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Improving Workplace Safety - The Top Things to Know

Blog Wednesday, 11 April 2018 07:15

LandscapingAround 2.9 million workplace injuries sustained collectively in 2015, as per the reports of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Also, around five thousand employees were killed on the job which makes around 13 employees every day on an average. These figures are shocking and promote every employer to make the workplace as safer as possible thus preventing different kinds of injuries and loss of life. Also, for the on job injuries and deaths, employers have to pay significant costs to compensate the losses that put an impact on the company revenue.

So, to avoid all such situations, the safety of the workplace is important to ensure to make employees feel secure and safe. Let's take a sight of a few of the steps that are essential for every employer to be taken to make sure that their workplace is safe and secure to work at.

Training of Employees is Crucial

Training all of your employees efficiently about their respective work is crucial. Especially, if your business involves playing with different kinds of equipment and machinery that impose a threat to the life, providing relevant training is essential. By training your employees about the equipment that they are going to use while performing their day-to-day task, you can explain them well all about the equipment and machinery with associated risks. The complete training programs provided to the employees can help them work efficiently with the equipment. This way you can significantly reduce the danger of injuries and other accidents.

Make Use of Warning Signs and Labels

If you are office space that has certain areas, exposure to which can be dangerous for the employees, it is a good idea to place warning signs and labels around those areas. This is the best way to alarm even the experienced workers about the danger associated with the area and by reading those signs, your workforce will work attentively keeping in mind the possibility of accidents. A sign is really simple to be included in any workplace and also offers a cheap option to enhance the safety of the area. In addition to the signs, you can quickly communicate important security messages through proper labels.

Carry Out A Job Hazard Analysis

You can never foretell the time of occurrence of any hazard. But to prevent hazards of certain kinds, you can carry out a job hazard analysis throughout your property. You can ask your facilities manager to conduct job hazard analysis to predict the aspects of the building that can convert into the hazard. One of the best benefits of doing this is that you can timely figure out the risks associated with the commercial property and can address them on time. This enhances a proactive culture of the safety in an office thus reducing the threat of injuries and accidents to a significant level. For example, if you have an outdoor landscape installed around your building, it might have certain dead or fragile trees that can fall due to heavy winds and can cause a big hazard for your property. By conducting a proper job hazard analysis, you can timely figure out the fragile tree and get that removed in a planned way before that becomes a danger to your workforce and building. Similarly, other associated possible hazards can be triggered on time.

Maintain the Cleanliness of Workplace

Cleanliness of the workplace is quite important concerning the overall health of the employees. Unhealthy employees cannot be supposed much productive so, it is further your business to work for the sake of the overall wellbeing of your people. Make sure that restrooms are properly cleaned, and the floor of the building is being cleaned at regular interval. Also, if you are doing interior landscaping, make sure to choose the plants that are non-toxic and non-allergenic. Also, plants need to be cleaned carefully especially for the interior area because they may attract certain kinds of insects and pests. For the interior area, it is ideal to make use of artificial plants and trees to enhance the interior landscape because they don't have any kinds of side effects and also are easy to maintain.

Preventing Crimes is Also Important

Commercial areas that are not well equipped with safety equipment are also prone to the crimes. To ensure the safety of your workplace from various crimes, it is essential that you get properly working CCTV cameras and alarm systems at the place. Installing CCTV cameras even around your parking lots is ideal. Also, hire a professional and armed security guard staff that can monitor the activities all around the building while also keeping a check on entry of outsiders in the building. A commercial area with poor safety makes employees feel insecure while working which is not good for your business. If your business has night shifts running, it is of utmost importance to keep an eye on the activities during the night time, so, a proper monitoring staff should be hired to keep the conditions under control.

Conduct Meetings on Safety of Workplace

To ensure the complete safety of your workplace, it is a good idea to conduct regular meetings on workplace safety and discuss the preventions that can make the workplace completely safe and secure. Prevention can never be considered over-preparation because unfortunately if certain hazardous conditions arise, everyone should know that what needs to be done to prevent the loss. Because your workforce is much aware of the safety problems so, you may also encourage reviews of the people working at your place in such meetings to find out the areas where further improvements concerning the safety can be done. This will help you to identify the problematic areas and address the concerns promptly.

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