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Plantscape Inc - The Only Artificial Landscaping Solution You Will Ever Need

Blog Thursday, 13 April 2017 12:18

Indoor and Outdoor Artificial PlantsArtificial landscaping has been given much preference nowadays by people due to their ease of maintenance. With artificial landscapes built in your indoor as well as outdoors, give you rid of continuous yard efforts, fertilizing, watering and pruning needs. With the evolution of faux plants and trees, the artificial landscapes are not limited to the just outdoor area, but one can find a numerous range of products for indoor areas as well. There has been enormous competition in the market for selling silk landscaping products. Plantscape Inc is one such leading brand in the artificial landscaping industry, trusted and tested by people with their range of high quality indoor and outdoor landscaping line.

Serving Industry Over 40 Years

Plantscape Inc has over 40 years of experience and reputation in offering silk flowers, faux plants, trees and foliage of unmatched quality. Whether you want to design a custom indoor arrangement or a landscape design suitable for your commercial space, Plantscape Inc can make your place beautiful and livelier. With a complete line of cost effective, efficient and technically safe products, you can create an outstanding indoor landscape with the long lasting impression. You can have any artificial plant crafted for your commercial space to reflect a perfect combination of nature, class, and style.

Unmatched Quality Interior Line for Your Commercial Indoor

Whether you want to build a solid greener environment inside your office premises or want to transform your boring office indoor environment to a refreshing and close to nature, you can find every suitable product as per your special requirements. The perfect design of the commercial landscape reflects the business and its standard in the most efficient way. From your reception area, entrance, waiting room, conference room, retail store, hospital as well restaurants, with Plantscape Inc's exclusive indoor range, you can create an eye-catchy interior landscape.

Exclusive Indoor Trees for Building A Natural Habitat

If you own the business building like retail or wholesale stores where the wide number of traffic surround you every day, the large artificial trees are good option to have somewhere inside your indoor space. Artificial trees will create a natural and calm environment in your indoor area while also making people refresh with the positive energy of such greenery. You can choose from a large number of faux tree options as per your space requirements. Such evergreen silk trees planted in your space will make your area look fantastic.

Try Silk Flower Range To Add Colors

Adding a blend of charming colors along with greenery to your space will add additional stars to the appearance and feel of the space. If you have small pathways in your indoor space, then artificial flowers would work wonderfully in combination with plants. In addition to this, your reception desk, meeting room desks, conference table, waiting room table and more can be the ideal places to place colorful plant vases. You can find a large number of varieties of flowers ranging from rose, lilies, orchids and much more. These can give you a special blend of vibrant colors to make your commercial space much more charming and eye-catchy.

Custom Artificial Plants - A Must Have Product

Your commercial indoor landscape cannot be considered complete if you don't have a unique and classy shape in your area that can represent your business. The custom designed plants are madly in landscaping trend as commercial building owners prefer to design at least one single outstanding custom piece that can define their business statement. Custom plants include artificial topiaries, custom hedge shapes, flower combinations and more. Among all these topiaries are the most eye-catchy and remarkable solutions. With an artificial topiary, you can make your place center of attention of everyone. In artificial landscaping, you can even get the custom shapes created with hedges. Whether you want to create your favorite superhero, a shape to represent your business or any animal topiary, everything is possible in custom designed topiaries.

Why Artificial Landscaping Is Better Than Live Plants

There are countless benefits offered by artificial plants and trees that make them preferable over live plants. If you are worried about whether to go for real landscaping or artificial plants, the below are some major benefits of artificial landscaping that you should know about.

  • The most important benefit of artificial plants is that you no longer need to worry about their maintenance, watering, pruning and fertilizing needs as required in case of real plants.
  • Faux landscapes are designed in such a way that these can withstand various environmental conditions. Especially outdoor plants and trees come with rain and UV resistant properties.
  • Artificial plants can be given elegant custom shapes easily. On the other hand, live plants are delicate, and it is really difficult to give desired shapes to them.
  • When talking about indoor landscaping, real plants can give rise to annoying insects and pests which can make the indoor environment worst. Whereas with the help of silk plants, you need not worry about bugs and all as they are made up of artificial material, and that don't attract insects.
  • The fake plants and hedges are highly lightweight, and this requires little bit efforts to get installed. Also due to their lightweight, you can often shuffle them quickly to create the pattern you want for your commercial space.
  • These eliminate your need of hiring a dedicated gardening staff as these don't require much maintenance. A light dusting and washing can make your faux landscape bloom again and spread the charm.
  • Another major advantage of artificial plants is that these are highly durable. These can keep spreading greenery to your garden for years without fading and getting dull. Whereas in case live plants you need to put a lot of efforts to keep them flourishing daily.

A commercial space cannot be considered complete without the presence of effective and soothing landscape. With the evolution of artificial plants, landscaping has become much easier. So, if you want your employees, guests, visitors as well as customers feel energetic and attracted in your place, start choosing the right silk landscaping products for you.

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