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A Decor Guide for First Time Apartment Owners

Blog Wednesday, 26 December 2018 10:44

Artificial Indoor PlantsCongrats on becoming the owner and moving to a new apartment. It is a challenging task to furnish and décor your apartment from scratch. There are more exciting and ideas about interior décor for the apartment. There are ample ways to decorate your apartment for first-time owners. Below are mentioned few tips and tricks about décor guide for first-time apartment owners.

1. Airy windows

Window treatment is important while you décor the interiors of the apartments. The natural light that passes through the window must be welcomed. Natural light is a parameter that has the capability to calm one's sense and mind. Flowing fabric curtains can be added to the windows for a polished look. Sunlight also brightens the room and helps you save electricity.

2. Entryway

There are two beneficial aspects of keeping your entryway perfect. The entryway first serves as the primary impression for anyone to know about your home. It also keeps your apartment organized. Storage can be achieved by placing a multipurpose coat rack, a small bench, and runner. You can also place most realistic and artificial plants on the entryway. Such storage offers a place for keys, coats, shoes, bags, and emails and makes your entry look fabulous. The entrance can be accessorized with mirrors, lighting, and indoor plants tall.

3. Finding a perfect rug

The other basic décor guide for first-time apartment owners is to know the way to find an area rug. The rug should be a perfect one that fits into your space. The rug should be picked in a manner that reflects your personal style. There are a few factors to concentrate on while purchasing rugs. You will have to note the dimensions of the room and look out for which place the rug is to be purchased.

4. Throw blankets and pillows

A perfect way to bring in personality and color for a room is by using pillows. Pillows can be placed on chairs, couches, or you can also pile them in a corner. These pillows are a perfect way to décor your room, and it depends on the design, color, and pattern being purchased.

5. Crazy colors

Go with colors that make your interior sophisticated. Bold furniture hues are one way to present the best look. Placing large vintage furniture would also add style to the interiors. If your furniture’s are made of wood, remember to paint them with bold and bright colors. Cobalt blue or mint green would add style to your apartment.

6. Addition with accessories

There are loads of accessories available for interior decorating online. You can also choose a theme like a greenery and place faux plants and trees. Many apartment owners opt for interior planting to décor and maintain a rejuvenating interior. Apart from that, your couch can be added with bold colored pillows. The switch plates can be replaced by decorative ones.

7. Bathroom décor

Your bathroom space should be filled with useful and appealing items. Remember to have unique wall storage, bath linens, vanity mirror, and an anti-slip rug. It would be an excellent suggestion to keep adding accessories to the bathroom such as bath products, sleek candles, and others. Good advice would be to keep fewer products in the bathroom.

8. Gallery of wall hangings

Though you have fun colors filled on walls, the best way to make your interior lively is by hanging artwork on the wall. Any kind of artwork put in a frame looks great. A perfect gallery wall is a great way to grab interest and also reflects your personality.

9. Bedroom décor

A bedroom is a place for complete relaxation, and you need to plan for interior décor. Put on a comfy mattress, many throw pillows, cozy linens, and soft rugs. The windows treatment should be perfect for darkness as well as privacy. State of the art lighting can be added for a trendy look.

10. Living room ideas

Most of your budget would be allotted for living room décor purchase. You should initiate with the most important things required for interiors in a living room. A coffee table, a seating arrangement, and a light source are main items added to the living area. Later on accent chairs, rugs, pillows, and artwork can be added.

11. Kitchen ideas

There are ample ideas when the kitchen is considered. A good cutting board, placement of wine bottle in a strategic manner, cookies packed in beautiful tins and more can be placed. Dinnerware and glasses can be kept simple. The kitchen counter can be equipped with three quality knives, a few good pans, and pots, etc.

12. Make chic storages

When apartments are considered, it is always a good suggestion to purchase items with dual usage. Your living room can have an ottoman, as it can also be beneficial for storage. Purchase coffee tables so that they can be turned into tray tables. When bookshelves are purchased, it would be better to opt for a floating pattern as it occupies less space. Store unwanted stuff high as possible and make sure you’re able to access it at times. Storage boxes can be made trendy with bold colors. Move your ideas for creative storage space and offer a stylish look for your apartment.


With awesome wall art, stylish rugs, trendy storage, you can style your interiors without any changes to the structure. The décor as mentioned above ideas can be followed to turn your new apartment into a customized and stylish one. There are ample products available online for interiors. If you desire to go by the theme, you can do so. Run through the various sites and gain an idea about interior décor for your new apartment. You can also think of topiary styles indoors as well as outdoors for a unique look. Moreover, try to stick to styles that are fresh and appealing. Décor guide for first-time apartment owners would be useful, and new owners can follow the same for a creative look for interiors.

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