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Interior Decor Trends for the Corporate World

Blog Thursday, 28 March 2019 14:33

Interior Decor Trends For The Corporate WorldSitting inside the office for such long hours can be exhausting. It is not just the fingers typing, voices talking but also the brains continuously stimulating for a 100% productivity. It is rightly said that the corporate world is no joke.

Here are some fantastic tips that will help you make the king of the corporate world in terms of its décor and ambiance

Let your mission be on focus

Every company has its own mission to follow and goals to achieve. You need to remind all your employees about those without pushing them too hard. The best way to do that is having them displayed on large walls and bold figures.

Instead of having them closed up on the file, wallpapers with graphically designed mission statements will always remind every person in your company what their targets are.

It is always nice to use bright colors for the font. In fact, a combination of mixed colors will brighten the whole look of the office giving it an artistic side.

The arts and artisans

How to make the walls more attractive? Well, art is there in every lane. Contact some good local artists who have an excellent hand in painting and give them a platform of recognition.

These painting will come at a much cheaper rate, and you will be appreciated for this act of kindness too. Paintings that talk about social concerns portray your eagerness to be a good citizen.

You can also have various abstract painting on the wall complementing the base color of your wall panel.

Rug it up

The days of having concrete cubical to designate locations inside an office are almost over. With concepts like a shared office where a friendly atmosphere is encouraged, you do not want people to be divided by walls.

Rugs, because of their variety in dimension will give you the liberty to make an exact demonstration of your office partition without really having one. For every section, you can have a different colored or patterned rug.

For that heavy furniture in the office slide some rugs under them. On the one hand, you will have an accent to your corporate look; on the other hand, you will boost your flooring durability.

A sit and relax counter

After a few hours of tight sitting and working, the body needs some relaxation to get back in the battle. A small counter at one corner with plenty of games, magazines, music system, canvas and so on will let your workers ease up.

Just one whole rack of books from all around the world will not only help them loosen up but also keep them up to date with the global world.

Having some bean bags, recliners or even easy chairs are a nice change for a while. In this room, you can have bold printings on the wall mixing a lot of colors.

This is exactly like going on the playground after 5 hours of classroom study.

It is a team spirit

Let your workers know that their recommendations matter to your company. Every employee has a unique thought process. Having a space to let them out will not only make them feel stronger; you never know some great ideas can pop up for the benefit of the company itself.

A simple gesture like planners and boards on the wall for various thoughts on them gives a homegrown feeling. You can also have some markers with colors on them. Stickers and fancy magnets are also great for expressing feelings.

Welcome sunshine

There is no better lightening than the rays of the sun. It has many health benefits, and a set of healthy employees is an asset for a company.

Lots of windows and glass doors allow sunlight to come and embrace your employees with brightness. You can also have windows that can open and along with sunshine some fresh air also peeks in.

What about nightlife?

While you have the sunlight for the day time, most companies have the trend of night shifts as well. So it is always better to have good lighting after sunset and for those gloomy days filled with clouds.

A well-lit office is an absolute necessity. Lots of lights on the ceiling and around each corner that does not have a battle with your wall panel should be given careful thought. Do not forget to have table lamps for perfect focus.

Also, remember those paintings you have? You can always have classy light above each of the paintings just to make them look more gorgeous.

A snack bar

Every company has a café or an eating area, so what will make yours so different? Bring in the health element to it. The menu can be all about having lots of salads and gluten-free items. Put the menu out on a chalkboard display with a “Today’s Health Tip.”

You can play around with the seating arrangement in this place. There is nothing formal about a café. You can also have the option of a mini kitchen where your employees can quickly prepare their own food.

A natural workspace

How about along with sunshine we also set up some trees and plants around? There is no harm with greenery along with cabinets and files.

It is a fact that the bird of paradise flowers are a symbol of merriment. What better element does your office need? If the office size is too small, then you can always have a bird of paradise flower pictures.

Instead of having just random green trees and flowers, having a theme like a bird of paradise flowers in many varieties will show how exotic your office décor is.

So what is next?

A good office is one where you feel like giving your time just beyond the remuneration. At the same time, you also need to ensure that your clients who come for a business get that positivity and home-like feeling.

After you have all your décor ideas in place, all you need is an excellent management team, and there is no stopping from here on.

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