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8 Budget Tips to Make Your Home Interior Better

Blog Thursday, 18 October 2018 05:36

Artificial Indoor TreesHome is where we live and thrive. It’s where we relax after coming back from a busy day. So it should be comforting, inviting and relaxing to stay in it. But as time passes, the same walls which were once attractive and colorful lose their glamour; space seems to feel constricting and the ceiling feels too low. At times like this one starts wondering on how to return their interiors to that old splendor instead of the dull dump it has become. Of course, even if one wants to spruce things up a bit, there is always the issue of budgets since renovations of any sort do require some injections of cash. But, while there are expensive ways to get your home a large-scale makeover; there are also a lot of ways to transform your home but within an affordable budget.

Painting the Walls

One of the most visible and inexpensive ways to get a new look is to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Going for what the heart wants at the moment- like going for the quirky look or opting for some intense colors may satisfy the momentary streak of creative passion, but as time will go on it can look gaudy and gradually it might become a project of regret. So, if you are choosing a super trendy color then, be prepared to redo it when the trend fades away. But using a neutral backdrop will make the room look stylish and presentable for much longer. Before settling on a color, it is advisable to bring home large swatches or color samples to decide how it looks in the light and surroundings.

Reassess the Surroundings

Before going into further renovations, it is important to assess what the living areas already look like and what should be changed about it. One of the ways to get a rejuvenated feel is by moving a few furniture pieces around to change the order of things and also free up the pieces which clutter up the room. It’s important to ask if there is a need for something to stay. If not then it needs to be discarded. Less is sometimes more in some cases. In cases of furniture, if the old furniture doesn’t fit in with the new style, then instead of overspending, opting to give the existing piece a new makeover will be beneficial.

Opting for the right lighting

Half of the game is always the lighting-natural or otherwise. Moreover, it is not necessary to bring in the same light patterns throughout the whole house. For living rooms, it is beneficial to have an open and inviting space with lots of natural light and windows. Adding some stylish lamps beside the sofas will also make the room inviting during evenings. For study rooms or libraries, it is advisable to have lighting which aids in proper reading and table lamps usually do the deed. For bedrooms, going for low and soft lights will be recommended. This can be easily achieved by investing in some lamp shades.

Opting for artificial landscaping

There needs to be a bit of green in the rooms to make things look soothing and beautiful. Choosing to buy a bunch of real flowers will make the interiors look that much alluring and much more refreshing for any audience being received in the room. Contrary to the opinion that they are harder to care for and will drop in just a day, flowers can stay fresh for days if they are put in sugar water. But that does involve a bit of work every day, not to mention that fresh flowers will have to be bought quite frequently. The solution for this is opting for faux trees and faux floral arrangements. Going for some purple silk tulips or pink silk tulips will make the room more vibrant. Also choosing for some artificial tree branches with leaves or perhaps fake palm branches will do wonders for the place.

Hanging Curtains

Curtains are standard necessities everywhere, be it for privacy or blocking of light. Curtains as such can add a lot of charm to the decor, even the cheap ones if they are hung the right way. One way to make the room seem airy and inviting is by attaching the curtains wide and high just so that the length just gently kisses the floor. Of course, if you want the effect to be better then opting for light colored curtains is the way to go and if you want more shade then going for heavy curtains with darker colors is the way to go.

Rugs for the floors

Rugs can add to the air of sophistication in any room. It is important that the rugs match with the overall style of the room or else it will feel misplaced. But it is also true that they are costly. To avoid this, it is advisable to keep searching for the kind of rugs that will suit the space but will also fit into the budget.

Hardware replacement

Little things can bring joy when it comes to a house- like replacing the creaking hinges and floorboards, the leaking roof tiles or the old worn and faded door knobs. It makes the house feel updated and new. Getting matches shouldn’t be an issue because hinges and knobs are generally carried in the same boxes.

Matching Containers for open storage

Going with an overall theme will make the whole space seem coherent instead of mismatched. For this, the place to start with is in the details- the containers. If the built-ins aren’t affordable just yet, then the things to opt for are matching containers. Bonus if they match with the decor or style of the room. Go a step further and get matching boxes, baskets and crates as well.

Overall, home is where we head over to relax and rest, so it should be made and remade according to the lifestyle needs and not according to some interior decoration catalog.

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