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Look No Further for the Best of Contemporary Faux Landscaping

Blog Friday, 05 January 2018 11:05

Look No Further for the Best of Contemporary Faux Landscaping

Plants and trees are being used for interior decorations since the Roman time when only live plants were utilized to create landscapes. Since then, different varieties of foliage, greenery and flowers are being used in landscaping to add a creative element to the premises. Now when artificial plants are widely in use, it has become really convenient for everyone to create a lucrative, fresh and close to nature indoor space. PlantscapeInc, a large division of Commercial Silk Int'l, is one of the leading landscaping product and service provider. They are known to offer unique, stylish, highly creative and realistic silk trees and plants in a wide variety of forms, shapes and sizes. These plants work as wonderful artificial greenery for your indoor space adding hundred times more appeal and excitement to your commercial landscape. So, if you want to bring the charm and elegance to your outdoor settings, add the PlantscapeInc's landscaping products in your landscape.

Why Choose Artificial Landscaping Products from Plantscape Inc?

There are many reasons of choosing artificial plants and trees by PlantscapeInc over real ones. Below are some wonderful features of these that make them preferable over living ones.

No Maintenance, No Upkeep

This is one of the biggest benefits of artificial landscaping products for which people prefer these over real plants. As with real plants, attentive care need to be given for watering, pruning and fertilizing them. Whereas, with faux artificial topiaries offered by PlantscapeInc, you can rest assured that you don't need to invest time or money in doing their upkeep.

Giving Custom Shapes is Possible

As you know real plants are highly delicate and it becomes quite difficult with them to give a perfectly defined look. All geometric shapes may not be possible with living plants. But as artificial plants are made up of silk and plastic which is a highly flexible material, therefore different kinds of shapes can be given to them perfectly without any flaw. That's why there are all varieties available with PlantscapeInc that you find in the real world.

Stay Pest Free

With artificial topiaries, you also need not to be afraid from pests and insects, that otherwise become a part of your life in case of a living plant. Since they get their food from living plants, therefore this factor give rise to different varieties of pests and insects. Especially interior planting becomes impossible and irritating in such a condition. So, if you want to stay relaxed without pests, PlantscapeInc's artificial topiaries are an ideal solution.

Countless Varieties Available

In real landscaping, you can't achieve those countless engaging plants and trees that are in your vision because every variety need own development conditions. For this reason, artificial plants and trees are considered to be perfect. As for whether you want artificial indoor plants vines, shrubs, large trees, topiaries, every single variety is possible.

Highly Durable and Long Lasting

All the PlantscapeInc, artificial landscaping solutions are designed and manufactured using high-quality material infusing various UV protective, water protective and weather protective and fade resistant chemicals that prevent them from fading or getting damaged while they get exposed to rain, storms, UV rays and more. This makes them capable of withstanding various weather conditions without deteriorating and thus living a long and healthy life.

Most Popular Types of Artificial Foliage by Plantscape Inc

PlantscapeInc offers a vast selection of artificial plants and trees for both outdoor as well as indoor. They Not only manufacture and supply but also offer landscape design services to their customers to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Let's have a look at their most popular products.

Artificial Indoor Plants

Do you feel your corporate indoor area is a little bit dull and depressing? PlantscapeInc's range of artificial plants is just meant to transform your boring interior space into an engaging and appealing area where people cannot stop themselves from spending time. You can have plants of varying sizes, hues and forms ranging from small plants to medium and indoor plants tall. You can choose the ones as per your indoor architecture. Ranging from lovely ficus, orchid flower plants to bonsais and more, you can have every variety for your space.

Faux Trees

The highest standard artificial faux large indoor tree can make your landscape look complete and realistic. With artificial landscaping solutions, it has become possible for landscape lovers to incorporate lovely trees into their indoor space as well. Artificial bonsai, lovely palms, pine trees, ficus tree, tropical trees, bananas etc. are some of the major trees manufactures and offered by PlantscapeInc. The range is not only limited up to these trees, rather you can have almost all kinds of artificial trees that exist in real world.

Artificial Topiary Plants

Plantscape Inc topiaries come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The main standard topiary shapes include spirals, cones, balls, and square. In addition to these standard shapes, they also let you get your own topiary shape defines and designed that can meet your custom landscape vision. Whether you want to create an animal topiary, showcase your business logo or create any shape inside your space, you can make that happen using custom topiaries.

Artificial Boxwood Hedge

Hedges are of utmost importance for commercial spaces and offices as they not only enhance the space but also considered as one of the best solutions to boundary-line the premises. Artificial hedges can upgrade the look of your space. Hedges can be of various heights depending on your outdoor requirements. These are considered to be ideal to prevent ugly or outside sights coming to your premises. Also, if you have different sections in your outdoor landscape and you want to get them divided, you can use hedges to create partitions that will also make your space livelier. These hedges if designed elegantly with larger heights can perfectly offer you beautiful privacy walls as well.

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