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12 Office Cubicle Décor Ideas That Enhance Productivity

Blog Thursday, 25 April 2019 13:30

FlowersWhy feel stuck sitting in the same place every day when you can decorate it in easy ways? A little change can do a lot to make you feel good. And when you feel good you peak your productivity. So gear up folks! Opt for these amazingly easy yet effective tricks that will motivate inspire and energize you on a day you're slacking.

When all you want is a healthy, happy and productive workplace think no further. Just follow these ideas and voila! your space would be excellently transformed. Such is the versatility of these revamp techniques that you can practically apply it to any kind of office cubicle or even at homes.

1. Maximize the lighting: Who would want to sit and work in a gloomy ambiance? Optimum lighting is essential for any kind of work. It is incredible if you are someone who is blessed to have a cubicle by the window.

You can enhance the natural lighting by using light and breezy window hacks. Or if your seat is somewhere far away from windows and if you have heavy and opaque curtains that block light, change them at the earliest. Look for high-quality silk flowers wholesale that promises to put up a more sophisticated look.

Be ready to go for bright white bulbs as it will not only save the energy expense but also will make the area look spacious and vivid.

2. Add a few quirky décor pieces: After all your cubicle should bear the mark of you! If you have enough space, personalize your own self by adding some refreshing décor ideas. A simple handmade crotchet, wicker or paper ball, a beautiful vase or even artificial outdoor plants and shrubs can change the whole makeover.

DIY tricks like spray painting a beautiful frame that holds your favorite picture can be quite awesome. To make a unique yet colorful bookend for those scattered books on your table just pick a few waste paper from the basket and get started.

3. Get yourself a throw pillow: This could literally be your savior after a tiring client meeting or interview. You don't ever have to complain about getting your backbone ache while sitting straight on a chair. You don't require a couch to slouch always. Sink in your throw pillow as it assures you the warmth and comfort just the way you need. Experiment with quirky prints and patterns and get rid of the monotony of the function-loaded domain.

4. Practice minimalism: Too many cooks not only spoil the broth but they also confuse your head. Keep decluttering on your mind as you refurbish your cubicle. I believe you don't need too many things to stress you out unnecessarily.

Arrange in a way to keep the most essential things handy, while putting the others out of sight yet accessible when in need.

Approach websites offering wholesale artificial flowers and plants to decorate your cubicle in the most beautiful way without creating a hole in your pocket.

5. Paint as you like: Whether you want to stand out in a crowd or work in unison can be estimated how well you choose your colors. According to popular belief, commonly used shades are that of blue to refresh the mind, green to induce relaxation, and yellow to bring in creative thoughts.

Don't think much. Just pick up your favorite hue and paint the area with vibrancy. From pastels to brighter colors you can choose anything off the palette. After all your cubicle should reflect your personality vibe.

Type artificial plants for office décor and hit the search button. You will be flooded with options to choose from a number of colorful plants to contrast your space.

6. Add a tinge of aroma: Scents play a pivotal role in arousing out interest and soothing the mind. You can add a dose of peppermint to invigorate energy and tranquility. Go for the citrus ones to de-stress yourself.

7. Add bling of nature: No matter what plants never fail to instill life even in the most lifeless atmosphere. So, if you're thinking about the coolest and easiest way to feel the positive vibes every morning as you come in, invest in some artificial plants and flowers online.

8. Sticky notes to brighten your day: We all have bad days at work. Days when your efforts are not appreciated. When you feel down and there is nobody to pick you up, come to your own rescue! Write motivational messages in sticky notes and attach them right before you.

Looking up to them will lighten your mood like magic. Just think how beautiful it would look to welcome yourself with your favorite quote, the first thing in the morning.

9. Arrange for storage: A proper tidy storage box is what every cubicle needs. Declutter wouldn't make any sense until unless you arrange things properly.

10. Keep a vision board: Have a cork board before you? Great! Style it up by putting inspirational stories or smiling emoji's to greet you as you step in. You can also maintain a to-do list so that you balance your personal and professional events in a smooth way.

11. Design your desk: Organizing your desk should be on top priority if you have difficulty finding stuff on time. Arranging your accessories and stacking them aside, introducing a few disposable wipes, customized paper-weights a washable duster, few air blasters, etc. can save you from a whole lot of cleaning work in the future.

12. Pay attention to the details: For a change, you can simply alter your desktop screensaver. You can make or even print a customized mouse pad for yourself or even bring your favorite cup on your desk to make yourself feel at home.

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