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12 Tips to Make Your Hotel Lobby Look Fabulous

Blog Monday, 18 March 2019 08:04

12 Tips To Make Your Hotel Lobby Look FabulousThe first impression is the last impression. Like smile is the greeting for a person, the lobby is the welcoming sign for a hotel. A hotel lobby needs to embody personality. Hoteliers need to select a single lobby theme and design that is in line with the rest of the hotel.

The experience of a guest starts the very moment they walk in the door. You certainly want the right kind of vibe they get from your chosen design. There is a reason why hotel lobby has transformed into the centerpiece of a hotel. It speaks for itself.

There are so many considerations so ensuring a good design that fully functions should be prioritized. Here are our top tips for making your hotel lobby look fabulous:

An integrated layout

Have a lobby that welcomes your guests. It needs to encourage them to sit at ease and spend some leisure time. This will generate positive feedback.

Instead of having a traditional front desk, take advantage of footage or area the lobby has, providing a comfortable common space for all guests.

Do have plenty of electrical sockets and USBs, its an age of social communication through media.

A business section

A small business counter with a printer and WiFi can be included in the hotel lobby rather than in a separate business center. Let people make their deals in your lobby.

There needs to be tabloid around this section.

Make your wall a map

Information about all the interesting things to see around the area should be on clear display. A graphic design on the wall with the lesser-known local recommendations or even the best of the places to visit can be on the wall.

If you are transportation facilities for all the tours, there can be no better place than a lobby to display that feature too.

Complement the look with plants

The parlance of advantages that links up with indoor plants is huge. You may not always be able to catch hold of aesthetically charming plants, but you sure can get the feeling of lesser pollution and freshness.

Invite some big purple flowering trees, or even tiny flowering trees all around. In fact, even your staffs who actually work day in and day out to maintain the standard and integrity of your hotel deserve to have a good aura around.

White flowering trees have a great “beach-like” effect in mind. It is fantastic for the well-being of your guests too.

The utmost comfort

After a busy day, probably a rough flight, all the guests want is to come to the hotel and just relax. This starts with comfortable furniture. While you definitely want your furniture to be all filled with the cushion it needs to be attractive too.

Having separated seating sections is a good idea so that an individual traveler does not have to sit with a whole family and feel out of the box.

Wall panel

A very soothing wall panel will enhance the whole look of your lobby. Leather wall panels are in high demand. There is nothing that can surpass its classy looks.

You can also choose to have a complete wood wall panel to along with your furniture set to give it a home-like feeling.

Love is in the air

Your décor with the desired mood for your particular clientele. Create some romance with aromatic incense, roses and mood lightening. Let there is love flying in the air.

Time for a message

A spa zone would totally serve couples, families and stressed business people. After a fantastic outing or even a tough journey, nothing feels better than a good massage and some nice aroma.

Setting up a spa zone tucked away in a corner would be your best seller.

Let’s eat and drink

You want your visitors to sit and relax? Nothing encourages them more than food and beverages. So consider having things to munch on and gulp it in your lobby space.

Try and incorporate a touch of the homegrown culture- that’s why people travel after all. Also, do not place the bar totally isolated from the main center of the lobby. No good story starts with, “So, I had a glass of water in my hand.”

A mini mall

Tiny retail shops displaying everyday products like soaps, shampoos, lotions and so on will help your guests avoid the rush outside for little needs.

Handicrafts like handmade bags, clothing, hats, belts are perfect for a good sale and time pass for the guests. Even jewelry is a great idea to have all the feminine eyes meet the store.

Entertainment section for all

Music is something everyone enjoys. Cultural events in the lobby are a big hit. You can either choose to have live music in the evening or play some melody around. Traditional instrumental music shows your connection with the place.

Board games are perfect for keeping the children glued to one place. For the adults, you can always have a deck of cards.

To end it we need a big TV with a uniform channel for all age groups and sections.

For the book worms

For those who want some time off with their books and knowledge have a small reading section with a combination of a variety of books from all around the world.

This is also your best opportunity to bring in your own magazines and brochures. A kid’s section will make almost all parents happy.

So what’s next?

Lobby marks as an essential place. A lot of walks in and out happens in a single day. It signifies the tone of your entire hotel so setting things right in terms of décor should be your precedence while planning the setup.

There are many things that one single lobby incorporates. But keep in mind you do not want to be clustered and make anyone feel claustrophobic. You may have many ideas in the head, but not all will go along with the rest of the hotel. Choose wisely!

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