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11 Holiday Decor Ideas for Office Cubicles

Blog Wednesday, 24 July 2019 13:33

11 Holiday Decor Ideas For Office CubiclesHoliday means celebrating what we have and making room for newer things to come to our lives. Spread the holiday cheer to everyone in your office by decking up your cubicle this season. And why not? A person spends 40 hours a week in an office, so it better looks great!

And because of that, you must upgrade the existing workspace into something more fun and lively so that you are less stressed and more motivated while you are working away in the office. Holidays bring in the perfect excuse to make some changes in the way you work and do a makeover of your cubicle.

Here are some unique ideas for office holiday decorations:

1. Custom key covers using washi tape

If you are not very happy with the way your keyboard looks, then try a DIY that’ll upgrade your keyboard into something fun and colorful for you. Use your favorite washi tapes, solid colors or patterned, and stick them onto the keys of the keypad to get a new look, while it protects the keyboard from dirt and dust.

2. Bring in cool coasters

You can always play around with colors, mainly because offices are not still bright and cheery in looks. However, this festive season treats yourself to a better-looking cubicle by bringing in fun coasters to add a little bit of your style into space.

3. Upgrade or diy a mousepad

Bring in new accessories even if you are using an old office monitor or laptop. Upgrade them yourself by either buying a mouse pad with your favorite pattern, or you may try to make one by yourself.

You can make a stylish mousepad by cutting a corkboard in a circular shape as it has a smooth surface, suitable for a mouse. To make it easily movable and perfect, put some vinyl on it, and your brand new mousepad is ready to use!

4. Bring in some succulents or artificial plants

Plants bring in freshness and a sense of calm in any ambiance. Your office space must have some green beauty to bring the ultimate satisfaction of working on a lovely desk! If leafy plants are tough for you to maintain, go for succulents that require no care.

If you are still hesitant, bring decorative artificial plants and trees indoors for interior landscaping. You can have both customs made fake plants, artificial topiary trees you’ll love and artificial plants crafted as per your unique desire.

For example, you may go for faux plants like creepers to adorn the sidewalls of your cubicle or any beautiful artificial plant in a cute planter. Remember, the planter along with the plant is part of the decoration.

So, depending on which festivity you are celebrating, you can change or upgrade your planter. Some ideas for beautiful and creative planters are copper vessels, jute or cane baskets, or ceramic planters.

5. Fresh flowers

Holiday decor justifies every reason to splurge some amount to decorate your space and your life, which means flowers to decorate and bring in life and freshness in your little corner of work. Try to bring in Lillies as they last longer, or any flower of your choice. You can keep them in glass water jars, mason jars, or buy a fancy vase.

Once the holiday season is gone, you may want to give up the flowers, but don’t. Bring artificial silk flowers that are durable and easy to maintain.

6. Art gallery as cubicle background

The background wall of your cubicle doesn’t always have to be boring. You can still make it better to give your creative mind the right boost. Pick your favorite paintings and frame them or paste them on to the cubicle background. Art brings beauty everywhere.

7. Bring in a cushion

Bring in the most comfortable, peppy cushion to your office. A holiday decor calls for little treats to appease your hard-working self. A pillow instantly brings in warmth and personality to any space.

8. Replace the regular office chair with your favorite chair

You may not be able to change the way your entire office looks, but you can certainly change the way your cubicle does. So why not invest in a proper sitting chair with armrest and the right upholstery that supports your back? You may want to add some color by buying a chair with a pretty print or go for the formal yet cheerful geometric patterns. Find your signature chair and bring it to work!

9. Add an active footrest

Buy an active footrest for your office, preventing your legs from getting cramped.

Given the sedentary lifestyle and jobs of most millennials, it is vital to invest in items that make you're work-life easy. Bring in an active footrest to cause less strain to your feet and more blood circulation as you go on working. It also adds a personal touch to your office space.

10. Coat hooks to hang something vertically

Using the vertical space of offices is very important and useful. Not only does it save a lot of space, but they can also help us stay organized. Use coat hooks to hang your keys, calendars, and scarves instead of leaving them astray.

11. Baskets as organizers

It’s time to organize your desk and make it look neat and clean. Space where you work every day of your life and spend so many hours of your days, it’s worth decorating! If you have old berry baskets at home, or any bucket that you can use to store desk items like pens, stationery, clips, etc. then spray paint it with your favorite color and use them to organize your cubicle. You may also opt for cane baskets or jute baskets or fancy trays for storage and organization.

There are many other ways to deck up your cubicle such as bringing in a classy lampshade to instantly add warmth, upgrading your office supplies to a specific style may be rose gold or all-white, using a string to make a mini display of your favourite photos, draw in some fairy lights to spread the holiday vibes, buy yourself a fancy calendar to keep you going.

Remember, decorating a space means a lot more than sprucing it up. Our mind and productivity are directly related to the environment we live and work. For a more productive work atmosphere keep your workspace clean, organized and clutter-free but never be scared to bring in unique accessories or some motivational quotes you like.

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