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Did You Know - Employees Want These Things in Offices

Blog Tuesday, 14 August 2018 06:45

Good Office PlantsWe spent most of our waking time at workplaces. While at the desk the authority expects us to become highly productive, creative and social. Now, the makeover of an office hugely impacts the way we think and feel. Sometimes we notice people fight for a window seat or they even wish to spread a splash or two to add life to the walls. This is basically out of a psychological need for a comfortable space. Employers, as well as the employees, want to become happy and content at the end of the day. Beyond the paycheck lies immense satisfaction or fulfillment at workplaces and an unhappy employee increases the number of sick days more often than a successful one.

1. Personal spaces with proper brightness: Some beautiful picture frames or our coffee cup can create a sense of belonging, and when an employee owns ideas to make the office look presentable he feels more committed to the team. His productivity and enthusiasm increase to a greater extent and freedom at workplaces always create a friendly atmosphere.

Different patterns have diverse effects on how well we do in the work zone. Green and light blue impacts our creativity to a large extent while cherry red helps us to focus and concentrate on detail. Lights are an important part of every social space. Soft lights enhance a sense of creativity and freedom while a bright Led promotes analytical and evaluative thinking.

2. Decoration with greenery: Today, artificial greenery is making their way into the indoor as well as outdoor spaces. The management can design the cubicles with plastic or silk plants to shape and paint the room. We can even set up an artificial aquarium depending on our choices and preferences. The faux plants are durable and are perfect in appearance as they are not affected by season changes. An occasional dusting can keep them fit and fine.

The colorful artificial orchids stay in shape and look amazing throughout the year. Silk ferns look lifelike and are best to keep beside the chairs as they always take care of nature’s perfection. The best and most exciting part of these replica plants is that they are not restricted to a particular place.

Large silk flower arrangements look good and are less costly than its real counterparts. Even some artificial cactus plants prosper natural beauty with its magic aura making people feel fresh and lively. When it comes to maintaining and taking care of silk plants, they are easy-going and hassle-free. So, they are the best choice when we think about adding a green touch to a hectic office environment.

3. Corporate art with a good air freshener: When we think about designing with drawings and paintings, some soul-destroying posters or favorite inspirational quotes is never a good idea to decorate the place. Instead, we can frame the family photos of the employees or can matt beautiful poems to create a unique and spectacular piece of art. Big posters sometimes look quite clumsy, and we can easily replace them with smart art pieces.

Another vital aspect of decoration stays in the way an office smells. An attractive and pleasant aroma can make it a more beautiful place at a lesser cost. Researchers have already shown that a good smell always increases the speed of a typist.

4. Excellent reception and outdoor: A fashionable reception area is quite trendy in today’s world when we have clients coming in all the time. A receptionist can guide even an average person to his destination creating a good impression to a client’s mind. A colorful reception with a different aura of patterns and shapes enhances a blue or a green patch. It becomes easy to guide the destination when different color leads to different rooms.

A glimpse of artificial greenery connects the outdoor better with the interior atmosphere. An artificial palm tree looks fantastic at the outdoors. A green and perfect outdoor makes everything look alive and energetic at work enhancing the creative thinking of the employees.

5. A movable seating arrangement: When we don’t have an inspiring workplace moving a desk from a wrong direction may help to analyze things. Placing and moving the chair around different spots can give a definite creative solution to many problems. A comfortable armchair with vintage accessories can work both as an art piece and a letter holder or a way to organize pins and clips.

A comfortable space can even make paying bills exciting and suitable. An efficient and inspiring office always takes care of the mind and health of its employees to make him feel homely and cozy.

6. A neat workplace: It costs absolutely nothing to keep things clean. With improving the look of our office, it can even take care of the way we think and work. A neat and tidy office is the best place to show our creativity and rubbish in its proper place keeps crumbs off the floor. Bins at workplaces protect the desk from unnecessary and inevitable pile-ups and encourage recycling.

When a work zone turns into a land of wires and cables, it is the perfect time to organize the desk and keep wires along the backside of the computer using fashionable clips and hooks.

7. Plenty of storage: To maintain an office neat and organized we should never dump things under the desk but bringing a multifunctional table can give plenty of storage solutions to recreate a good design. When we have places available, cabinets or large drawers with trays to organize the essential documents or paperwork are an easy item of function and decoration as well. Open shelving or floating shelves are a good idea to overcome the struggle of having an unruly desk.

An organized and clean office has a strong impact on our mood and creativity and can elicit anxiety.

It is essential to create an office space where we will be happy to spend our time. When a workplace highlights our tastes, it becomes easier to interact and build.

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