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8 Office Interior Decor Trends Worth Knowing

Blog Monday, 19 November 2018 12:55

Artificial PlantsThe present-day employees spend more time in the office than their homes. This makes convenience and comforts a prime requisite for office design. Maybe you are curious to know the office décor trends. Here are 8 popular interior décor trends that you can implement in your office.

1. Flexible & fluid workspaces

Mobility has increased with the advancement of technology. The employees now work with mobiles, laptops, and tablets. This eliminated the need for face-to-face interactions. It made fixed sitting quite irrelevant and opened up the opportunity for flexible workspace.

Flexible workspace lets you go beyond the rigid cubicles. This offers enough fluidity in the design and encourages mobility for various workflows. You can alter the sitting arrangement based on the group size.

Modular furniture is great to achieve this. Being light in weight, they can be quickly moved and re-arranged. As the employees are not stuck in one place, this becomes very appealing to them. You can also use ergonomic furniture. They allow you to adjust chairs and desks. What this allows working is sitting in own comfort level for more productivity.

2. Innovative work zones

Home-inspired work areas are the current office décor trend. The millennial employees stay long in the office and prefer a home like feeling. Introducing residential elements is a great way to do this. For this most of the offices are now having innovative sitting arrangements in the office.

There are more armchairs and sofas than desks in the modern offices. Some also include bean bags and bucket chairs to make it look like a living room.

3. Break rooms

All work and no relaxation make people unhappy. You have to strike a balance between work and leisure for making people efficient. This is why the break rooms have entered the office décor arena with a bang. Companies are now creating designated break rooms for the employees to unwind.

This place generally has a TV, and soft music is also played there. People can relax here with a cup of coffee and share their problems with the peers. Thus, they engage in informal brainstorming that goes a long way to increase productivity.

Many companies are now making it an adult playroom with indoor gaming facilities. The employees can take a break and play games to relax. This makes them recharged for the next job.

4. Fitness center

Most of the office jobs are sedentary type now. The employees are stuck to the desks or wherever they sit for long hours. Such sedentary behavior has an adverse effect on health and is likely to cause illness. Every organization has to promote a healthy workforce since they can only be productive.

This made investing in fitness center the current and most popular office décor trend. The employees can go there to keep them fit and trim. Including machines for workouts is a great idea. Alternatively, you can also have a yoga mat. The employees will be more physically fit, and it will improve the bottom line.

5. Quiet workstations

Flexible plans are the current office décor trend. This makes the employees more collaborative, and they perform better. But there are some types of jobs that need one to be more focused. Privacy-friendly workplaces cannot be ruled out entirely for this.

There should preferably be a separate floor for such working caves. Or, you can use high-back privacy armchairs for creating these. These should also be loaded with a writing surface and power. The extended back and the arms help to reduce the noise level. Thus, the employees will be able to work with little distractions.

6. Lounge areas

The millennial do prefer the traditional meeting rooms. They hate to assemble around a table and sit with a straight back. This made the lounge areas a key office decor trend. Invent of wireless technology has shattered the concept of a fixed workspace. Many organizations are using these lounge areas as their meeting place.

Present day office meetings are more collaborative and democratic. People can hold impromptu meetings in the lounges. This lets them have a relaxed environment and prompts a fruitful exchange of ideas. It also makes working enjoyable.

7. Add color

Popping up an office with color is one of the worthiest décor trends. Colors have the power to keep the employees engaged in the workplace. Strategic use of colors can be an excellent stimulus to perform better.

When you want your employees to be dynamic, then use bright colors in the office. Use soothing colors to make the office less stressful. It is not only the walls; you can also add color to the environment with the furniture.

8. Adorn with greeneries

People feel healthy and happy when natural elements surround them. This is why adorning the office space with greeneries are so popular. Trees and plants are now included in the office space to make it calm and soothing.

But the live plants are hard to maintain because of caring demands. These are not possible to meet if you are not a green thumb. This makes the silk trees and plants ideal alternative for office decoration.

These are available in varieties including plants, trees, topiaries, palms, etc. Since these artificial plants and trees are meticulously manufactured from high-quality materials, they look like real plants.

Including them, you can create an invigorating ambiance in the workspace. Available in different shapes and foliage the artificial boxwood topiary can lift the office. These need no trimming. Once installed in the indoor, they grace the space with their lush green appearance for years to come.

Coming in fade resistance and fire retardant varieties the artificial plants are the best for interior décor. These do not grow mold and do not attract insects. This keeps your customers, clients and the employees safe.


Millennial workers are demanding both functional and inviting office spaces. Besides the pay packet, they prefer flexible workplaces that support community building. These game-changing décor tips are sure to make the employees happy. Embrace those to make your office aesthetically pleasant and productive.

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