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Lend a Relaxing Vibe to Your Living Room - Here's How

Blog Monday, 12 November 2018 07:03

Artificial PlantsMany of us lead frenzied lives which involve a lot of work and less play. Getting away from all of it for a quick vacation is difficult and not always worth the hassle. In such situations home is the one place where one expects to get some respite, relax and then slow down. But a house which is disorganized and chaotic gives off vibes of discord and tension. There are ways to make your home more organized so that it becomes a harmonious place which is peaceful to return to. A calm home can also help in improving work productivity too. Converting the whole house may take some time, so it is much more manageable to start with the living room first.

Candles in the room

Candles of various colors give off specific vibes in the room. Using candles which are white or light green gives off a relaxing and calm aura in the living room. Additionally, using scented candles can be soothing if the fragrance doesn’t overwhelm or give headaches. But the combination of a dark room only lighted up by some soothing candles is a beautiful aesthetic to enjoy.

Natural lighting in the room

There are hardly any better or more refreshing methods than enjoying natural light in one’s living rooms. So having plenty of open windows to let in the air and light is necessary to make the room feel fresh and breezy. Allowing sunlight in also kills lots of microbes present in the room and also helps get rid of the musty smell which permeates rooms when it has been closed for some time. To spruce up the place, use light colored draperies and curtains on the windows which match the aesthetic of the rest of the room. Make sure not to use heavy curtains as it may block out the air and light streaming in.

Paint the walls

One of the cheapest ways to give the living room a relaxing makeover is through a bucket of paint. It will make the room look fresh and new to live in. To create a relaxing and calm vibe around the room, the lighter shades of green and blue are recommended. Colors like beige, white and grays also work in keeping the tone light and natural. Bright colors are used to give a popping and energetic vibe to the room, so they work contrary to our goal and should be avoided.

Artificial landscaping

Adding some flora into the room can help in lifting its whole mood. Flowers are aromatically and visually soothing but getting and maintaining real flowers can turn out to be a difficult task. But there are ways to bring in the same visual calmness into the room- by using silk floral arrangements like silk tulips, silk orchids, fake ivy plants and such. Apart from using flowers, artificial ferns, phoenix palm or palm fronds can also be used to infuse a more intense natural look.

Removing clutter from the room

A room that is clutter free looks more inviting and visually appealing than one who is messy and chaotic. Items which don’t have a place in the living room and look out of place should be either done away with or should be shifted to another room or space. It will free up space and make the room look bigger instead of claustrophobic.

Re-doing the décor

Opting for a minimalistic décor instead of something too heavy and congested can free up a lot of space which will give a light and airy feel to the room. Having a light sofa along with some throw pillows and blankets can work to make the room cozier. Also, opt for a relaxing focal point regarding the furniture and keep it grouped to make it more intimate and relaxing.

Spreading rugs

Having rugs spread over hardwood floors can help in giving the room some texture along with a unified look. Using soft rugs which are lighter in color can help perpetuate the relaxing and cozy feeling. If one big rug feels too much for the room then opting for multiple rugs with soft textures can help solve that.

Having a fireplace

If the house is situated in a cool location or region then having a fireplace will improve the aura of the whole room by leaps and bounds. It will give off warmth which will make the room feel more intimate and comfortable. The mental picture of reading a book sitting beside a fireplace as a snowstorm rages outside is one of the life goals of many people.

Lighting of the room

Bright lights give a headache to many people when they return tired after work. Most want something soothing and which will help them relax. So opting for soft yellow low lighting can make the living room feel more sophisticated as well as relaxing. Alternatively, instead of overhauling the whole light of the room, placing a lamp beside a sofa can also give off a similar relaxed feeling when the room is darkened, and only the lamp is on.

Bookcases around the room

If the living room is comparatively larger than such average rooms, then adding some books will be advisable. This doesn’t mean filling up the room with library-like large bookcases all around the room, just that having some books in a stylish cabinet can also add to the sophistication to the room. Don’t harbor any work-related books in a room where you aim to relax, instead keep books which motivate you or which calm you down. Having some light read magazines lying around is also a good idea.

Positive things hung around the room

The aim is to infuse the room with a relaxing and positive feeling, so putting antiques or family heirlooms around can give it an old world charm. Apart from this, hanging photographs which excite and motivates one to perform better; or little souvenirs bought from fun excursions can also work in creating a room full of just positive memories.

The living room is one where guests are entertained and the room most people encounter first after entering the house. So steps should be taken to make it more inviting and soothing instead of keeping it chaotic, disagreeable and repulsive.

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