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8 Questions to Ask an Interior Designer for Office Makeovers

Blog Wednesday, 20 March 2019 13:27

8 Questions To Ask An Interior Designer For Office MakeoversIn this tech-freak era, don’t let the tedious and uneventful workplace affect your productivity. Contemplating the amount of time the employees spend in the office, it is only fair that the workplace is congenial and quintessential. Now would be an opportune moment to refurbish your office space and make the ambiance work-friendly. Apart from the expertise and mastery in his field, the interior designer you hire is also expected to take into account your office culture and requirements before making the prerequisite changes. Not only will you two have to share a good rapport, but also ensure you have parallel ideas.

Here are the 8 questions you should ask your Interior designer for your office makeovers.

How can you make this project economical?

Accept it! Office makeovers won’t come cheap, but there is always a scope for a good bargain. The most significant and conspicuous element of any project is obviously the ‘budget.’ Reaching on an agreement with the budget is an indispensable part of the outset of your project. A set budget gives the green light to the designers to decide whether to revamp the place from scratch or alter some elements of the space like the colors, layout or the wallpapers. A little color, here and there, go a long way in bringing novelty to your place.

What would be the estimated time needed to complete the project?

Well, as the saying goes, time indeed is money, thus, setting a target date for the cessation of the office makeover is obligatory. Ensure you are in a transparent relationship with your designer. Savvy the fact that office makeovers are going to be a noisy business, making relocation of the office an inevitable and also a pricey occurrence. Also, having a deadline will act as a spur for the clients and the interior designers to make the project smoother, disciplined and well-timed.

What is your procedure of communication?

Do not underrate the possibilities of confusion! Talking about your preferences ahead of time than in the midway of the project makes a sea of difference and will save you the disputes. Keep the process of communication crystal clear before you launch the project. A direct correspondence between your decorator and you avoids any possible miscommunication. Considering the fact that there will be a lot of aspects to discuss like the fabrics, color schemes, floor plans, etc. it would be ingenious to have decided a conventional form of communication.

What theme would you like to incorporate in the office?

Get over the clichéd interior patterns with the mundane chairs and glassy decors. Believe it or not, your office decors have to do a lot with employee productivity and positivity. Every office has its own culture and essence which should get reflected in its interiors. Make sure you and your designer are on the same page when it comes to deciding on a theme. Your interior designer should have a fair idea of which theme is to be incorporated in the office. Assimilating fragments of nature in your office will help keep the atmosphere crisp and fresh.

You can propose unique office décor accessories to your designer to make your office plush and dynamic.

How can you make the place more conducive to work for the employees?

Don’t forget, the ambition of the re-designing is not just making the office plush and sophisticated, but also making it employee-friendly. The environment of your office is an instrumental factor that helps boost productivity. Let the redecoration be such that it offers privacy to the employees while working. Along with making it re-equipped, allow your interior designers to make your space comfy and chilled.

The age-old belief of embracing green is sure to improve positivity at your workplace. Pitch in the idea of artificial topiary balls to your designer to add just the right tinge of green to your place.

How much of the existing interiors can be retained to build the new one?

This, dear client, better be communicated with your designer! Of course, a lot of factors regarding the old décor should be considered, but you always ask your designer to assess the existing furniture. Having used the existing office décor for an extended period of time, you too have a fair idea of which items are sturdy and feasible to reuse, so, don’t be shy to chip in the idea of using the three R’s, that is; reduce, reuse and recycle. This would be a brilliant idea to save money and time.

What will make the place more storage efficient after remodeling?

Let’s face it, and the struggle is real! Making your office classy, comfy yet storage efficient sounds like a real herculean task but it is not exactly impossible. An office space implies the undeniable fact of quantitative stock and accumulation of things. Thus, while focusing on making your space aesthetic, make sure your interior decorator doesn’t turn a blind eye to its storage efficiency. It is important that you communicate your storage needs with your decorator and if they appreciate a little of client involvement, you can always nudge your ideas to make your place innovative yet spacious.

What can additional amenities be added in the existing space?

Last but not least; ask your decorator what more facilities can they provide in the existing place. What’s the point of a redecoration if there are no new add- ons! Let your redecoration save some space for the employees to socialize and relax. Commercial plantscapes, fitness rooms or cafeterias are some of the elaborate amenities that can be provided which will maintain a work-life balance in your office.

Your office interiors are trusted to reflect your office culture and enhance productivity. Refurbish your office in accordance with the new demands of the new generation. Give an insight into your choices to your interior designer and trust them to make your place happy and healthy to work in.

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