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Set Up Your Bedrooms in College Dorm Styles - Here's How

Blog Thursday, 09 August 2018 12:06

Artificial Indoor PlantsSetting up your bedrooms in college dorm styles would make you nostalgic. It is always very joyous to remember the good old days of college. So, setting up bedrooms like a college dorm for a while would be a great idea!

Here is how to set up your bedrooms in college dorm styles:

Topiary styles

The topiary style plants and trees have been part of everybody’s decoration for years. They are best in creating the college dorm style for your bedrooms. Topiary styles have many advantages when used for bedroom decoration.

Topiary styles are the geometrical type of designs as they are available in different shapes. They are very popular with the cone, cubical, spherical and spiral designs for decoration. They are made into those shapes to give a traditional look to the place they are installed.

Topiary styles are safe to be used for decoration as they never overdo the setting up. Topiary styles always bring a mixture of traditional and modern look to the place they are installed. They much preferred near corners or sides of the doors.

Artificial landscaping

Artificial landscaping is an artistic way of recreating the college dorm style. If you are trying out a college dorm style even then artificial landscaping is a good choice. They are the most trending interior and exterior designing type.

Landscape plays a vital role in building any style. Hence, it is very essential to make a beautiful yet reasonably affordable landscape. Artificial landscaping involves a lot of artificial trees and plants as decors. Use the ones which are suitable for your bedrooms and arrange them appropriately.

Artificial landscaping is very advantageous from the viewpoint of money, time and effort. They help you in attaining what you want without much effort. Thus, artificial landscaping is much preferred over everything else by most of the people.

Unique holiday decorations

Unique holiday decorations are the most common and easy way of creating a college dorm style. Your bedrooms would become the most attractive place at home. Unique holiday decorations are mainly made up of hand-made things which require little time.

It will be a pleasant break from the daily routine if you try to do a unique holiday decoration. Some people give more importance to occasions and decorate bedrooms accordingly. Keeping them in mind a lot of decors are created and released almost every day.

Choose a theme to do unique holiday decorations in your bedrooms. If the holiday decorations go themeless, there are chances that the decoration might go haphazardly. When it is done nothing successfully can replace the unique holiday decorations effect over your room.

Old friends’ photos

Old friends’ photos give a perfect college dorm style look to your bedrooms. Usually, in a college dorm, it is very common to have photos hanged or placed. They are the creative way of decorating the college dorm attractively.

Old friends’ photos hanging over a wall or keeping it in a frame is the important part of college dorm style. Sometimes, friends’ photos are arranged in a linear manner with the help of a rope like a décor. It is a very common and costless way of decorating.

Hence, old friends’ photos could be an easy and simple way of doing a replica of the college dorm styled bedrooms. This will also give you an opportunity to go through your old times, which is again enjoyable.

Rag curtains

Rag curtains the most memorable room decoration anybody would have made in a college dorm. So, it is essential to have a ragged curtain in your bedrooms for college dorm look. Rag curtains are the cheapest and the easily available room décor.

They are easy to make rag curtain all by yourself with few rag cloths. They hold the sunlight to some extent letting in the only necessary amount of the sun to penetrate through them. As the name suggests, they are made out of old rags. Thus, they are affordable, washable, available and reliable room décor.

DIY decors

DIY stands for Do-It-Yourself, which means doing the item all by yourself. DIY decorations are very commonly seen in college dorms. So, add more DIY decors to bring the college dorm style to your bedrooms. DIY decors are made by yourself so won’t cost you much.

DIY decors give the expected college dorm style look without much effort. DIY decorations are all about the creativity and interest. If you are interested in artistic work like this, you will enjoy doing it. End of the day, your room styling is done by your hand-made decors.

Bunk bed or double decker bed

College dorm is usually shared by two or more friends or roommates. Hence the bunk bed is an essential element in a college dorm. You place a bunk bed in your bedroom to attain a college dorm style. Bunk bed effortlessly gets you the dorm feel to the bedroom.

Bunk bed is available in various furniture materials like wood and plastic. The cost of double-decker bed varies from material to material and place to place. If you have two beds of the same material and measurements, then you could get it fixed.

Fairy lightings

Fairy lightings are very students’ favorite in the room decoration. At least a thin strand of fairy lightings would be found in a student’s room. The bright lightings of the fairy lightings would mesmerize anybody. They are set up to light in various designs.

Fairy lightings would create a festive mood in the place whence it is liked by most of the people. It brings a joyous mood to everybody without costing you much. They are available almost everywhere in the market. They could be arranged in various designs and style.


Above are the best ideas for setting up your bedrooms in college dorm styles. As they are the remake of the older room, it is less costly and more decorative. They bring the feel and joy of old days.

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