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8 Smart Design Ideas to Set Up Offices in Small Spaces

Blog Tuesday, 30 April 2019 10:47

CubicleHow do you maximize space in a small office is a question that bothers many today. With a huge number of small and big scale businesses and startups springing up, it is very difficult to find a large or spacious office today. You have to compromise on the space and make the best of it.

Read on for some smart design ideas to set up offices in small or restricted spaces. They are simple, yet very effective. Try them out!

Organize and Label

Since you will spend a lot of productive time at the office, you need to keep it efficient and organized. Working in chaos will not help. So, organize the space well. Keep things in the right places. Label the drawers and shelves so that it's easy to put back things you have used. It also makes it very simple and quick to find anything that you may need.

Clear the Clutter

In the throes of work, it is impossible not to collect things over time. There will be papers, files, books, stationery items, envelopes, pamphlets, etc. that keep eating up space inside cabinets and shelves. Clear the clutter once a month or once in two months. Keep only items of use in your tiny cubicles or work stations. Avoid too much of personal memorabilia and curios to decorate them.

This will help to retrieve lost space in a small office. Removing the clutter will also bring in lots of positive energies into the office and make it a better place to sit in and work. Instead, place a couple of planters with artificial plants and trees. Scout around for silk flowers wholesale to get a good bargain.

These plants pep up the place and bring in a lot of positive energy into the room. The sight of these green plants and colorful flowers is a treat for the sore eyes as well. Apart from this, these artificial plants are durable and long lasting. Choose the color, variety, and size you like and simply place them on a work desk, a cabinet top, or in planters at corners.

Clean the room regularly. Keep it dust free, whether it is pieces of furniture, tables, shelves, cabinets, or other seating arrangements. A dusty and dirty room appears small and congested.

Use the apt Colour Scheme

The colors that you use in the room on the walls and in the furnishings can actually eat up or create a feeling of spaciousness. Go in for light pastels, creams, off whites on the walls instead of dark shades. Choose lighter colors for the furnishings like drapes and seat coverings. Buy these materials with smaller and finer prints rather than bold and large geometrical patterns on them.

Complement your color scheme with beautiful artificial topiary trees for decoration. Place them against a cream wall to bring in color and life to the wall. Can you use plantscape to decorate an office? Yes, you can. It's a brilliant idea to beautify the room and energize it too.

Use Multipurpose furniture

Pieces of furniture take up the maximum space in any office. Buy items that can be of multipurpose uses. Go in for folding desks which can be opened up only when needed. Buy stools or side tables table that goes in one below the other. Avoid large working desks, you don't actually need them. Instead, place a cabinet which will store a lot of your office material.

Go in for floor to ceiling storage cabinets or shelves. This way you can maximize the space available.

Use the concept of symmetry while buying office furniture for a small space. It helps the eyes to see the room in a smooth flow rather than in a disjointed or mismatched manner. It makes the room look bigger if there are a pattern and symmetry in the room.

Go Digital

In this age and world, rely more on digital storage rather than paper records. Digitalize your work, files, information, data, documents, and other records. This, in turn, will reduce the amount of paper that you will use to record everything. This is an excellent way of creating more space inside cabinets, in drawers, on shelves as well as on work tables. Digitalization will also enable you to find data much faster and in an organized way.

Light up the Room

Dark and dingy rooms look much smaller than what they are. In any case, you need bright lights for people to work in the office on machines and other media. Light up the room well with adequate lighting. Keep lamps on the work desk and highlight the work you are doing. Avoid very large bulbs, holders, or chandeliers. Led light is great for the ceiling. They give lots of illumination and look pretty too.

Place sleek Accessories

Your office will need many machines, gadgets, and other accessories to work efficiently. Buy sleek ones and preferably with light colored finishes. Dark laminates and surfaces make the room appear smaller. Light colors reflect and shine and give an illusion of spaciousness. If possible, place all machines inside cabinets when not in use. A room with fewer items on display will always look bigger.

Do up the Floor and Use the Walls Smartly

Always go in for a single covering for the floors. Go in for the wall to wall carpets or mats instead of placing small rugs and carpets. A single look helps to make the office look larger. Use the walls to store as much as possible. Fix smart hooks and hang items like a coat etc. Fix shelves and cabinets accordingly. Create a plant wall if you have floor space restraints for placing planters. Plant walls with artificial indoor trees look beautiful and add richness to the room.

Make full use of innovative and creative ideas to decorate your small office space. Make it comfortable, efficient and a smart office. You will love working on it!

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