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Own the Aplomb of Custom Faux Trees from Plantscape Inc

Blog Wednesday, 13 September 2017 08:40

Artificial TreesThese days, landscaping market is being dominated by the artificial landscaping products. Due to the ease of their installation, lowers costs and almost no maintenance requirements, they are being adopted by various home owners as well as corporates for their indoor and outdoor requirements. With the rise in demand of faux indoor plant service and solutions, competition has also increased in this market. You can find numerous faux plant suppliers to indoor plant maintenance companies claiming to offer superior artificial plant solutions. Plantscape Inc is one of the leaders in artificial landscaping market offering superior products for years to residential as well as commercial clients. Let's explore what Plantscape Inc has to offer for your commercial indoor landscaping needs.

Indoor Artificial Plants for Graceful Interior

Little plants are the grace of any landscape, and therefore Plantscape Inc has a wide range of elegant plants for your space. These plants can add color, texture, fresh feel and look to your space. Especially the office entrance, reception area, indoor walkways, etc. can be given an interesting and inviting look quite effective. If you have a sitting area like a waiting room in your office, you can choose from a wide variety of faux plants and can place there to make the area fun filled and lively. The greener environment provided by these plants is highly crucial to keep the workplace fresh and ideal place to work at.

Faux Flowers - Giving A Blend of Color to Your Space

Want to add natural and lovely colorful appearance to your office? Add from Plantscape Inc's selection of lovely flowers and these will offer to perfect touch to your commercial indoor. All of their artificial flowers are known to give a lively appearance to the space adding a blend of colors. These are crafted so beautifully that these can make anyone feel cheerful and lively. Whether you are in the hospitality industry, retail, wholesale business or in the corporate world, the flowers are ideal for any of your business space. Even if you need decorations for a special occasion, these can dominate any of your other expensive decor items wonderfully.

Indoor Trees for Outstanding Interior Landscape

Trees contribute a lot in determining the look of your office space. One cannot imagine a landscape without the presence of artificial interior trees. With the evolution of artificial landscaping, trees are possible to be included in any indoor area. Faux trees have a great impact on making your commercial indoor look grateful to anyone walking through your interior. Plantscape Inc's range of artificial indoor trees includes ficus, palms, bonsais, indoor tropical trees and a lot more. All the artificial trees look realistic and just like their real counterparts. It is really difficult to figure out any difference between Plantscape Inc's faux indoor trees and living trees. Extra dimension added by these trees to your landscape will make it look natural and relaxed.

Artificial Topiaries for Heavenly Looks

Do you want to add something artful to your office indoor landscape? Topiaries are the right solution to show your creative side elegantly. Plantscape Inc has a large range of green faux topiaries to offer you and make it a wonderful space to work at. Ranging from spirals, balls, cones, squares and more, you can find any shapes and styles in topiaries and make everyone feel mesmerized with the elegance. These topiaries will be adding a defining aspect to your office settings wonderfully. You can pick from an extensive variety of forms, colors, and shapes to create a distinctive and appealing office space.

Custom Design Your Indoor Landscape with Plantscape Inc

Do you have special demands for designing your indoor office landscape? You need not choose standard options if you want something special for your space as with Plantscape Inc, you can share your interior landscaping ideas, and the experts will work on your ideas to transform your landscaping vision into reality. Ranging from custom designed topiaries, plants, flower arrangements, indoor partitions, indoor privacy screens and more, everything can be according to your architectural and personal requirements in the best manners. The custom designed elements can perfectly add privacy, warmth, and elegance to your space. It is quite easier to give customized look and shape as these are flexible and adaptable and can adopt any shape and size easily without any damage.

Why Plantscape Inc Artificial Indoor Solutions are Ideal

Whether you talk about indoor landscaping or outdoor landscaping, the artificial plants are always suitable than living plants. There are several benefits of faux plants over real plants. Here are a few of the facts that make Plantscape Inc artificial plants ideal for anyone.

  • One of the major benefits of these landscaping products is that these are maintenance free. Real plants require regular care like watering, pruning, fertilizing and more. All these things are not demanded by faux plants and foliage. You just need one setup and little bit dusting once in a while.
  • You can setup an artificial landscape at much pocket-friendly rates than real plants. Also as faux trees require no maintenance, therefore, maintenance cost is also negligible.
  • Another important feature of Plantscape Inc artificial foliage is that these are fire retardant. For commercial establishments, this is a great feature as fire hazards can be eliminated with such safe solutions.
  • Indoor artificial foliage is specially crafted keeping all the indoor environmental conditions keeping in mind and therefore these can last for years while keeping your office indoor greenery and fresh.
  • These come packed with features like heat resistance, water resistance, and UV resistance, therefore, exposure to all such elements cannot harm these artificial solutions.
  • Artificial plants are usually created with driftwood or boxwood with leaves crafted using silk material. All these components give these artificial plants and tree realistic looks exactly like their real counterparts.
  • Artificial plants are light weighted and can be easily transported from one place to another whenever you need to relocate your office. These can be easily reinstalled as well without much hassle.
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