Apart from the virtue of artificial plants and tree free of a definite life span the Plantscape Inc products will retain the elegant glaze for a long time to resemble their fresh, natural counterparts.

Amazing holiday decor

If you have a restaurant, theme parks, casinos, shopping malls, etc. designing holiday landscapes is also an important aspect. On occasions like Christmas, you can greet your visitors with a special landscape and the expert team at Plantscape Inc is ready to help you with complete landscape décor.

Delivery and installation

While working with Plantscape Inc, you can forget the hassle of transporting the landscaping items into your commercial place and installing them correctly as they will deliver the products and install them at your location.

Landscape furnishings for a smoother look

At commercial places, installing some artificial plants doesn't finish the process of landscaping as it takes small yet sophisticated items to complete the process of landscaping. At Plantscape Inc you will get the best furnishing items for a crisp and stylish landscape.

Widest range of faux plants and trees

Plantscape Inc has the widest range of interior landscape design products ranging from the faux trees and plants for various landscapes, the ideal containers or boxes to place them, etc. You will get flowering plants, topiaries, tropical trees, custom trees and plants and everything else required for a stunning landscape.

Innovative technology

The fade and fire resistant products at Plantscape Inc ensure safety and increase the durability of the items. The ThermaLeaf® technology makes the items fire resistant by adding some chemicals in its foliage. The PermaLeaf® technology ensures that the products are fade resistant and UV blocking for longer times by using superior quality color pigments.

These have made Plantscape Inc the best faux landscaping item provider for commercial spaces.

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