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Plantscape Inc's Faux Interior Landscaping Products – Why Go For Them?

Blog Tuesday, 16 May 2017 07:23

Faux Botanical ProductsOwning a huge commercial property and breaking the monotony in its interior landscaping can be quite a daunting task. You need to think about a lot of aspects, as for how it is going to appeal to the visitors and also how is it going to make the entire environment more suited for the employees working there. Appointing a leading interior designer can be a smart call, but what should be the key decor item for bringing in the needed change in the luxurious property, is something to be thought upon.

Nature has its way of interacting with every individual, and its charm connects everyone. Beautiful plants and trees if placed at the interiors of any five-star hotels, large corporate offices or even shopping centers, can help you in achieving the change you want. But, how would you take care of these living botanical beauties? The amount of care it would need on a daily basis can cost you a lot of time and money. It is not a wise idea to spent on hefty bills of indoor plant maintenance companies.

The best and smartest solution to this query would be to install artificial plants and trees. These replica of the original ones are perfect and can catch everybody's attention and admiration by their exact appearance.

Planning to source fake botanical products? Where can you find that?

A company named Plantscape Inc has earned immense popularity and trust from the market for being the best in the business in producing fake plants, trees, and other related botanical items for exterior and interior landscape design needs. Since 1974, they have been working on this goal of crafting the most real looking items which look like preserved plants. They have several varieties of products in their kitty, comprising of every possible replica of plants and trees in all sizes and shapes, topiaries, green walls, fake flower arrangements in some innovative looking containers and planters.

The manufacturing team of the company has the rare combination of industry-leading architects, designers, botanists, and engineers all coming together in crafting these fake beauties. If you plan to transform the reception desk of a boutique resort or create an all new environment inside the luxury health club connected to that property, then you can very well rely on the products from this company. They also arrange for every possible range of services, like designing the display of these faux plants to their installation procedure by the request of their clients.

Why should you ditch any original interior plant service and instead opt for this artificial replica of the original?

Any decor item which will not make a hole in your pocket on a daily basis on its care regime and also makes you invest less time on its upkeep is preferred. Find below the reasons why you should opt for fake botanical products:-

  • Real plants and trees will always need you to shape them, trim and cut them for maintaining their specific shape and beauty. The faux alternative will never have such issues related to it.
  • Suitable climatic and weather conditions are always a need for survival of real plants and their growth. While the replica of the original ones can maintain their look no matter where they are placed all round the year.
  • Proper watering and exposure to sunlight are a constant need for any live plants, while the fake ones will never need them for their existence.
  • Real plants are prone to catching insect infection on their surface; hence, pesticides are to be used on a regular basis. On the other hand, no investment on pesticides or fertilizers is required by the artificial beauties.

How did the company Plantscape Inc and their products make a special place in the choice of every leading landscape designers?

To make the luxurious properties enviable and attracting maximum attention from the visitors and clients, the owners of shopping malls, posh restaurants, bars and even huge corporate offices hire the best name in the list of landscape architects and designers. And these designers, to please these high profile clients always rely on the fake botanical products from Plantscape Inc, because of their excellent craftsmanship. Their appearance is so strong and real that, no matter what, they cannot be differentiated from their original counterpart.

These extremely lightweight items from the house of Plantscape Inc are manufactured by using very high-quality silk. In spite, of using these premium quality raw materials in their manufacturing process, they try and keep the price quite low compared to other companies present in the market.

What unique qualities and characteristics of these fake botanical landscaping products from Plantscape Inc makes them more desirable?

While decking up your luxurious office landscape indoor, you should drop the idea of using real plants and trees as decor items or opt for any service of office plant rentals. Instead, go for the various fake foliages from the house of Plantscape Inc for the following reasons:-

  • Fire retardant

From the state authorities, they have earned Class A fire rating for making all their products completely fire retardant.

  • Anti-fading properties

For restoring their beauty all your life, special anti-color fading chemicals are impregnated on their surface.

  • UV rays shield

These special chemicals even help these product's beauty by not getting ruined by the harmful UV rays.

  • Non-toxic

All the products in their collection are non-toxic and can be very well used in the interior landscape designing of any restaurants and hospitals.

  • Cost effective

One time investment on buying these beautiful products and very little maintenance of dusting and washing seldom makes them cost effective, and a complete must have.

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