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Plantscape Inc's Massive Catalog Of Faux Landscaping Products – And What It Means For You

Blog Thursday, 11 May 2017 11:00

Artificial Flowering PlantsArtificial indoor landscaping has become the hottest new trend amongst interior decorators and designers across the globe. As an interior decorator or a landscape artist, you're probably constantly on the lookout for top quality and durable landscaping products. Plantscape Inc has a massive catalog filled with all kinds of faux landscaping products. These products are just what you need to bring vibrancy, color, and life to the project you're working on. Here's everything you need to know about Plantscape Inc's artificial plants:

Wide Variety Of Products To Choose From

Plantscape Inc has a wide range of fun and interesting products to offer its patrons. Plantscape Inc's artificial flowers are one of the most popularly sold products. These faux flowers are extremely realistic looking, have the exact colors of the original flowers in them and can liven up any space with vibrancy and brilliance. Even the dimensions and shape of the artificial flowers resemble their real counterparts in an identical manner.

Further, the artificial plants, trees, and topiaries are also incredibly lifelike and match the real plants and trees quite closely. Even the most skilled eye can be fooled into believing that the artificial plants are real. The leaves of these plants are lush green and truly can leave a visually pleasing and calming effect on the mind of the beholder.

Why The Artificial Plants Are Ideal For Indoor Landscaping

Indoor landscaping can be a tricky process. This is because the landscape artist has to take into consideration maintenance and space and various other factors before he starts designing. The faux plants and trees are extremely beneficial and convenient to install. The landscapers need not worry about maintenance and care after these plants have been installed in a commercial or residential space. Plantscape Inc's plants are very easy to maintain, do not require water, trimming or pruning and also do not shed leaves leaving a mess behind for others to clean up.

Further, the faux flowers, plants, and trees are extremely lightweight, sturdy and durable. They can serve for years on end without withering, losing color or even deteriorating in quality. Unlike their real counterparts, the fake landscaping products do not require many laborers for installation. Their lightweight feature makes them very easy to install. Scores of landscaping artists prefer to install synthetic landscaping products for interior decorating projects as opposed to installing real plants and trees.

PermaLeaf® Technology In The Artificial Landscaping Products

The PermaLeaf® Technology in the artificial landscaping products is a brilliant way to ensure that the leaves and flowers don't lose color when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Interior spaces that have excessive sunlight flowing in can result in the fading of any other artificial landscaping products. With the help of the PermaLeaf® Technology, the artificial plants, trees, and flowers are impregnated with certain UV blocking chemicals as well as color pigments. These chemicals and pigments ensure that the synthetic landscaping products do not fade when exposed to extreme sunlight.

Fire Retardant Artificial Landscaping Products

Another great feature of the Plantscape Inc's artificial landscaping products is that the foliage and the product in whole are fire retardant. Although artificial indoor landscaping is a hot trend amongst landscapers, often these landscaping artists become apprehensive of installing these faux plants and flowers because they are prone to catching fires. In the case of Plantscape Inc's products, the artificial flowers, plants, and trees are treated with a special technology called ThermaLeaf®. The ThermaLeaf® technology ensures that these products are treated with chemicals that make them fire retardant. Thus, you can install these plants in your home or office without having to worry about the space going up in flames.

Various Spaces That The Artificial Landscaping Products Can Be Installed

The beauty of Plantscape Inc's artificial landscaping products is that they can be installed pretty much anywhere. These gorgeous and lifelike landscaping products have been installed in the lobby area of commercial spaces or residential buildings, corporate office cabins, and meeting rooms, government buildings, shops and boutiques, casinos, schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions, hospitals and medical institutions, including doctors clinics, old age homes and various other places. These landscaping products are available in all shapes and sizes. Thus, depending on the amount of space you have, you can choose fake plants, flowers, and trees that best fit your space and needs.

Artificial Interior Landscaping At Airports Across The Globe

The airport is one of the busiest centers in the city. There is constantly crowd pouring in and out from different parts of the globe. To leave a great impression in the mind of travelers and globetrotters, it is essential that you do up the interiors of the airport beautifully. Architects and landscaping artists are big on artificial interior landscaping at airports across the globe. Small islands can be created in the center of the airport with the artificial plants, flowers, and trees provided by Planscape Inc.

Not only does such landscaping leave an awed and amazed impression in the mind of the travelers, but it also can have a very calming effect to those travelers who suffer from travel anxiety. Further, the airport can be one of the most chaotic and hectic places, and the bright and vibrant colors of the plants can play a major role in bringing about a relaxing vibe.

Affordable Artificial Plants, Flowers, And Trees

Although the plastic plants may look extremely expensive and unaffordable, in reality, these faux landscaping products are very easy for the pocket. A landscape artist or a homeowner can buy these products in large quantities without having to trouble about burning a hole in their pocket. The competitive rates that Plantscape Inc has to offer for its artificial landscaping products are pretty much unbeatable. So, if you're looking to liven up your commercial or residential space, Plantscape Inc is where you need to be.

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