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Bathroom Makeovers at a Shoestring Budget – They’re Possible

Blog Monday, 07 January 2019 09:50

Artificial Flower PlantsThese days it is possible to change a basic bathroom into a stylish and beautiful place on a shoestring budget. This is because there are so many options and varieties that are available in the market. Bathrooms should always look inviting since we spend a lot of our personal time space within those walls. It is the place where we can unwind and relax after a long day. Hence it is vital for it to look inviting and also smell good with the right scents. Varieties of scented candles can add to scents of lavender and vanilla in those spaces. These small, inexpensive decorative items help to bring a big makeover and can convert an old bathroom into a perfect personal retreat.

Personal touches create a homely feeling and can add to the charm of the place with minimal effort. It is necessary to display things which complement the color theme and are low cost and helps to spruce up the place.

Working on a Budget

Once we are sure of what we want to achieve, we can then start working on a budget. It is important to decide what items we need to change for the makeover to ensure we work within the budget. The first thing to start with is always removing the old tiles, cleaning of the walls and changing the floorings. These days there are so many options available at reasonable prices in the market that it is not necessary to look for expensive items for changing the taps, furniture and further updating the toilette accessories.

We can look at combining both traditional as well as modern day looks which can add to the extra class and also look luxurious at the same time.

Laying a foundation

In any bathroom, it is the tiles, flooring and the walls which attract and draws our attention to space inside. It is important to use good quality tiles to give an impressive look to the bathroom. If the tiling is not right then, it will never look good or create an impact, even though, if we change the sanity ware or other things within the bathroom.

These days it possible to get good quality tiles within the budget. If the process of tiling is done well, then it is a onetime cost, and it can be carried off for a long time and are durable and easy to manage and clean. Since they do not stain or scratch or fade and are easy to maintain if they are well treated and glazed. The walls of the bathroom too can be covered with good quality decorative wallpaper, which helps to liven up the place.

Installing cabinets

These days we get cabinets in the market which are custom built and at decent prices. They come in many shapes and sizes and various colors. They can be put up to match the countertops according to the color theme so that they blend with the design in the bathroom. Many walls hanging cabinets are doing good sale in the markets and can be used to cover the walls and help to make the place look spacious.

We can add storage bins, shelves and baskets to create some extra storage space. We can use the area under the sinks by placing baskets.

Installing the right fittings

It is important to change the fixtures and fittings in the bathrooms for the place look impressive. These can be updated these with the latest taps, showers, towel racks and basins that are available in the market at decent prices. Working on a budget does not mean that we should not look at attractive fittings and accessories, which are modern and go with the latest trends. Even a new shiny mirror in the bathroom looks impressive with the change.

There are many varieties of these designer fittings available in the markets which are very functional and durable at reasonable prices. It is not necessary always to change the old bathtub or shower. We can also look at getting them relined professionally, which will not cost much. But there are sinks and other shower fixtures which cannot be relined and will need to be changed.

It is advisable to use white color sanity ware, as it looks clean and hygienic and is stylish, which is widely considered a popular choice amongst the people. The latest trend of putting transparent glass shower and panels in the bathrooms brings in modern aesthetics with the vision of space, and they look good. The use of shower curtains are old-fashioned and do not look impressive. Therefore it is important to look around for the right things effectively so that we can create more space and also it should look good.

Touch of Greenery

The use of green plants and silk flower arrangements can be used to brighten the looks of the bathroom. The artificial flower arrangement on the countertops and fake ivy plants and silk ferns can be put on the cabinets to give it an excellent artistic look. The greens in the bathroom liven up the environment. These flowers help to make the place look stylish and also improve on the appearance of the place. It helps to create a welcoming ambiance and is not expensive in terms of budget.

Quality of lighting

Good Quality lights are an important key to a perfectly designed bathroom. It could be in terms of small chandeliers or light bulbs with the perfect shade, for lighting up the bathroom. For a good makeover, it is important to replace the old light fixtures for a totally new look. The lights give a perfect view of the bathroom and can add to the glow of the tiles and the various accessories in the room.

Irrespective of the size of the bathroom, any makeover of the bathroom at a reasonable budget is like working on a project. It is important to look at ideas which are functional and also impressive as well. By selecting neutral and straightforward colors, we can create an impressive look. This can be done within a budget and without completely replacing the old things. The hardware and the various fixtures should complement and coordinate each other. Even small subtle changes in the bathroom, whether is repainting or adding a new mirror on the wall, eventually gives a new look to the whole system and adds to the total makeover of the place. Let us become creative and try to achieve as much as we can within the shoestring budget with proper planning

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