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7 Simple Tricks to Make Small Rooms Look Larger

Blog Thursday, 10 January 2019 07:47

Custom Silk PlantsOwning a house is everyone’s dream. But, not all can afford a bungalow. The size of the house depends on one’s financial constraints, be it one-room apartments or many-roomed ones. Even if you have small sized rooms or a single room serving multipurpose, the interior can be made to look larger with a few novel ideas.

Need to make small rooms look longer

Any house that accommodates a family needs lots of space even more so for families with children. The additional space serves a playground for the kids and aids in free moving within the house. How many of us have the luxury of stretching our legs in our own homes? We do not extend your legs in fear of hitting other objects.

Tricks to make rooms look spacious

All these can be avoided with some simple methods. Larger is the free space, and higher is the comfort the room displays. Let us see tricks available to make rooms look more substantial.

1. Modular is the new trend

As the name indicates, the modular unit is one with different modules. That is, instead of having a whole piece set-up, the furniture is designed with multiple portions. These portions are assembled to form the final shape. In other words, any part may be removed when there is a shortage of space. You can add it at later stages. This will be more helpful when you have guests at home.

This aids in not only conserving space but also helps to easily dismantle and reassemble the structure in instances of shifting or moving to a new house or new city.

2. Colour schemas

A proper choice of color makes the room look spacious. Light and grey colors offer an elegant look. You can also use the color of the furniture inside the room to complement it.

Using the same color for all four sides makes the room dull. The current trend is to paint with different color mixing schemas. For instance, three sides in rose and one side with beautiful grey.

Apart from painting, you can also draw themed and personalized designs. This lures the attention to the style, and therefore the size will not be the focus. These designs also serve as attraction points in a house.

3. Remove the clutters

When rooms are small, while walking you have to be careful with every step you take. Otherwise, you might hit something. Any additional furniture apart from the intended purpose of the room will make it look like a storehouse. To avoid all these troubles, discard the extra furniture. For instance, remove the coffee table and replace it with an ottoman. This not only saves space but can also be used as a sitting place when the need arises.

Another idea is to use furniture with many applications. Multiple operation articles are gradually replacing Monopurpose furniture. For instance, the notion of daybeds is increasingly becoming popular. The daybeds have foldable units. This allows them to function as both sofas at daytime and as a bed at night. They are preferred for both indoor and outdoor, as they offer dual utilization with no compromise on comfort.

4. Room arrangement

Every member of the family desire to own a room for himself or herself. The actual situation may not permit it.

For instance, the bedroom may also be used as a study room by many. Thus, the place is filled with the bed as well as bookshelves, and thereby no extra space is available for walking freely. This also reduces the ease of accessing things. To prevent this spacing issue, the elements in the room have to be efficiently placed.

The bed can be placed along the corner. This saves the trouble of not using the corners. Likewise, the study table can be arranged in the other corner thereby providing ample space for walking. The shelves can be designed as in-built shelves. This conserves the need for additional furniture.

In the case of one-room apartments, as mentioned above, you can use daybeds and thus turn this into a living room. The TV can be wall mounted opposite to this daybed with the study table in any corner. See to that the front of the study table does not face the TV; otherwise, this would prove a distraction.

5. Indoor plants

The size of the room can be enlarged by placing potted plants. Interior plants decoration can be done in the corners of the room with tropical tree plants and horticultural plants. This shows the room with increased volume. For smaller office rooms, you can use most realistic artificial plants. This saves from the trouble of watering while enhancing the size of the room.

6. Enhance the lighting

Light illuminates the room. With proper optical illusions, the room can be made bigger. Some tricks include:

  • Use low-ceiling lights.
  • Go for modern lights such as globe designs rather than the traditional wall-mounted ones.
  • Use a cluster of lights, placed in a corner, across the room rather than a single one. This helps to view a particular spot in the room without affecting other areas.
  • Use windows to allow sunlight to enter.

7. Mirror does wonders

A well-placed mirror not only helps to dress oneself but also makes the room look larger.

These have to be placed at proper focal angles to provide illumination using reflection. This helps in reflecting the natural light. This reflected light bounces deep into the room, thereby making it look bigger. By placing it near the window, the outdoor can be seen easily. This is a simple method of optical illusion.

Mirrored cabinets also save the trouble of mounting the mirrors.

8. Ceilings, shelves, and flooring

Having a low ceiling makes the room look smaller even if the room is spacious. So, have a high ceiling to a permitted extent. A very high ceiling also will cause the room to lose its comforts. Pictures and night-themed stickers can be placed in the roof. This makes the ceiling look wide and also gives the feeling of a canopy. The same goes for walls.

You can use strips designs on the walls. The strips affect the concept of space as it narrows the focus of one’s sight only on the design and not on the wall while viewing. So, using strip patterns for walls and floors will give a broader space idea to the person.

Another novel idea is to attach multiple hooks to the walls instead of having a separate hanger. This saves the place for keeping the peg. Inbuilt shelves can be followed, within which the books and wardrobes can be placed. This not only saves space but also imparts a tidy look to the room.

House is the place where we replenish ourselves with energy. But, if the house is congested with furniture and cabinets, the soothing effect will be lost. This situation will be even worse for small rooms. So, to make the rooms seem large, you can try the ideas as mentioned above.

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