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How to Decorate Your House with Artificial Plants?

Blog Monday, 08 October 2018 07:23

Artificial PlantsAdding some plants is a cheap and ideal solution for living spaces that feel cold, impersonal and sterile. Flowers, greenery, and plants make the home feel fresh and lively. Real plants and fauna might not be feasible for most people due to the care they require; a more realistic alternative is the use of faux/artificial plants and fauna. The reasons that make fake plants a better option for decorating and landscaping are-

i. Removes the hassles of watering.
ii. Does not depend on the weather.
iii. More affordable.
iv. Chopping and sizing efforts can be avoided.

Artificial Plants are a smart tool if you are considering changing home decor or interior landscaping. There are numerous ways of including artificial topiary, faux plants, silk plants in the home decor. Let us look at some easy ways to incorporate man-made plants in your home decor-

1. Home Entrance- The entry-way can be easily beautified with outdoor faux topiary. Potted artificial plants add to the charm of the entrance. Point to be kept in mind here is that the entrance should be flanked by a couple of faux plants and not a whole garden!! A variety of plants are available in different shapes and sizes to choose from. The color of the chosen outdoor artificial plants and trees should be something that matches or contrasts with the color of the door. Silk flowers/ plants or hanging type of fake fauna can also be considered for entrance decor. Trees and plants, if placed outside the house, might require some dusting regularly.

2. Outdoor Landscaping- Even after being cautioned about never judging a book by its cover, people succumb to judging a house from its exteriors. Exterior Landscaping adds a lot of character and polish to the property. It can be a variety of real outdoor plants or outdoor faux topiary. Outdoor landscaping gives a lush and refreshing outlook for your home. An artificial landscape can reduce the maintenance costs for your home exponentially, completely cutting out the mowing costs. Outdoor Artificial Trees can be used with real grass and vice-versa. For large estates, horticultural maintenance is required in case real trees and plants are utilized. Companies like Plantscape Inc, are experts in creating exterior landscapes that fit your requirements and budget.

3. Seasonal Wreaths for the front door- A wreath on the front door looks welcoming and inviting. You could invest in some seasonal wreaths like bright colored once for spring and summer, muted and pastel tones for autumn and winter. Buying artificial wreathes of good quality is a better idea than using real flowers as they are likely to drain your bank account every season.

4. Plant wall and artificial garden space- A fake wall and Plant-scape or garden space can be created in the living room or patio. Detailed landscape plan can be worked out for interior landscaping projects with a Plant Service Company. A plant wall can have a dramatic effect on the interiors of the room when paired with correct lighting. Small plants of different varieties and colors can be utilized to build a plant wall for a vibrant look of vegetation.

5. Use of Artificial plants in the living area- Artificial plants can generate a good first impression when placed tastefully in the foyer or the living room. Potted silk plants have a realistic quality about them and can be utilized in the foyer. Tops of the larger furniture pieces in the living area can be used for placing some faux fauna, like the fireplace, around the TV table or the center table. Artificial plants are an excellent choice for filling corners and flanking items of furniture. Ball or Spiral Bay leaf topiary can enhance the appeal of the furniture. Colorful artificial plants can add a pop of color to the light themed furniture. Artificial hanging flowers or creating a fake semi-plant wall can make the room look pleasantly elegant

6. Artificial plants in the bedroom- Potted and a small variety of plants which do not require too much space, can be used in the bedrooms to brighten the place and give it a fresh and pleasing vibe. The electronic wires and sockets mess can be covered with some plants. Plants should be strategically placed at such spaces where real plants would grow and thrive. If the bedroom has ample space in the corners, artificial indoor trees can be parked there. To make the fake plants look realistic, real soil can be used instead of the artificial one.

7. Artificial plants in the kitchen- The best place for artificial plants in the kitchen is at the window sill or around the sink. Colorful vines are best suited for the kitchen windows. Small bonsai plants in pretty pots can add a happy flavor to the decor of the kitchen. Other potted plants like fake cactus can be kept in corners and crevices which require to be filled.

Small-leafed plants and properly shaped plants are the best suited for interior landscaping because broad-leafed plants might look a tad bit on the fake side. Artificial plants at places like personal study table, bathroom sink and around the bathtub, on the staircase, look appealing. The most common use of plants is seen on the staircase, so care should be taken about the type of plants used. Some plants can be placed in the dark areas like the mudroom or laundry room where we may not grow real plants, and decor options are very few.

It should be kept in mind that it is not essential to make the whole place look like a rain forest, but plants should be used tastefully for that added grace and character. For larger estates, the exterior decor is far more important than the interior landscaping, as the available space is best suited for artificial outdoor topiaries.

Now that you know how to add some vibrancy to the place go ahead and make the most of it.

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