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Getting Ready To Host A Corporate Event - Check Out These Decor Tips

Blog Thursday, 04 April 2019 21:09

Getting Ready To Host A Corporate Event   Check Out These Decor TipsIn this world of rush and run, time is everything. Planning an event is time-consuming. On top of that, a corporate event is not easy to plan. There are so many things to be kept in mind considering the precise nature of it. Unlike a party, the expectations are over the top high. It is much beyond getting a hall booked and arranging for a pleasant journey.

You may not be an expert in this field and figuring out how to make your event flawless should make you nervous. Do not worry; here are the tips you need to gear up for hosting a corporate event with the fantastic décor plans.

Get ingenious in your blueprint

The battle between trying to have an amazing venue and that too in a reasonable budget is always daunting. But if you can boost up your spirit of creativity, you can bring in a lot of eye-catching changes.

You do not have to put all your chairs and tables in a proper formal line just because it is a corporate event. Many times just random tables that too in odd shapes such as hexagonal looks gorgeous. You can also save a lot of space by not following a strict line.

Have you ever thought about have a podium at the center of the space rather than at one end? If you can raise your stage a little with a very regularized circular motion, there could be nothing more appealing than that.

You can also go pretty traditional with wooden tables or plain ones having handloom table cloths. If too much color is not your thing, then a black table cloth works just fine. Just try to have an arbitrary placement for them.

Where do people sit?

In a corporate event, it is given that there will be pretty long hours of sitting. You do not want your guests to keep standing. Just because it is a formal event, you do have to stick to the usual chairs or sofas either.

On one hand, where you have your traditional wooden or single colored tables, why not get some fantastic bean bags or bamboo chairs? They go perfect with formal events without making the entire décor boring.

For that extra comfort, you can add some puffed up cushions, matching your table cloth and there you have your entire seating arrangement done.

There must be social groups in your list like a family or an office circle. You can place the chairs in a manner that they do not get separated from each other and can have a good "team" time too.

Show off what you have at the table

No one likes an empty table unless it is for doing homework. Bring out all the cutleries and crockeries you have in stock for this event. A nicely set the table with table napkins folded perfectly shows your sincerity towards every detail. Be precise with your mats and coasters too.

A small bowl already filled with some packaged snacks would attract people. Do have your glasses set for the "drink while you listen" feel. For the non-drinkers, you can have a fancy pot and a box of an organic tea bag.

A centerpiece may cost a little, but it gives such an elegant touch to your whole event that you might consider getting one for each table.

Flower, flower, everywhere

Who doesn't like flowers? Get fake flowers that look real, but cost lesser and are durable. Silk flower arrangements are just what you need to take your formal event one step higher. There is no shortage of wholesale silk flowers and supplies. You can make your purchase as per your hall size at a cheap rate.

If having a centerpiece for your tables is something you do not wish to spend on, then replace that idea with high-quality silk flowers that will make your table look equally full and upmarket. Match the color of the flowers with your table mats, or even try out contrary colors.

Make it artistically corporate

How many times do we cross a market and stand at awe looking at some pictures we don't even know who clicked. Art does not always cost a lot but has an impact on everyone. Bring in those unknown sketches and graphics by the local artists and hang them all around.

Your art collection can be in alignment with the theme of your event. On the other hand, it can address some pressing social issue that gives a message to all. Make the event something more than what people came for.

Fancy pictures of children gazing the night sky near their thatched roofs, it may have no connection with your corporate event, yet it will mean something to everyone present.

Bring the day to light

No event is done in darkness. Lights are one of the main factors of any décor. A single system of light may not be enough for a corporate event.

The spotlight would be perfect for the central podium where all the display or the presentations will be happening. For the banners, uplighters can be used. Each table can have a lamp whose shade can be made from the Economics daily newspapers.
Do not stick to plain white lights. You can use a variety of colors depending on which light is placed where and solves what purpose.

Today we have lights that are connected to the speakers. Use modern technological advances to your profit.

One final tip

Plan your event. You may be super creative in your head building castles but arranging for the resources is essential so that the castle comes into existence

Just a breathtaking décor may not always be ample. Have some source of entertainment to keep your guests engaged. This could be a musician playing something in the beginning, or a cultural event at the end. Even a small documentary showing the success stories would be pleasing for all.

Destroy the notion that corporate parties are not fun!

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