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5 Reasons Why Artificial Topiaries Are the Ideal Interior Landscaping Products

Blog Friday, 10 November 2017 13:54

faux topiariesIf you are planning to give a nice facelift to your commercial indoor for impressing your customers, and also want to make it motivating to your employees, artificial trees and plants, especially topiaries, can work great. This is for the reason that including greens in the commercial indoors is a smart choice for they stimulate sense of the people around, and help for growth of the business. While using natural plants is great, it may not be a smart choice for commercial spaces because of its caring demands like watering, fertilizing, trimming that require additional manpower.

Plantscape Inc topiary artificial trees provide great solution to this problem. Other than using for indoor decoration, these can be used for commercial outdoor Christmas decorations. In fact, topiary decor has a long history of landscaping uses. The artificial topiaries are so realistic that with their intricate styles and shapes, they are great for making a commercial space inspiring. Irrespective of the nature of the commercial organization, these can be placed anywhere in the indoor for an opulent landscape. Aside from this, you can also use the artificial outdoor topiary plants for revamping the exterior while giving a makeover to the indoor. Here are reasons why artificial topiaries are ideal for interior landscaping.

1. Magic of artificial topiary

Green architecture is the backbone of commercial landscaping, as it helps to create a positive vibe. Among all the artificial products, topiary enjoys a special place for embellishing commercial landscapes. These have been used by all landscape professionals including the water park designers for reinventing commercial spaces because of their availability in a plethora of styles and shapes like a ball, cones, and spirals that are fit for both interiors and exteriors. The PlantscapeInc topiaries are nicely crafted and are great for some commercial interiors like multiplexes, airport lounges, exotic bars & casinos, Luxury resort and spa, auditoriums, conference halls, art galleries, etc. Using these you can turn the visitors into loyal customers.

2. Plantscape Inc advantage

Having more than 40 years of stint in landscaping regimen, Plantscape Inc is one of the best Minneapolis landscape designers. They make different types of artificial topiaries and other landscaping products that can be used for adorning commercial interiors and also for doing holiday office decorations. They have a solid team of expert professionals containing botanists, designers, engineers, and landscapers and because of their vast experience and unique craftsmanship, the fake topiaries made by them can fulfill the most challenging landscaping requirements. Other than manufacturing replicated landscaping elements, they also provide wide range of services. This includes visiting of the commercial space and evaluation of the landscaping needs, assisting in designing interior landscape, holiday office decorating, etc. they also offer turnkey solutions for landscaping commercial indoors of all types.

3. Plantscape Inc products are botanically correct

Whether you use the replicated topiaries or any other artificial landscaping products, all PlantscapeInc products are meticulously crafted to make those one hundred percent botanically correct. These are so lifelike that these can deceive even the most experienced eyes. None can feel the difference until the topiaries are touched by hand.

4. These are totally fade resistant

Suppose, your commercial space have glass walls on three sides allowing plenty of sunlight and you have installed topiaries in that space. You would not definitely like those discolored after few months. Unfortunately this happens with many products, and these are actually a colossal waste of time, money and effort. With PlantscapeInc topiaries you will not face such problem. These are made using PermaLeaf grade foliage that is made by injecting special UV resistant chemicals and uses high-grade colorfast pigments. So, it does not matter how they are exposed to the harsh rays of the sun; they will be there standing with their unique lush green appearance for many years to come.

5. Using Plantscape Inc products, you can stay in peace

While the artificial topiaries are great to make any commercial interior energetic, they can be a potential hazard if not properly made. Unfortunately many replicated topiaries suffer from this hazard. While those are made aesthetically pleasant, not much importance is given to the safety aspect. Being made of plastic material, polyester foliage, and resins, that help spread fire in case of an accidental fire breakout. There is no such worry with PlantscapeInc landscaping products because those are made using ThermaLeaf grade foliage that is made fire retardant from within by injecting special fire retardant chemicals during manufacturing. These are absolutely safe on fire. Moreover, these also fall in line with the state fire laws ensuring safety and legality.

There are other features as well

  • These have a wide range of applications. You can use these in all commercial interiors.
  • With PlantscapeInc you have the option to choose from varieties of topiaries. In case, you have some special thought, they transform your dream landscape into reality through unique customization.
  • PlantscapeInc fake topiaries are strong and sturdy. Even, if you have to take those outdoor for Christmas decoration or any other occasion, they can withstand all weather condition. These also have long shelf life. You can store them in warehouses for future use.
  • Since these are available in standard bases, these can be installed easily and need no maintenance except periodic cleaning to keep them shining. This also makes those portable, and you can interchange the topiaries between corners for changing your interior landscape from time to time.
  • Using these topiaries, you do not have seasonal worries. As these are artificially made, they continue to maintain their lush green appearance yearlong.
  • There is no maintenance demand, and this saves a lot of time and money.
  • Unlike the live plants, the replicated topiaries never attract insects and, therefore, people visiting your commercial space will be free from insect attacks.
  • This is cost effective and a one-time investment.
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