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8 Dependable Tips to Enhance the Beauty of Home Zen Zones

Blog Tuesday, 05 February 2019 09:38

Artificial Landscape TreesThe digital age has its merits. Technological advances and replete innovations are flooding the market every day. The thirst for staying ahead of the game is creating brand wars. Are you a victim of foisted business targets and ideals? Do you get exhausted and mentally drained at the end of the day? Well! You are not alone.

You try taking refuge to destress in a quiet corner, your so-called ‘Zen Zone’ but it’s not quite cutting it for you. Even so, your efforts in identifying the problem and being on the right track are commendable.

A Zen Zone in a home creates a tranquil space to meditate and unwind. It helps to ease the stress level and brings out the ecclesiastic spirit in you. It is not necessary to have an entire room for the purpose. It can be any cozy corner of a room that can be set to help you refocus and find your center. Practicing deep-breathing techniques and feeling the morning sun on your skin. This will allow you to de-stress and realign your body mind and spirit.

If a place is not quite serving the purpose, it is not useless. It needs a little rearrangement. Take a moment to look at the 8 most dependable tips we are about to unravel. Redecorating your Zen Zone after this will never let carry your stress to bed again.

1. Use nature to connect with your inner self -

Minimalism is the mantra. Don’t clutter your destressing zone with all the meditation tools you can put your hands on. Tibetan singing bowl set, Rekha crystals, Rudraksha beads, Rosary beads, Chakra crystals, Buddhist gongs and what not, in an effort to detoxify your mental realm. It doesn’t work that way. Keep it pure and simple. Have one natural object that can help you focus. Keep a small plant, sea shells, warm candlelight, etc. Nothing is more humbling than nature.

Speaking of nature, add bountiful of plants to your Zen Zone. It is a stupendous way to connect with nature. There is an unexplained serenity in greenery. Time is precious, and not everyone has the luxury to afford it. Maintaining live green plants comes with its own hassles of upkeep. Alternatively, you can go for artificial plants to achieve the desired effect. Surround your Zen zone with faux trees and artificial ferns. Highlight with natural hues using a silk topiary. The best part is they can are customizable. Choose from a range of faux plants with luscious leaves or natural-looking flowers in full bloom. Decorate with colorful fake floral arrangements or tall flowers in delightful shades to befit the ambiance. Create a sacred corner that beckons you to sit and drop your worries for the day. They are hassle-free and easy to maintain all year round.

2. Choose a quiet zone –

You can’t find peace with noise around you. Set up your tranquil zone away from a noisy window. Choose a room where you don’t hear the sounds of traffic, people chattering or a television clamor. Play soft meditating music and let it idyllically resonate around you.

3. Chose a window corner –

The healing powers of the morning sun are miraculous. It’s no wonder that many eastern civilizations including countries like India follow the ritual of sun-salutation. It has proved to be very beneficial for the mind and the body. Choose a window setting where you can get the morning sun. You may choose to use light diffusing curtains to soften the rays. This will create a mind-easing and yet mentally invigorating environment.

4. You cannot focus if your back hurts or your mattress is lumpy and hard –

Uplift the serenity quotient in your zone with comfortable accessories. Add plush meditating pillows, a soft mattress or a yoga mat to create a comfortable seating area. You will be able to sit in peace and meditate. Your seating position will be comfortable enough to forget about your body. This will help you to drain your worries and tap your inner calm.

5. Zen Garden –

Maintaining plants may not be everyone’s cup of tea. For those who love the rocky side of nature, try the fun Japanese Zen Garden. It will make a splendid addition to your Zen Zone. A Japanese Zen Garden is an exquisite symmetrical rock and sand arrangement. It helps in balancing the mind through visual appeal. It can be rearranged in fun designs and patterns to suit your moods as often as you like. This reduces monotony and adds an element of placid variation to your Zen Zone.

6. The paradisiacal Zen water fountain –

The serenity experienced in the sound of flowing water is undeniable. If you are unable to use a water fountain or flowing water in your zone opt for acrylic water. Acrylic water is a clear substance which solidifies in a few minutes after mixing with water. It takes the shape of the container you wish to display. You can tilt it in a glass vase and insert a few silk orchids or artificial lotus flowers to give a balmy effect. Orchids and lotuses are synonymous with purity and peace. Make faux waves or bubbles if you like. The possibilities are endless. The best part is it is maintenance-free.

7. Himalayan Salt Lamps –

Lights have the power to alter moods, uplift spirits and soothe the mind. The age-old natural pink Himalayan rock salt candles are only gorgeous to look. They are also believed to have copious healing powers. They purify the surrounding air, reduce allergens. Himalayan Salt lamps also boost moods and help in calming the mind. The gorgeous rock salts are also believed to regulate healthy sleeping cycles. Place small tea lamps or light bulbs in them while meditating. Enjoy the ambiance of the warm pink glow from the salt and the following alluring benefits.

8. Keep the colors soft and soothing –

Choose your colors with care. Bright paints and busy wall decor can be distracting. It takes away the mind from the point of focus and allows it to wander. Soft paisley shades help you keep your inner calm to concentrate. They smooth out mental imbalances and help bring out the spiritual being from within.

The benefits of yoga and meditation are not a secret anymore. The immense power of relaxation is an antidote to ailments earned from urban pressure. Make the Zen Zone in your home a tranquil escapade from the dangers of stress and worries. Happy decorating!

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