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Country Home Décor - What Makes It So Amazing?

Blog Friday, 07 December 2018 06:05

Artificial Indoor PlantsIf you feel that your house lacks a sense of energy and color, the best theme to revamp your home is in Country style. The patterned rugs, wood walls, colorful hues would combine to make some of the best possible combinations of a rustic country appearance. Organizing your home in a structured and planned way will send a good impression in the mind of your guests. Also, the impact that it will have on your family’s lifestyle cannot be less emphasized. A well-maintained house has the potential to send positive signals to the brain which then focuses a person’s attention towards better things in life.

Reached till this part? It feels like you have made your mind to bring the essence of the countryside in your home. Keep scrolling to check out different kinds of patterns and style to see what calls your taste.


The first thing to go for is the change in color of your walls. Traditionally, English country houses are known to have wallpapers of different style and patterns like checks or artificial wood colors. However, you may choose to paint your walls in a different warm and cold combination of hues. The colors mostly used are black and white in a combination, white and light blue (for a softer feel), off-white and the lightest shade of brown (tawny shade, if you know the names), patterned light green paint and copper colored wallpapers or paint. These colors will add warmth to the house will adding the touch of sophistication and elegance. Just as you need it to be. You can also combine white with different shades of blue wherein the white colored walls will be combined with furniture and paintings in the hue of blue.

If you are choosing wallpapers for covering the walls of your house, I must recommend using a combination of large and small prints to make it look complete. To give it a touch of nature, you must choose a natural looking wallpaper of wood pattern. This will provide it with the traditional farmhouse look, and the marble flooring will provide you with the modern feel.

Usually, the kitchen is painted in shades of white. Although you can paint the cabinets in white while giving them the dash of black or blue on the borders for a put together look. You may also pattern the cabinets and the wall in different shapes and lines but don’t forget to match it with the wall.

Keep in mind that the furniture of your house must be in combination with the color that you have chosen for the wall. For example, if your wall is white colored, you may want to keep the small details like the sofa or the dining tablecloth in blue or shades of blue. This will combine to give a fresh look to your room.

Without changing your entire sofa set, you can use slipcovers over them to mask the original shade of the sofa while giving it a look you desired.


Traditionally, country houses have wooden furniture around the house. The dining table, chairs, shelves, cabinets, and ceilings are predominantly wooden. The finishing of the tables and other furniture can be chosen as per your theme color style but make sure to select wood as it would complete the look that you were planning to build. If you’re planning to choose wood as all of your other choices, make sure that your floor matches the same pattern by being made of wood. However, wood floors must not be combined with different colors or color combinations as it will give an unfinished and strange look to your house.


You might have noticed in movies that an old fireplace with many pictures of the family members has traditionally been a part of English culture. This is because usually, the houses are lighted up by candles or chandeliers instead of the modern lighting techniques. You could use table lamps in different parts of your home of an enhanced lighting effect. Small light bulbs could be used to decorate the children’s room or entertaining areas of the house. Make sure that the house has large balconies and windows in every room to ensure the proper flow of sunlight in every room. This will give a natural touch to the décor of your house. Place some small lightings over the photo frames or around them as this will increase the guest attention to their side.


Artificial trees can be kept inside the house, especially in the main drawing room. This will lighten the mood of the ambiance and give your home a breezy look. These plants can be used for any room inside the house to provide it with a pleasant vibe. As they are artificial, you wouldn’t have to take the pain of maintaining them now and then. However, for their time to time maintenance, you can call indoor plant maintenance companies. They will make sure that the job is done without causing any stress to your mind.

The tables and the shelves around the house must be full of decorations or antiques. A traditional vase with some flowers inside them or certain show pieces must be used to fill in the empty spaces. This is because any empty space would make your décor look incomplete.

For planning your garden, you can plant artificial topiary trees for a vibrant look and incorporate them with topiary plants. If you have an idea in your mind, you can look for custom artificial trees and get one for yourself. Another choice is to go with the idea of tropical plants landscaping. You can hire a plant service company to do the job for you, as doing it all alone can be a huge task. However, if you are the kind that likes doing things on your own, you can choose the plants and trees you like and get them delivered on your doorsteps with the help of a plant delivery service.

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