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Premium Quality Landscaping Services at Prices You Can Afford

Blog Monday, 22 January 2018 10:11

premium-quality-landscaping-services-at-prices-you-can-affordThere has been a huge competition in the artificial landscaping industry as the demand for these products has increased. Especially the commercial market, where they need a visually appealing environment, preferring to go for artificial landscaping due to their ease of maintenance, installation, and less cost as well. It becomes really difficult to choose between different artificial plant manufactures while selecting the products if you don't know the specialties and features of their products. And if you made a wrong selection, your landscape may cost you big bucks due to its less durable nature. It is quite important to choose the products from a reputed provider so that you can have a long-lasting solution at effective costs.

Choose Plantscape Inc for Your Landscaping Needs

Plantscape Inc has been working in the landscaping industry since 1974 and have 40 years of vast experience in complete landscape planning, design and manufacturing field. Whether you need to get custom faux plants and trees designed for your place or a complete commercial landscape, they have the required expertise for everything and can manage all your landscaping work effectively. They work with the ultimate goal to offer a captivating, livelier, safe and durable landscape for your commercial space. Their products are being opted by most of the commercial owners; PlantscapeInc is one of the most renowned names in this industry. They have the most authentic and reliable products to offer you. Let's have a look at various advantages of Plantscape Inc's products and services.

Highly Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Landscape

Delivering quality does not imply excessive costs. This has been proved by Plantscape Inc. Their complete line of artificial foliage, plants, trees, and flowers are offered at most affordable rates even cheaper to your regular luxurious decor items. If you compare their cost with real landscaping, you will find them quite cost-effective as you just need to incur a single one-time investment on the purchase. Unlike real plants, you do not need to spend anything on their maintenance like cutting, pruning, fertilizing, watering and more. They can help you create a landscape with long lasting impression and grace.

Widest Selection Available

Plantscape Inc has the widest collection of artificial plants and trees available to meet your every single landscaping need. They have countless varieties of faux indoor plants, trees, silk flowers, foliage, palms, tropical trees, bushes, hedges, green mats, moss and more. They have every variety of plants that exist in real world. In real landscaping, you might find certain plants almost impossible to grow and maintain, but with these, you can have every kind of plant added to your landscape with any worry of maintenance.

Custom Made Products for Your Place's Suitability

Do you have a unique and special landscaping plan for your commercial space? No worries, they are expert in designing custom products as per your landscaping idea or preference. The expert landscaping professionals at Plantscape Inc has the vast experience in designing the landscape of your dreams. You just need to define your ideas, and they will come up with outstanding designs to make your landscaping plan a reality. They understand your desire of making your space unique and stunning being a business and thus, they showcase their excellence in implementing your custom landscape designs. Their custom-made landscape designs will enhance your interior and exterior space perfectly.

Always Fresh Landscape with Fade Resistant Features

The complete line of Plantscape Inc's artificial plants and trees is designed using PermaLeaf® technology. This technology makes sure that all the products can withstand UV rays, water, and other harsh weather conditions thus making them fade resistant and weatherproof. This feature not only makes them look fresh every time but also add years to their life. Once you have invested in these plants, you can rest assured that these will keep your lush garden green for coming several years. You will not have to encounter their fading color or quality degradation at all.

Safest Commercial Solution with Fire Retardant Feature

Another important feature of Plantscape's landscaping line is that they are backup up with ThermaLeaf® technology. In this, different kinds of chemicals known to be fire retardant are mixed with the raw material while manufacturing process is resulting in a fire safe and secure solution for commercial environments. Fire hazards are the biggest risks of any commercial area and presence of fire enhancer products in the space can make the condition out of control. Other manufacturers also claim their products to be fire retardant. However, they only inject the fire-retardant solution after the manufacturing process, which does not make the raw material fire retardant completely. However, with these faux plants, you can rest assured that you have the safest solution in your space that can prevent any fire from spreading all around.

Solution Available for Every Commercial Area

Plantscape's vast selection of artificial trees and plants offers landscaping products to all kinds of commercial environments. Moreover, as they have the option to get the custom designed landscape, hence you can have the most suited product for your space no matter what kind of area your commercial space has. Their products are widely utilized by hotels, restaurants, pubs, malls, retail stores, corporate offices, amusement parks, wholesale stores and much more. Their products are ideal for both indoor as well as outdoor areas.

Realistic Looking Plants Reflecting Natural Beauty

All the silk plants and trees offered by Plantscape Inc exactly resemble with their real counterparts. The staff of manufacturers at Plantscape comprises of professional and experienced horticulturists, who have spent years in exploring varieties and plants, trees and foliage. They use their expertise in manufacturing realistic looking plants so that people cannot figure out their faux nature. Their artificial range is manufactured using high-quality plastic and silk to create a stunning natural looking appearance. Also, final furnishing offered to those products makes them look smooth, fresh and more natural.

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