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How to Decorate with Artificial Plants?

Blog Wednesday, 31 October 2018 05:53

Artificial PlantsPlants, herbs, trees, and flowers are the most preferred options available when it comes to decorating the home or office space. The green color tends to instill a soothing look and feel and create a cozy ambiance. However, owing to a busy schedule, it has become quite difficult for people to take care of the plants and trees on a regular basis. To solve this common problem, the artificial plants have come to the market which looks the same as that of the genuine plants. The fake plants look so real that it indeed becomes quite challenging to differentiate between the genuine plant and the faux one. The artificial plants can be used in many ways to get a stunning result. Mentioned below are some ideas for using fake plants in home décor:

Place the artificial plants near the window of the drawing room

Faux plants such as artificial palm leaves can be placed in the drawing room to make the area look much more fascinating. The best thing about these fake plants is that they are easy to shape. You can bend stems, branches, and petals to give them a natural look. However, you should not arrange them too correctly especially if you want the plants to have an organic feel. You can even change the position of the plants at times to freshen the look.

Fill the corners of the dining room with potted plants

Potted silk trees and plants are great options for filling up empty corners. By placing the artificial trees in the corner of the dining room, you can add some color and texture. Trees not only look good when they are placed against the window as they also look beautiful when placed in dark areas such as the laundry room.

Artificial plants can act as a centerpiece

Are you looking for an object with a small height for the coffee table? Or are you looking for a stunning centerpiece for your dining room table? Artificial plants like silk flower centerpieces and a fake ivy plant are the best solution. You can place the artificial trees in varying heights down a table for a fast and simple centerpiece. Also, you can also place a single potted plant or flower on a coffee table to complete the look.

Dress up your lobby area by hanging plants

Beautifying the space using hanging plants is certainly an excellent option. Hanging plants are very difficult to maintain because watering them is challenging. Thus, artificial plants make a perfect choice for hanging plants. These hanging plants can be placed in indoors as well as outdoors as they add a bright splash of color and freshness to areas of your home that may or else be hard to decorate. For instance, the narrow space between the bedroom and the drawing room may look dull and uninteresting, but a hanging plant can be used to add appeal and color to this area.

Hang faux plants in areas where actual plants will not thrive

Many apartments lack the amount of light essential to keep the real plants healthy. But the position does not matter if you choose to adorn with their artificial counterparts. Place pots filled with fake plants in bathrooms, in bare corners and on bookcases. These are some of the places where the natural light does not come in so keeping the artificial plants in these areas is big plus point. You can even place some faux potted plants in the basement area as well.

Beautify the entrance of the home with faux plants

The entrance to the house is considered to be the most important part of the building. This is the space that gives an impression to the visitors as to how the entire building looks. Thus placing some artificial plants and flowering trees is a great option. Moreover, by putting the artificial trees, you can rest assured that the roots would not interfere with the building foundation, electrical system or plumbing. Thus, it is a great option to beautify the entrance of the home.

Dress up and entire wall with a plant wall

In case you are looking for a stunning way to dress up a whole wall, then a plants wall is an outstanding idea. Instead of painting an accent wall, the entire wall can be covered with wall mounted plants. The green color can impart a sense and feel of richness and closeness to nature. The combination of the color and the texture of the plants may easily make this one of the most aesthetically appealing walls in the home. To give the wall a dramatic touch, some colored lights can be included.

Add silk flowers into the living space

To make the home décor look luxurious and extravagant, silk flower are the best options available. These silk flowers can give a polished look to space, and they also require little or no maintenance. Adding these colorful silk flowers can transform any dull looking space into an attractive one. These flowers can be placed in the living space as a centerpiece or can be kept on the coffee table or at the corners.


These are some of the common ways by which you can use artificial plants and flowers to decorate the home. However, there is no such hard and fast rule that you will have to follow these ways to decorate home. You can very well use your creativity and imagination to decorate your entire home using these stunning artificial plants and flowers. With a large number of companies out there offering these stunning faux plants, it indeed becomes a challenging task for the ordinary people to choose the one that offers high-quality faux plants. You can seek references of friends and relatives to get an idea about the companies that offer best faux plants or else you can also go through the reviews posted online to choose an artificial plant selling company.

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