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10 Tips To Give Your Hall A Complete Makeover

Blog Wednesday, 27 February 2019 06:47

10 Tips To Give Your Hall A Complete MakeoverThe hallway is often neglected place due undivided attention to other major segments of home décor. But remember that it is the first place you will come across if you want to feel the calmness of the study room or coziness of bedroom. So here are some ideas that will help you get rid of that uninteresting hallway.

1. A gallery

Turn your hallway into an amazing gallery with pictures of your personal choice that will create a different impression for the hall, that everyone considered dull and bring earlier. To do that, you have to take the measurement of the wall to be dedicated for that purpose. Then make a diagram with those measurements on paper where you can fit in your photo frames or other framed objects such as paintings or mirrors. In this way, you can prevent miscalculations while executing the job on site. Get the accurate measurements of the frames that will be suitable in your chosen theme on that wall and begin work for getting your paintings framed. Another thing to be kept in mind is that the color of the walls and the entrance design because they will accompany your décor of arts and pictures to create an overall pictures arena.

2. Rearrange the furniture

This idea works perfectly without any budget. You just have to pick things up from one place and place at another. Normally a hallway does not contain too much furniture, but still, you can transform the look by bringing in some and taking the odd man out. Pull your chairs away from the walls and make a small seating area in the middle part of the hallway if you have ample space. Do not put large size chairs or tables in that space. If you have a thematic entrance or decorated hall, you must select the suitable pieces of furniture that will match the surrounding. In a vintage décor, rustic coffee table set fits good, whereas, in a beach theme, you can add things like seashells, sand, and ropes to the décor by keeping them in an extra wall-side desk that is painted white. If you want a cozy hallway that you use very often, keep a long one-sided sofa with a glass table in front and facing the most beautiful wall. In the corners, you can keep small tall tools for showcasing art items or flowers.

3. Use of subtle lighting

Lighting is an essential element of every indoor décor. And essentially it becomes more vital if the lighted place comes into view when you first enter your house. So give your hallway a good makeover by layered lighting. Apart from the main lighting that is normally visible due to large size and lighting, you should use detail lighting that is mood-boosting and come in handy to bring focus to whatever stuff you want people to look at. LEDs, candle-like bulbs, accent lights in showcases, colored mood lights are best for this work.

4. Wallpaper

Adding a patterned wallpaper to the hallway is going to enhance the background for further décor. Choose which wall will be the best for this makeover. Or, if you want to be one step ahead of the new trend, go for two wall makeover rather than one. The best choice is to cover both sides of the pathway so as to give the passer-by a nice panoramic view of your hard work. Natural wallpapers will become enchanting if set perfectly. A theme continued with the background, and other rooms of your house can also define the nature of your wallpaper.

5. Mirror magic

Although it seems like an odd idea, it is just as amazing as other trendy ideas. Mirrors are inherently magical in both appearance and after-effects. They reflect light which is beneficial if you don’t have any window or much natural light source. Place large mirrors with decorative frames as the centerpiece of the hallway. Accompanying it can be other art collection or paintings. For accents, you can fix two candle holders on both sides of the mirror.

6. Statement piece

Display a statement with courage at the best place of your house that is perfect to be dedicated to such décor. As you have less work in and use of hallway, you must convert that space into something amazing that will reflect your imagination besides accentuating the beauty of the whole house. The statement theme can be a vintage coffee table, and it can be an old handicraft or maybe a piece of artwork belonging to your ancestors. Make the statement bold and attractive by adding accessories such as flower pots and mood lighting.

7. Go green

Enhance the inner atmosphere of your hallway by adding a few natural elements such a few potted plants and flowers. In the corners on wooden tools, you can keep flower vases with sand and pebble and water. The flower should be of vibrant color if you have a white and simple background. Greenery can be added by putting plants such as ficus tree, silk palm trees, silk tulips, etc. Going to artificial flower arrangements is also a good choice. Silk flower centerpieces have turned out to be one of the trendiest pieces of a makeover now. If you have a desk just for vases and pots, go for small indoor plants as seems convenient.

8. Get new flooring

Everyone is tired of old flooring and this time to make some eye-catching changes. Wall-t-wall carpeting is an easy solution to this problem. Or maybe you should go for rugs that are variable in size and come in the different price range. And the best things is you can get your favorite designs suitable for a décor theme. Color-coordinated rug mosaic can be created with ease.

9. Borrow from other rooms

Get ideas from other rooms. Bring in furniture from another room that is extra in that room and can be conveniently placed in the hallway. If you have continued the theme in every room, you should continue that in this room too. Wallpapers, floor designs can be matched to other rooms with minimum arrangements.

10. Be creative

You don’t have to be a trained artist or master of designs to make a statement in this kind of place. Beginning with the fabrics of the cushion covers to the rug material, from the wallpaper design to the lights pattern, everything can be tweaked according to your needs. You just need a little bit of imagination. Always do a background check of your design and make a minuscule sketch so that you don’t make big mistakes on real things.

It’s all about feeling. If you feel good in simple architecture, keep everything simple. If you like sophistication in the first sight of your house, combine different set-ups and make a bold and creative décor. Don’t clutter the hallway because it’s best if it’s airy and spacious.

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