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8 Reasons Why Faux Landscaping Products are A Smart Choice for Offices

Blog Wednesday, 15 May 2019 14:02

BoxwoodIf you thought offices are meant to be serious and somber, then think again. Due to space constraints and other issues, planting real trees in offices is a challenge, so think out of the box. Revamp your office faux landscape style.

Decorative artificial indoor plants and trees stimulate your employees' sense in an office space and help grow productivity. Natural plants work same as well too but have high maintenance while the artificial plants do not have any vanity issues. Now, that we have your attention, let's tell you more about faux landscaping, and give you 8 reasons to bring them to your office

8. They're Easy To Move Around

Nothing is permanent in an office space. Sometimes the entire office needs to be redone and sometimes, it's only a cabinet that needs restructuring. Talking about redoing the entire office, that can be a nightmare. Real plants and trees pose backbreaking challenges in such situations. However, decorative faux indoor plants can be moved any hassles. You do not need to uproot or dig them and can move them around as frequently as you want.

7. They Look Fresh, Always, Minus The Hard Work

Indoor artificial trees and plants have a stunning glossy green on them which makes them look nearly real. You can choose from a variety of artificial fruit trees to faux bonsais, and bring in the much-needed calm and style to your commercial landscapes.

6. Design your landscape

Commercial spaces do not have vast open spaces but yet always have a spot that when worked on turns into an attractive feature of the space. The most important feature of faux landscaping your office means you get to customize and choose artificial plants and trees you prefer. Freedom in customization means you are not limited to working with one only variety but have many options to choose from. 6. Go the tropical way

Tropical plants and trees make a place look bigger and better. Artificial tropical trees bring in an exotic vibe to office spaces that need a vibrant atmosphere. With a fake tropical tree, you will not worry about watering, cleaning up foliage, soiling, and others pests. A lustrous green vibe in your office space with little-to-no-cost is a win-win situation. Palm trees add a dimension to space they are placed and will not intimidate.

5. Shape up your space

You can add an edgy look to your office spaces by using decorative artificial plants of stunning shapes like a conical, ball or pyramid-shaped topiaries. You get to achieve the classy look for your office plus something out of the ordinary defines the space with charm and beauty. Be it the reception, café area or a conference room, add a twist to the surrounding and relax the minds plus get a sophisticated look. A box-shaped hedge or a colorful looking cactus can really bring a perspective to space.

4. Define your office

You have the logo and your letterheads that speak volumes about who you are and what you do, but how much of it does define you or your business? Artificial green spreads can be used to create the effort your company strives for. Use visually attractive faux trees and plants to create focal points like a green designer wall assembled using greens of various colors, sizes, and shapes. A green wall partition in your reception used instead of a slide it will show the creative side of your business. Applying out of box ideas in the workspaces not only increases productivity but also instills enthusiasm.

3. Holiday decorations

Who says you need shiny things for decorating? Offices have a budget set for holiday decorations and it is difficult to not go overboard. Use faux nature this time as it is durable, easily storable and reusable. Decorate hedges, topiaries and other flowering plants with a string of shimmery lights of various colors and see the aura change in front of your eyes. Waves of splendid happiness will spread each time a light bulb glows up the green. The great thing about faux decorations is that light will not damage or change their texture.

2. Reflect your creativity

If you say you are in a creative business but use the oh-so-common decorative pieces then your customers are going to look puzzled. Let your office space speak for you. Use silk plants and trees to light up the dull office corners and get creative by using small hanging pots in your reception area. Place a bunch of artificial flowering plants of various shapes and sizes together in the center of your lounge to exuberate vibrancy. Customize artificial greens as per your liking into any molds and get them ported whenever they need to be without damaging the landscape.

1. Environment-friendly

You want to have plants but do not want to deal with the other natural friends they have like insects and pests so, what do you do? Simple, you go buy unique artificial flowers and plants in wholesale and use them to bring spring in your office. These plants are fire resistant and UV does not disturb any green in them.


In a nutshell, natural plants and trees look really nice and welcoming but the manpower and time behind achieving a classic look every day is huge. Artificial plant decorative pieces will save you the cost and labor. You do not have to worry about watering them during the holidays to coming to the office early just to give your trees a trim. Faux trees and plants are easy to take care of, last longer than a natural tree and can be shifted where ever without and digging or soiling hassles.

Faux landscaping products not only provide great insight to your office but when used in out of the box and edgy ways can help creative juices flowing. Invest in a look for your office if you want long term fruitful reaps.

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