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How To Choose The Right Decor For A Birthday Party - 7 Easy Tips

Blog Monday, 01 April 2019 13:17

Right Decor For A Birthday Party Everyone's birthday is an extraordinary event in their life and planning and celebrating it, either for your child, or that special someone is as emotionally rewarding as it is fun. It is a means to come closer to them and show your love and affection.
Amongst all the excitement of the party, you need to choose a venue, plan about the decorations and prepare a guest list. Not to mention, the party foods and the activities and all of them under a budget. Whether you are a pro planner or just have scattered ideas, here's a guide on How to Choose the Right Decor for a Birthday Party.

Quirky Party Hats

Party hats are a must for a birthday party and everybody, irrespective of age, loves them. Although there are paper party hats available in your nearby store, do not just use them the way they are. Embezzle them by sticking glitters or rhinestones with fuzzy paperwork at the bottom.

You can also DIY them by using fabrics and scraps of cloth. Use simple techniques like a hot glue gun or a yarn pompom at the top.

A Balloon Backdrop Display

What party does not have balloons? None, right? Well, a party without balloons is downright boring. There's always a focal point at any party, and in case of a birthday party, it is the table where the cake is supposed to be put. The focal point niche of the party can be decorated with a perfect backdrop.

A balloon backdrop is an ideal choice for a birthday party. It is cheap, beautiful, easy to make and brings out the flavor of the birthday. Buy solid colored and patterned balloons and stick them on the wall behind the table. You may also use streamers and alternate the solid colored and patterned balloons. On the other hand, you can make a balloon garland using cheap materials like fabric and plastic tablecloths. You can make it a day before to save time.

Ribbon Chandelier

A very unique and quirky idea would be a ribbon chandelier. They are versatile, rare and a great party addition. Choose a variety of ribbons- patterned, different widths, diverse colors and cut them up into a variety of lengths. Make them long enough so that they can flow and flutter in the wind and give a great visual addition to your party.

Choose a wire wreath and stick the ribbon ends one by one on both inner and outer rims. Choose the position of attachment onto the ceiling and hook it up.

Artificial Landscapes

Plants have always been a lovely addition to the eyesight. They bring out the elegance in any space. Create a charming and elegant addition to your party with artificial landscapes. While this may sound very corporate-y or commercial, hold your horses before you jump to any conclusion.

You can use artificial outdoor landscaping and nearly natural outdoor plants. On the other hand, you can put outdoor topiary in an urn. Light them up with some fairy lights wrapped around if it's an evening party. You may wrap streamers around it if you plan to host your party during the day.

Personalized Birthday Banners

Birthday banners are a must in any birthday party and your HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner for your ‘boo' will be the most notable addition to the party you planned for him. This would create a lasting impression on your guests as well, and if it is handcrafted, you are really up for a great treat later on (if you know what I mean).

Use sturdy cardboard and colorful papers. Cut them into a beautiful banner shape and paste it on the cardboard. You may either write the letters on the paper using a sketch pen or use a contrasting colored paper and stick it. Personalize it with themes from movies they love.

Party Cup Fountain

You might love the idea of a champagne fountain like those in a crazy rich party but have a budget of a plastic cup one. Well, put your thoughts into action and design an actual party cup fountain. It does not necessarily need to be a formal party to pull off such an idea. You can enjoy it with your friends in a casual setting as well.

Grab a kazillion (just kidding!) party cup and stack them, one above the other like a house of cards. Pour in your favorite assortments of drink like a lime mocktail or a mint cucumber one. Or use an alcoholic substitute for them or use beer.

College Down The Memory Lane

Bring some nostalgia to the party you planned by pinning up some photos. After a lovely experience what remains with us is a memory. And what can capture memories better than a photograph? Nostalgia on special occasions always opens up doors to another experience to cherish by and an evening to talk about them. It is still a visual treat for the birthday person as well as the guests who go down the memory lane reliving the moments that have passed by.

The good old days that you left behind with your school mates and the fun that you had with your college buddies all come alive with just a trifle of your party preparation. Pinup canvas sized photographs along with small group photos from your past life events and previous birthdays. Watch how an evening full of frivolity turn into a nostalgic conversation about all the stupid stuff that you did together and all the days of fun left behind.


Planning a party in itself is a very tedious task, and when it is topped with the excitement of hosting the party for your loved one, it becomes a stressful experience. It requires a lot of effort and even more amount of love and dedication. And the result is the happy smiling face of your beloved or the I-Love-You-Mommy look on your child. This is what the endless hours of planning and work are worth for.

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