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Kitchen Makeovers at a Shoestring Budget – They’re Possible

Blog Thursday, 03 January 2019 12:21

Artificial Indoor PlantsRevamping a kitchen can be notoriously expensive, but there are budget-friendly methods which can be helpful and can be impressive as well. We need to be creative and inspirational to bring in a comprehensive changeover to the old kitchen. The secret to this is very simple – adding fresh paint, new tiles and a new lighting system can work as a trick. Instead of buying new cabinets or chairs, we can look at changing their outlook by applying a fresh coat of paint or setting them up with a certain color theme. By using expensive stone or marble, we can change the laminated tops to granite or neutral color ceramic tiles, which would be within the budget and would also be impressive at the same time.

Open shelves on the wall would add to more storage space and keeping things at an easy reach. For designing a perfect kitchen, we need to do planning that can guide us to move ahead. There are many ideas we can work with within a limited budget. All we need to do is to become a little creative, and this would help us to transform the kitchen into an impressive one.

Prepare a budget for the Makeover

If we start to revamp a kitchen, without setting a budget, then we can end up spending a lot of money on various options and also end up buying a lot many things which could be avoided. We need to prepare a list beforehand and create a proper realistic budget on what is a priority and how much we need to spend. After that, we can then start with the makeover and also stay within the budget.

Repainting the cabinets is a good option that would be an effective budget friendly method of giving a new facelift to the kitchen. These days we can find various kinds of granite, tiles, marble or laminates in the market which are budget friendly.

Furniture can be bought from garage sales and can be painted or made over to suit the theme for the kitchen. The chairs, stools, and table can be coordinated by fresh coat paint. In fact painting walls white make a small kitchen look big.

Deciding on a Clean or a Modern day kitchen

It is important to decide in advance before the starting with the changeover, whether we want a clean or a modern day kitchen. It is important to look for clues online and for all the latest ideas for a modern-day kitchen and to know whether we are adhering to the latest trends.

  • One can even buy kits for painting the counters and countertops and give them a look of stone.
  • We can utilize the walls for mounting a few pot racks and also use to display the pantry items in an organized manner.
  • Changing the countertops would look nice since the old ones would be stained, cracked or outdated.
  • The sink faucets can be replaced in the latest styles, which would give it a neat look.
  • The set new glass panels along with certain decorative essential would transform the looks of the kitchen.
  • The white color would coordinate well with the kitchen appliances and cream color base cabinets.

The different decorative accessories would enhance the look of the kitchen into a modern day one and would certainly create an impact. The neutral color shades on the window would look appealing and classy. Clearing the counter space and de-cluttering the various cabinets will give us enough space to reorganize the things. The items which are frequently used can be organized in the front on the open shelves. This would be the best way to show off your crockery and glassware. We could even think of replacing the old appliances to create a better impact.

Repainting the cabinets

Repainting the cabinets, chairs and updating the countertops and other hardware can bring in a total makeover for the kitchen. It is important to decide whether the cabinets need to be changed or can be repainted to have a new look. The bottom cabinets can be painted in a different color than the top ones. Dark colors would look nice for the bottom cabinets, and lighter shades of white and cream would go well with the top cabinets. We could go with neutral tones as they are excellent contrasts to the various backdrops.

There are different kinds of paints which can be used. The most popular ones are the semi-gloss paints, which bring in a glow and also are cleanable. It is important to use good quality paints since they cover well and are durable.

Changing the lights

Changing the position of the lights can bring in the magical look to the kitchen. The light makes the laminated sheets sparkle, which would add to the new look. The lighting systems give a fresh glow to the new freshly painted cabinets. A good lighting system can transform the entire kitchen and make the kitchen look big and would brighten up the place. If there is a mirror in the kitchen, it would be a great way to reflect the lights.

Adding Greenery to the Kitchen

It would be interesting to put in green plants in the kitchen to liven up the ambiance. One can even look at bringing in artificial plants for brightening up the outlook. The silk plants or the artificial ferns would look great when used a décor for the countertops or cover the space above the cabinets. The tropical silk flower arrangement would liven up the outlook of the kitchen. They can be kept over the top of the fridge or some cabinet. Silk palm trees or the fake palm trees could be utilized for the kitchen door or the entrance giving the place a warm green look.

Kitchen makeovers are a challenging task because of the various options which are available to choose from while taking a decision. Painting the walls and coloring the cabinets and sprucing it up with right shades of light give a refreshing look to the kitchen. It uplifts the looks of the kitchen and makes it look intimating and inviting. Everybody likes a kitchen which is spotless and clean and is well organized.

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