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Innovative Office Landscaping Ideas to Explore This Year

Blog Friday, 06 July 2018 07:21

Architectural Indoor PlantsAre you looking for innovative landscaping ideas for your office? Well, we have a myriad of creative, unique and fabulous ideas for you. Office landscaping can transform dull and bland office space into an inspiring and motivate one. Today, we have put together a list of interesting office landscaping ideas that you can use for the transformation of your commercial space. Here’s everything you need to know:

Transform Your Office Balcony Into A Balcony Garden

If you’re fortunate enough to have a large-sized outdoor balcony in your office, why not make complete use of that space? You can install a beautiful garden in your outdoor gallery. One of the balcony walls can be used for a vertical garden. You can add potted plants, pebbles and gravel, outdoor seating arrangements, terrariums and other such options to the balcony area too. Sitting outdoors amidst the green can prove to be very relaxing and calming for your employees. Their minds will get rejuvenated, and they will be able to perform their duties more effectively and productively.

Installing Waterbodies In Your Office Landscape

Another excellent and innovative office landscaping idea is to establish a waterbody. There are several different kinds of indoor and outdoor waterbodies that you can consider installing. Let’s discuss a few of these possibilities:

  • A beautiful and calming koi pond with captivating and vibrant koi fish is a suitable waterbody for both indoor and outdoor landscaping.

  • A glass waterfall can be installed in the reception area, common staff area, or in the conference room of your office.

  • An artificial waterfall or fountain can be installed in the building compound of your office building.

  • Miniature lily ponds in brass vessels or ceramic bowls will also add flavor to your office landscape.


Artificial Plants And Trees For Your Office

Artificial Plants And Trees For Your Office Fake plants and faux trees can add a mystical charm and burst of green to your office. Greek olive trees, pine trees, sugar maple trees, silk trees, fake bonsai trees and other such options are ideal for your office. The artificial bonsai tree options can be placed around your office’s meeting room, lobby, balcony and common areas. The Greek olive trees are ideal for the reception area and the outdoor landscape area of your office and so on. The faux plants and trees look very realistic and are convenient because they require zero maintenance and care. Unlike real plants you will never have to water them, trim and cut them or even fertilize them.

Water Plants And Water Bamboos For That Oriental Charm

The Chinese water bamboos and other varieties of water plants can be installed in glass containers around your office. These water bamboos are known to be lucky, and it is also believed that they can bring in prosperity at your workplace. Their lush green leaves and oriental charm can transform your dull and boring office into a show-stopping and gorgeous place. However, do keep in mind that the water in the glass container must be changed on a weekly basis so that your water bamboos and plants remain fresh and healthy.

Gravel Paths And Pebbles For Your Office

Having gravel walkways or paths installed in your office landscape can give the area a very natural charm. A lot of people install pavers on top of the gravel pathways to make it easier for people to walk around. You can also use pebbles to decorate certain parts of your office. Rocks can be used in the water bamboo plant containers, inside the pots of plants and several other places in and around your office.

Carved Driftwood Can Be Used As Showpieces

If you’re looking to install showpieces and sculptures in and around your office, you should consider purchasing carved driftwood statues. The driftwood statues will look natural, rugged, rustic and outdoorsy and will add that extra oomph to your office landscape. Carved driftwood showpieces and sculptures can be purchased on several online shopping portals or even in your local décor store. Hand carved driftwood fish, driftwood wizard faces, driftwood candle holders and other such pieces are ideal for your office décor. The driftwood showpieces and sculptures are easy to maintain too.

Succulent Trays For Every Table In Your Office Delicious trays are another ideal for your office landscape. Succulent plants come in several different shapes, colors, and sizes. When different varieties of them are put together in a single tray and placed on a work table, they will give the space a burst of color and life. You can have a succulent tray for every table in your office. You can also install life-size terrariums with several different varieties of succulents in your office lobby or reception area. You can buy succulent trays online or at your local nursery shop.

A Fish Tank For Your Office Reception

A fish tank filled with exotic and vibrant varieties of fish can be installed in your office reception. Choose fish varieties that are colorful and captivating. However, make sure that the fish varieties that you choose are suitable for your tank size. Besides different varieties of fish, you can also add starfish, seahorses, and corals in your fish tank. Further, if you want to add a few decorative pieces to the fish tank, you can opt for lovely driftwoods, crystals, fish tank props and other such items. Keep in mind that having a fish tank is a responsibility and you will have to ensure that you get the water in the fish tank changed on a timely basis.

These innovative office landscaping ideas are just what you need to transform your lifeless office into a blooming and lively one. These tried and tested tips have been a great hit amongst many corporate organizations. Your employees and clients will love the transformation in your office space too. So, get right to it and start incorporating these creative and fun ideas in your office décor! You will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

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