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A Quick Look Through All-New Range of Faux Plants of Plantscape Inc

Blog Friday, 12 January 2018 10:07

A Quick Look Through All-New Range of Faux Plants of Plantscape IncEvery commercial setting needs to identify it for surviving the increasingly competitive business scenario. No matter if you are building a professional space from scarp, or revamping an existing one, creating a magical interior helps build very good first impression in the minds of the customers, clients, and visitors. People do love nature, and when surrounded by a lush green environment, they become more content and experience an elevated state of mind free from stress. Thus, the inclusion of greens in the business environment brings more customers entailing business growth and also makes employees happy.

However, there is a problem to include live plants in the commercial spaces, as those require dedicated manpower for keeping them healthy. Additionally, being live, they decay and die after some time and needs to be replaced. Such things create a massive problem for commercial complexes like large corporate houses, government or municipal buildings, hospitals and healthcare facilities, etc. Use of artificial plants can take care of these. PlantscapeInc is a leading manufacturer of realistic fake plants that offer an all round solution for decorating commercial outdoors minus the hassles of their live cousins. Here, we shall dwell on some facts about PlantscapeInc faux plants for landscaping commercial indoors.

Why choose Plantscape Inc

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, PlantscapeInc has been offering a wide variety of artificial landscaping products for over 40 years. Other than supplying artificial plants to a large section of the corporate sector, they also offer landscape design and planning services. Backed by their long stint in this profession, Plantscape Inc delivers the best and the most realistic looking fake plants for commercial indoors and also undertakes turnkey landscaping solutions from planning to finish. Their technological expertise helps them build fake plants that cannot be distinguished from the natural ones. At PlantscapeInc you can get varieties of fake plants, and landscaping solutions under one roof! This makes them a great option to choose.

Creating a cool interior

Creating a relaxed and comfortable environment is the prime requirement of every commercial space. In this respect, nothing can match the efficacy of the artificial trees and plants. When included in a commercial interior, these pseudo-natural greens deliver an outstanding environment. With their lush green appearance, they induce positive a positive vibe in the setting that goes a long way for growing business.

Plantscape Inc turns dreams into reality

Plantscape Inc combines aesthetics with a function to create artificial plants and trees that help build a lasting impression. The landscaping products are manufactured with utmost care and attention, taking care of lifestyles and other aspects, for making something exceptional that attracts the customers, clients, and visitors. They take care of all requirements of the customers for delivering an outstanding landscape that places the commercial space ahead of the competition.

Plantscape Inc has wide range of landscaping products

  • Custom Trees and Plants: There is no single size that fits all. Every professional space differs in requirements, and that is why the standard fake plants may not be sufficient for fulfilling the specific landscaping needs. Considering this, PlantscapeInc manufacture customized plants so that every commercial indoor can narrate its story.
  • Artificial Plants: These are made to add color and freshness to the commercial indoors. Plantscape Inc has a unique collection of fake plants that add depth and character to any professional space. Whether it is a corporate reception desk or bedside table of a hospital, these can enliven the place beautifully.
  • Artificial Trees: These add a magical charm to any commercial indoor. There are many varieties like flowering trees, bonsai trees, tropical trees, etc and all of these can introduce elegance and sophistication to any commercial indoors.
  • Artificial Flowers: With their bright look, the fake flowers can add a nice natural touch to any commercial indoor. Whether it is a luxurious hotel room, corporate reception desk, healthcare facilities, art galleries, hospital rooms, the faux flowers have the power to freshen up the environment.
  • Fake Topiaries: These are great to define space and for adding style to all types of commercial indoors. Available in wide range of foliage, and shapes like balls, cones, pyramids and spirals, the fake topiaries can add a mesmerizing charm to commercial indoors including multiplexes, casinos, clubs, etc.
  • Planters and containers: These are great options for holding the trees and plants for interior decoration and in fact, extend the beauty of the landscaping products
    You can take advantage of the special features of Plantscape Inc products
  • Fade resistance: Maybe a commercial indoor has a large glass wall for letting the sunlight in. No one likes a healthy landscape, which has been charming everyone, to lose its shine and color after a few months being exposed to sunlight. To avoid such embarrassing situations, PlantscapeInc has fade resistance replicated plants manufactured following innovative PermaLeaf® technologies. These include colorfast pigments and are injected with special UV resistant chemicals to make those inert to the sunrays. This prevents the chance for fading, and you get a cozy commercial indoor for years together.
  • Fire safety: Fire is the most dangerous hazard for all commercial landscapes. Although manufactured using plastic material, color pigments and resins, the Plantscape Inc landscaping items are fire safe. Unique ThermaLeaf® technologies are followed to manufacture these products. In this process, special fire-resistant chemicals are injected into the foliage through injection molding process during manufacturing. Thus, these products develop self-extinguishing properties allowing you enough time to react in case of any unfortunate fire breakout. Complying with the local fire standards, these deliver an absolutely safe landscape that delivers a stunning look.

Added Benefits

  • These are easy to maintain. You can keep them shining by periodic cleaning only.
  • There is no seasonal worry. They deliver lush green look round the year.
  • Never attracts insects and bugs; no worry of insect attacks.
  • Installation is very easy, and being light in weight, these are extremely portable.
  • Wallet-friendly option.
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