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How a Thoughtfully Designed Office Can Retain Star Performers

Blog Saturday, 30 June 2018 07:46

Fake Office PlantsRetaining the best performers is the first and foremost concern of the today’s employers. There is no denying that most of the business owners spend their night thinking

Are the employees happy?

Will the best performers stay?

What should be done to make them stay?

All successful businesses have a team of hard-working employees, and the business leaders would agree that the star performers are the most precious corporate asset, and retaining them ultimately matters. While finding talented employees is a time-consuming and costly process, replacing them is much more difficult than what one generally thinks it to be.

Although appreciation for good work, scopes for development, and challenging assignments are the few positive things for employees retention, as a business manager, you should know about the non-monetary perks like flexibility, work-life balance, etc. that induce the employees to stay.

Other than these, as an employer, you must also ensure that your office space has an inspiring environment and reflect the values so that the employees stick to the business. This can be easily done through creative office designs and here are some tips on how you can organize the office design for retaining the star performers.

Opt for open design sitting

While the earlier office concept was to have enclosed office spaces for reducing distractions, this was found to have adverse effects on the employee morale as they feel being confined to one place throughout the office hours. Demolish the cubicles and have collaborative office spaces so that the employees can work together. This makes them happy.

Let them sit comfortably

Gone are those days when offices meant straight-backed chairs with desks. Since most of the office jobs are now done on laptops, including lounge chairs and comfortable sofas is the present theme for making offices warm and welcoming. Since the modern employees have to work for long hours, allowing them to sit comfortably makes them happy and loyal.

Casual collaboration is the key

While formal meetings are an integral part of office culture, socialization also plays a significant role in making employees happy. Every office must have a social space where the employees can share their problems. This will create a feeling of togetherness among the employees. Other than relaxation, this also helps to have informal brain-storming sessions and goes a long way to find solutions for many problems.

A crèche in the office balances work and life

There is no denying that the star performers care more for good working ambiance than the pay packet alone. The US workforce is now facing problems in balancing work and life. The most burning issue is the care of the babies. In fact, a large number of working moms often have to leave the job for the sake of the care of their babies. Creating any onsite crèche for the babies makes the working parents happy and relaxed. Moreover, when they see that their babies are well cared for, they automatically stick to the office. If it is not possible to have a crèche at the office, arrangements should be made with the daycare organizations to boost up employee morale and loyalty.

Expose them to nature

Creating a healthy workspace is a prime requirement for employee retention. No one likes to be glued to the chair throughout the day. Several studies conducted also reveal that when people are close to natural element, their stresses are eased, and they feel more relaxed. Making outside sitting arrangement for lunch is an excellent step for employee satisfaction. You can engage landscaping companies in building a beautiful lawn and pave it with landscaping stones for a fantastic look.

Add faux greens

It is better to use artificial trees and plants for implementing the garden ideas. These are available in plenty of varieties like faux trees, plants, flowers, topiaries, etc. Since these are now made botanically correct from high-quality silk foliage and strong, colorfast pigments, they deliver same aesthetic beauty like their live cousins. Using faux landscaping elements, you are free from maintenance hassles, weed control and removal of shed leaves. Being UV resistant and fire-retardant, faux greens are safe to use and bless the office with their glowing beauty from day one.

Creating a quiet corner helps

Men are not robots, and that is why everyone is likely to have bad days sometimes. Your office must have a quiet corner, where an employee can break away from work and can relax and ease their stress. Such room or place should not have anything that may have even a remote connection with office works and be provided with light reading materials. Such places should not be mistaken for the breakout areas or socialization corners, where employees chat loud. Soft music should be played here for creating a calming ambiance.

Pop up with color

As a business owner, designing your office to make the employees happy is a top priority. For this, you must take advantage of the color psychology. To make the best use of colors, you may add green for relieving stress. It is not that you have to pick up one color and paint the entire office with that only. To create an efficient office with happy employees, you may integrate different colors in different working zones.

Bring natural lights in

Bright and well-illuminated office space is more appealing than the poorly lit ones. To make your office warm and welcoming you must let as much as possible natural light in. Studies conducted reveal that people who work in offices maximized with natural light become more efficient as they have more sleep in the night. To do this, you may consider having an open space layout for infusing maximum daylight in the office space.


Other than offering a box load of perks and facilities, sprucing up the office design drastically improves the employee morale. When the office is decorated with artificial garden plants, it creates a warm and inspiring ambiance that influences the employees to stick to the organization and improves employee retention.

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