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All You Need to Know About Open Office Designs

Blog Friday, 17 August 2018 05:10

Artificial Indoor TreesNo matter if it is big or small; the office lay greatly influences the employees’ performance. Organizations are devoting considerable amounts to redesign their offices for retaining the talented employees. Majority of the big houses have ditched the traditional private office and shifted to open office plans. Here are the ins and outs of the open office design.

Creating Open office layout

An open office layout replaces the traditional cubicles and private offices with an ample open space. No partition wall is used. Alternatively, office furniture is used to define separate work zones.

Hierarchy based sitting arrangement is demolished. The open office layout involves small team zones based on the activities. Use of multi-person worktables is another excellent feature of the open office plan.

These desk groups are so arranged that the employees face each other. Ample space for free movement is kept around the group. Such layouts are very flexible. You can adjust or easily reconfigure the sitting arrangement with changing demands.

This is cheaper

Open office plans have gained enormous popularity due to their low-cost involvement. There are no cubicles or private chambers. The walls are removed, and it cuts down the decoration cost. Moreover, more employees can be accommodated in the same space. Thus, you get two-way cost saving in open office layouts.

It diversifies the space.

Diversity is the key to the open office plane. It is not a sanctuary of many long rows of desks. You may have different sitting arrangements in different work zones to break the monotony.

The great thing about open offices is that no one is married to any particular seat. Anyone can sit anywhere for more comfort and collaboration. Better to have different layouts in different zones for inducing creativity.

There should be private pods for the people whose work needs more concentration. Including couches and bean chairs around a circular table in the open zone helps people to chat informally during breaks.

Helps to establish rules

Although collaboration is vital, there should be set rules for activities in different areas. This is essential, necessary and vital for avoiding chaos and smooth functioning of the office. Every zone must have set protocols, and everyone has to follow that. If required, some areas may be barred from receiving phone calls. All crucial calls are made from the conference room.

Brings management out

Leading from the front is a significant advantage of the open office plan. As the top executives share the floor with the employees, they become easily available for communication. This develops a real sense of teamwork. It also helps the top management to understand clearly the challenges faced by the employees.

On the other hand, the employees also find the top management readily available for solving problems. Such active participation between the top management and the employees helps the organization to leap forward.

Boosts up communication

This is an excellent benefit of the open office plan. In traditional office layouts, the employees are isolated. This makes the free discussion a rare event. In open office plans, no such physical barrier exists. All employees sit on the same floor.

So, they can easily turn to each other and can communicate freely without any scheduled meeting. This makes them more collaborative and improves productivity.

This is extremely flexible

Flexibility is another significant advantage of the open office plan. It some office plan does not click, you can easily change the setting without any trouble. With the growth of your office, you may have to change the layout; this is also easy in open office plans. The scope of such changes is limited in the traditional office plans.

This is awesome for both introverts and extroverts

Not two individuals are the same. While the traditional office setting makes the introverts more secluded, the extroverts feel bored being separated. The open office plan offers a brilliant solution for such situations.

As the employees sit on a single floor in the open office plan, the introverts gradually learn to communicate more, and the extroverts feel at home.

This also helps to build up a unique company culture. When people sit in a similar sitting arrangement, they start forming an interpersonal bond. They influence the thoughts and beliefs of the other. Such emotional connections build up a great company culture and identity.

Use of plants makes it fascinating

Studies reveal that the humans perform best when they are near to the green plants. It also beautifies the place. Including live trees and plants in the office is, therefore, a great idea. But, this is tough to maintain due to severe maintenance demands.

The artificial indoor trees constitute a great alternative to plants. These are now made exact replication of their live cousins. So, none can spot the difference visually. Plenty of faux trees and plants are available in customized sizes. These can efficiently fulfill all interior landscaping ideas.

The fake trees for office are available in many shapes and sizes including plants, topiaries, flowers, etc. Made from high-quality foliage and robust and colorfast pigment, they are fade resistant and highly durable.

You may use these in filling the corners and voids in the office. They are also useful in defining pathways in the open office floor plan. You can also use topiaries for creating different work zones. Using the fire retardant trees makes your office safe.

These cost-effective products are eco-friendly and are great for improving the aesthetics.

Causes distraction

Increased noise level and distraction are the significant drawbacks of the open office plan. As a large number of employees work in the same floor space, the noise level is high. One is likely to hear multiple conversations at the same time. This can be minimized by implementing strict rules and having a designated breakout area for chatting.


With all its merits and demerits the open office layout is the big thing these days. This helps to create a collaborative environment and people working develop a sense of camaraderie. They learn to work as a team in a transparent atmosphere and become more creative.

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