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Artificial Rhapis Palm - Landscaping Classics at Your Service

Blog Friday, 07 April 2017 09:11

Artificial Rhapis PalmDo you sense the need of giving a complete makeover to your huge office interiors? Not only any corporate office but bringing a complete change into the interior landscape of any huge luxurious property, needs a lot of planning and proper execution of that plan, by using a clever and unique choice of decor items. Bringing in nature through decor items can be a unique move, as it can build an instant positive connection with people visiting your property as well as with people working or staying there.

By placing and using various indoor plants like Rhapis Palm, in an innovative and aesthetic way, this brilliant change in the interior landscape can be brought. Inside a giant art gallery or in the lobby of a corporate office building, if Rhapis Palm can be placed in its potted look, a lot of elegance will get added into the entire decoration. But, it is not a child's play to grow real Rhapis Palms as it will involve a proper care regime using manpower and the process will also be lengthy.

Hence, the best solution to this problem is, by installing realistic looking artificial Rhapis Palms, which can be equally appealing like the live plant.

From where can you find these faux Rhapis Palms?

The most reliable, trustworthy and professional company where any replica of the original trees and plants can be sourced from, is most definitely Plantscape Inc. Founded in 1974, the company has been working towards its goal of manufacturing the most lifelike and accurate fake botanical products. The products in their collection include any large or small artificial tropical plants. The faux Rhapis Palms found here are the best in the industry.

The company has hired the best professionals regarding botanists, architects, and designers to form a team for crafting this replica of the original plants and trees. The Rhapis Palms found here look so perfect that, if placed in the reception area of a boutique resort, it will add more elegance and beauty to the interiors of that property. The company also helps in the fitting process of these decor items, and can also help you will your entire landscape designing plans.

Why is that, the Fake Rhapis Palm from Plantscape Inc is preferred over its original counterpart?

Minimum maintenance requirement and time involvement in keeping a decor item as it is will always be preferred. Growing real Rhapis Palms will have all these problems associated with it, and hence, it is always wise to use faux plants for your decor idea implementations. Various other reasons are:

  • The real trees and plants need to be shaped, trimmed and pruned in regular intervals for retaining their look, but the fake one has no such issues attached.
  • Specific weather conditions will be required for the live trees and plants to survive and grow. The fake ones stay same throughout the year.
  • The real plant or tree will require water, sunlight, and shades for maintaining its health, while water saving can be guaranteed by the faux alternatives.
  • You will have to buy and apply fertilizers and pesticides for the saving the real plants from pest attacks and healthy appearance. The replica of the original plant will save your investment on these.

The faux Rhapis Palm from Plantscape Inc should be ordered as early as possible, why?

Every commercial property is decked up in the form of landscaping decorations, for attracting the clients and visitors. This is why they hire the best interior or exterior landscaping designers. These well-known designers completely rely on the replica of the original botanical products, crafted from the house of Plantscape Inc. Fake Rhapis Palms from their collection is extremely popular and preferred.

This interior landscaping decor item is extremely lightweight, and quite inexpensive too compared to other available varieties in the market, considering the replica appearance they are crafted into. Made of very high-quality silk, this faux botanical beauty can be a perfect addition to any casinos, plush restaurants or luxury malls. Nobody will be able to make out their faux identity, and it will establish the same connection with the visitors just the live ones.

The unique properties of this amazingly similar looking faux Rhapis Palms from Plantscape Inc.

Install the essence of a tropical environment in the interior landscapes of any huge and luxurious property by placing the fake botanical beauties from Plantscape Inc., like faux Rhapis Palms. The properties it has are listed below:

  • The company has earned Class A fire rating; this makes all the artificial foliages like Rhapis Palms available in their collection totally fire retardant with the use of proper chemicals during the manufacturing process.
  • The products are also made resistant to any wear and tear in their color and appearance by using anti-fading chemicals on their surface.
  • The artificial products available in their collection meant for outdoor landscaping use has special chemicals added to them for getting saved from harmful UV rays.
  • These artificial foliages are made non-toxic, as there is no chance of any accidents happening with them as they can be placed even in the interiors of a restaurant.
  • Sometimes or as required, you can dust the surface or wash these artificial botanical beauties like Rhapis Palms, and the look will last all your lifetime. It is a one-time investment.

How choose from Rhapis Palm collection from Plantscape Inc.?

Rhapis Palms or Lady Palms are one of the best indoor plants; hence, the fake foliage will also be best suited for interior landscaping decor needs. It can be ordered with or without a pot. Depending on the demand of the customer the size can be customized for ordering by contacting the concerned person from the company.

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