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Meeting Rooms Do not Have to Be Stressful Places - Follow these Tips

Blog Friday, 02 March 2018 13:58

meeting-rooms-do-not-have-to-be-stressful-places-follow-these-tipsIn any kind of organization, managers and mid-managers have to undergo meetings around 25 to 30% of their workday. You can easily calculate the value of this time spent on a daily basis for meetings and easily understand how important it is to make the business meeting successful. It is a fact that not all of the meetings go fruitful and engaging. Most of the meetings are boring. There is a wide range of factors that contribute to making up business meeting boring, one of the important among which is the atmosphere and ambiance of the meeting room.

Mostly meeting rooms are designed in such a way that a stressful environment is created all around. With such an environment the attendees undergo pressure and cannot contribute creatively and effectively while sharing ideas. It is important to create well-designed meeting rooms that consist of an environment that can promote conversation and enhance creative thoughts. Hair rescue tips in designing such a meeting space that can boost productive meetings.

Choosing the Right Furniture

While selecting the furniture for a meeting room, it is important to determine first that how the room will be utilized. For instance, do the people need to move chairs around for looking at the screen or do they need to do some creative work that requires extra movement. In all such cases, you need chairs that are easily movable. Also, consider how the meeting will go on. For example, if the attendees need to do discussions in a standing position. If so, you will need to arrange certain height adjustable tables that can offer comfortable meeting area. Also, make sure to incorporate comfortable chairs into the meeting room that have been designed using cozy cushioning and fabric.

Appropriate Lighting is Crucial

Lighting matters a lot in offering a comfortable meeting to all the participants. The lighting needs to be chosen carefully in such a way that all the participants may get the equal effect. Harsh lighting may hinder comfortable reading and screen viewing. The positioning of lighting depends upon the location and structure of the room as well. If you have a natural light coming into the meeting room, it is the best idea to reduce the light using blinds. If your meeting room has no windows, the lighting fixtures should be the primary consideration. The lighting fixtures need to be chosen in such a way that they along with being comfortable are energy efficient as well.

Bring Friendliness to the Environment with Plants

You might be aware of the benefits of interior landscaping to the overall productivity of the business. The same benefits can be enjoyed in a meeting, by using interior plants in the meeting room. The plants with their natural and vibrant colors, add extra comfort level to the whole atmosphere thus lightening the moods of attendees. Gone are the days of those boring meeting rooms, that only incorporated dull walls, and dim lights thus making the whole atmosphere full of stress and pressure.

Addition of flowering plants, hanging baskets, plant topiaries at the corners, and a few tabletop plants can add a wonderful natural blend to the whole atmosphere. Such natural beauty may help the participants relieve stress and feel more engaged in the meeting room. A green environment is supposed to be increasing the interest of people in the surrounding while also making them stay fresh and energetic. And ultimately their energy will result in better outcomes of the meeting. If you are reluctant to add real plants in the meeting room for their toxic or allergenic nature sometimes, you may add artificial plants and greenery to your meeting room instead. Artificial plants will not require any kind of upkeep and will also be nontoxic and non-allergic. They can add warmth and grace to your conference room.

Manage the Sound Effectively

Managing the sound of the meeting room is the most common aspect that is usually forgotten while designing a meeting room. A meeting can never be successful if the sound is not given the required consideration. Check your conference room if there is a need to address acoustics. The poor acoustics may increase sound echoes and reverberation thus leading to more noise and disturbed communication. The noise thus produced may annoy the participants thus destroying the agenda of the meeting completely. So, it is important to ensure that meeting room is acoustically perfect. If not, get required soft panels installed over the surfaces. The wall panels usually absorb the sound within them thus reducing the reverberation.

Choose the Right Color Scheme

The color scheme can literally change the appearance of the meeting room and can give a cozy and warm experience to the attendees. Using a classic way, official colors of the company can be utilized in the meeting room as well to match the theme with the meeting room. Additional if you want to create a formal meeting room, opting neutral colors is a good idea. For a unique and vibrant experience, despite being formal, it is also a good idea to add colorful chairs to the room while using neutral colors on the walls. In addition to formally decorating your meeting room, if you want a team to work according to the competitive targets, you can make use of bright and vibrant colors such as red and orange. This type of color schemes can enhance regression and excitement in the participants.

Add Fun Element to Workplace

If you really want to make your boring and dry meeting room with an engaging and interesting space to discuss business things, you need not hesitate to add certain fun elements to the room. By adding things of fun, you can probably boost the level of excitement and engagement among the attendees thus making your meeting fruitful.

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