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Elevate the Amazingness of Your Balconies – Try These Tips

Blog Monday, 31 December 2018 11:57

Artificial Indoor PlantsDo you have a balcony? And don’t know what to do with it? Or fed up with its full-packed appearance? And looking for ways to get rid of it? Then you are in the right place, and we do welcome you. Here we are providing some anthology of tips to help you to decorate your balcony. These are easy to follow and will help you to get your desirable changes in your balcony, with no matter what your balcony’s size, whether it’s a large one or a congested one. So here are they.

Consider color

The first important and essential thing in decoration is color. Color your balcony. You can give it just a formal look or can add your personality by coloring.

Usually, balconies are like bursting at the seams and clogged both physically and visually. Counting on dark and bright colors will help you to put life in your decoration.

Choose a proper color scheme. Black tile in flooring and white furniture with a red rose garden in the background is decent. While a light color wall, wooden flooring with bright and dark color furniture will create fun.


Flooring can be used as a significant element to enhance the charm of your balcony. Use nonslippery flooring material which can withstand weathering. Tiles of earthen color will merge your interior with the gallery; making it more acceptable.

If you have a simple cement floor, then don’t worry, at least you can color it.

Add some furniture

Take the best use of your balcony. As a minimum; a table with two chairs will serve great. If possible make furniture with cement if you fear to weather.

You can also use foldable or movable furniture to suit your taste. Must think about color, the size of your furniture before placing them in order.

Make a garden

A beautification without greenery! That’s really something that doesn’t have a life. It doesn’t matter how small your balcony is, and you can always choose nature. Include your favorite flowering plants. Rose, Gladioli, Chrysanthemum, Zinnia are always of high demand. By giving small effort in selecting the colors of the flower against the color of the wall can bring big significance.

You can go with faux plants and trees; like a metal palm tree, a desert palm tree, a fake coconut tree or a faux bamboo tree. You can also find faux flowering plants; like silk tulips. These are of less of cost than real and required no care at all. In case you have to go on a trip for a long day, then there is no worry for you to water your plants as faux plants don’t need water.

You can also make a kitchen garden. It just needs proper planning and a little effort.

Add some garden elements

Some garden elements like pergola, fence, and hedge will enhance the beauty of the balcony. If you want an artistic view, then go with topiary with an attractive style or take advantage of artificial topiaries, if you lack the skill. They make you stand firm effortlessly.

Use plants like Duranta for fencing or hedging purpose or let faux hedges, plastic hedging to help you on this matter. Addition of creepers will protect you from pollution and keep cool your interior; it can also make a paradise.

You can also have a lawn if your balcony is big enough.


It is a Japanese style plant growing technique where everything goes with dwarfing principle. In your balcony, facing a shortage of place Bonsai is the best idea to go along with.

Apart from the size perspective, it can also help you to amplify the aesthetics of your site.

Here also you can choose an artificial bonsai. Without any labor, you will instantly get this wonderful and can be relaxed about its further careful treatment, which is most needed to grow a bonsai tree.


The texture of the wall, floor, furniture, and other elements should compliment with each other and match your mood.


These can improve the quality of your balcony. It welcomes positive energy and can survive without much care.

An artificial succulent or an artificial cactus will work great as another option. These are not less than a real one; capable of replacing them with its instant use and also same as real in terms of beauty.

Hanging flowering pot

This type of gardening is admirable and inspiring. There are many video tutorials for DIY hanging gardens. So, you can make it at home.

It’s visually pleasing and will keep you fresh.

Add some architectural elements

This one can work a significant function in your decoration. Adding some rock can resemble of a rock garden. Pebbles can enhance the beauty, while sculpture will make your mood. The arrangement of stones against sand is worth for your balcony decor.

If you can install a small water fountain, then it will give you peace also you might attract birds as your guests. Doesn't it sound perfect to spend your lazy winter days or exhausting summer?

Use of Rug and Carpet

Rugs and carpets will fetch warmth in your gathering sitting area. It also boosts the environment of Balcony.

A touch of textile

A little hand with textile will turn your balcony to a cozy and comfortable living place. Crochet work on the cover of your furniture will brighten your decor.

As a place of many

A balcony can be used as a kitchen, a reading nook or just as a relaxing place. Everything is possible with a sense of design. You can also have breakfast there while enjoying warm sunlight.

Light up your Night

Here is your grand opportunity to celebrate yourself at night. Besides stars as natural lighting element add a candle with Mason jar around your seating area in the balcony or hang a chandelier to light you up.

A fire also pits an excellent idea to cheer you up on a cold night. Accent lighting will add value to your balcony in the dark.


With nature, everyone feels good. You can compose a massive stream of happiness by giving life to your Balcony with a very little effort and some amount of tricks.

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